Why don’t I see NRD90M in NRT for my device yet???

Hello everyone.  I keep getting asked the following questions in some manner:

Why don’t I see NRD90M in Nexus Root Toolkit?

When will you update it to support NRD90M for my deivice?

The answer is simple.  As of right now (8/30/16) Google has not yet published NRD90M Factory Images for all of the Nexus Devices Yet.


Currently they have published the official NRD90M 7.0.0 factory images ONLY for the following devices:

  • "ryu" Pixel C
  • "bullhead" Nexus 5X
  • "fugu" Nexus Player
  • "volantis" Nexus 9 (Wi-Fi)

So, if you don’t have one of those devices, you will not yet see that build available in NRT.

But WugFresh, I don’t have one of those devices – but my phone is already updated to NRD90M.  What gives!? Can I root it?

Yes, if you are signed up for the android beta program than you may receive an update before the factory images become available.  If so, YES – you can currently root it with NRT even though its not yet listed.

  • When selecting your device and build.  For the build selection pull-down menu, select the last entry, called “Any Build”:

* Alternatively, if you were to use the “Auto Detect Device + Build…” button, it would automatically select this option for you.

So.. how to get Android 7.0.0 for a device that Google hasn’t published the Factory images yet??

Answer: Sign up for the android beta program and enroll your device, then wait for the update:


But I want to update to 7.0.0 with NRT! When will the 7.0.0 update be available for my device??

Answer: I don’t know, I am not Google.  I will happily work to update this program when it does become available (hopefully soon), but for now – your guess is as good as mine.

If you see this question in the wild, please do me a favor and link users to this post to answer any confusion.


New Factory Pack Added – [N7 2012 Mobile] Nakasig LMY47D 5.1.0

Masterlists 3029 Released adding full support for the newly released LMY47D 5.1.0 build for Nakasig [N7 2012 Mobile].  Just hit update in the kit to grab the new lists.

You can use NRT to update your Nakasig device to the new build via “Flash Stock + Unroot” button, and select “Force Flash” (default/recommended) + “No wipe mode” (if your device is currently running Lollipop and you want to retain data.  Not advised if you are running KitKat).

Just like always, when a new build is added to NRT – all the features in the kit are supported.  You can automate root, backups, flashing zips, etc.

That’s all for now.  Stay tuned! ^_^

Masterlists 3025 Released

Hey guys.  For those who experienced hashcheck mismatches for the new TWRP (2.8.6.*) recoveries, this is resolved now.  The issue was due to TWRP renaming their recoveries to not include the “openrecovery-” pretext.  Everything is fixed now, just hit update in the kit to get the latest masterlists (3025) or use the manual import.


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Google Changes New and Old Factory Packs for Nakasi and Nakasig

I have changedetection setup on googles factory image page.  It appears that yesterday (April 2nd) they just swapped out the factory images for five of the nakasi packs, and three of the nakasig.  This is evident by the changes in md5 and sha-1 checksums listed on the site:

So.. What changed specifically?

I had my suspicions but to be sure I ran a quick hashcheck compassion of all the old files against the hashes of the same files from the new packs.  The difference is clear:

All the files are exactly the same except the bootloaders.  The old bootloaders have been swapped out for new ones.  

Old bootloaders (md5=5bdb2e87370cdb1a7ea14bb0c3e21390)
New bootloaders (md5=df53028033c9eccf4fe5ba7bc198ce24)

This is an important change, as bootloaders are a critical component which enable booting/flashing img files (i.e fastboot flashing/booting firmware).

NRT masterlists are now updated to reflect these recent changes, so the toolkit can handle the new Nakasi/Nakasig factory packs.  Just hit ‘Update’ in the kit to grab the latest lists.

If you have an original (2012) [Nakasi/Grouper] Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi Tablet), or [Nakasig/Tilapia] Nexus 7 (Mobile Tablet)

And you want to avoid completely reflashing stock.  You can use NRT to simply update your bootloader only to the new version.  To do so:

Prerequisite: Your bootloader must already be unlocked
  1. Download the new bootlaoder: bootloader-NEW-nakasi_nakasig_df53028033c9eccf4fe5ba7bc198ce24.img
  2. Use Advanced Utilities > Fastboot Flash > Bootloader > then select the file you downloaded.
  3. Let the kit flash it.
  4. That’s it. ^_^


That’s all for now! Stay tuned.

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Nexus Root Toolkit 2.0.5 is out – Now with Proxy Support

New version of Nexus Root Toolkit is now out.  I rebuilt the entire downloader system to be based off a wget instead of AutoIT’s in-built InetGet functions.  This should improve overall reliability and also enabled me to code in proxy support.  Many international users, and people who wanted to use NRT at work were unable to do so smoothly because of network restrictions, now it’s possible to configure proxy settings so all the auto-downloading and updating is done through that instead.  You will see a new section in the toolkits options menu where you can setup proxy config:

Check out the full changelog for the other changes in this release.

And head over to the main download page to grab it.


Enjoy! ^_^

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New LMY47I Builds For N5 and N6 Added

Factory images for LMY47I 5.1.0 were just released for the Nexus 5 (hammerhead) and Nexus 6 (shamu).

I just updated the NRT masterlists now to extend full automated support for this new build.

To update, just hit use the “Automatic update” (hotkey Ctrl+U) or “Import Update Pack” from the Update menu:

That’s it!

Quick Tip: In the future, “Other/Browse” feature in flash stock can be used to flash new builds before I even update the masterlists.  Also, setting your build to “Any Build” should always work for rooting.

“Enable OEM Unlock” setting auto disables on N6 and N9

On the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, some of you may have noticed that the “Enable OEM Unlock” security setting in developer options seems to auto-reset to disabled.

I asked around and found more info about this behavior.  The auto-resetting of “Enable OEM Unlock” to disabled is an intentional security feature by Google, and it happens after a certain number of reboots.

Significance? Nothing you need to worry about, or constantly keep trying to re-enable once you are unlocked already.

If you are unlocked already, its fine if “Enable OEM Unlock” is disabled.

Just make note of this setting and behavior if you intend on relocking your bootloader (which should only be done if you are reselling/returning).  More specifically, if you plan on relocking, you should first flash stock, and make sure everything is running smoothly, so if you need to re-enable this setting to unlock again, you can do so easily.

Quick Tip: Re-locking the bootloader is not required for receiving OTA updates.

Main point: don’t bother relocking your bootloader unless you absolutely need to, and are sure your device is healthy before doing so.

I will be adding a little notice about this in the relock info message in the kit in the up-coming v2.0.5 release.

Stay tuned, and happy flashing.


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