Why don’t I see NRD90M in NRT for my device yet???

Hello everyone.  I keep getting asked the following questions in some manner:

Why don’t I see NRD90M in Nexus Root Toolkit?

When will you update it to support NRD90M for my deivice?

The answer is simple.  As of right now (8/30/16) Google has not yet published NRD90M Factory Images for all of the Nexus Devices Yet.


Currently they have published the official NRD90M 7.0.0 factory images ONLY for the following devices:

  • "ryu" Pixel C
  • "bullhead" Nexus 5X
  • "fugu" Nexus Player
  • "volantis" Nexus 9 (Wi-Fi)

So, if you don’t have one of those devices, you will not yet see that build available in NRT.

But WugFresh, I don’t have one of those devices – but my phone is already updated to NRD90M.  What gives!? Can I root it?

Yes, if you are signed up for the android beta program than you may receive an update before the factory images become available.  If so, YES – you can currently root it with NRT even though its not yet listed.

  • When selecting your device and build.  For the build selection pull-down menu, select the last entry, called “Any Build”:


* Alternatively, if you were to use the “Auto Detect Device + Build…” button, it would automatically select this option for you.

So.. how to get Android 7.0.0 for a device that Google hasn’t published the Factory images yet??

Answer: Sign up for the android beta program and enroll your device, then wait for the update:


But I want to update to 7.0.0 with NRT! When will the 7.0.0 update be available for my device??

Answer: I don’t know, I am not Google.  I will happily work to update this program when it does become available (hopefully soon), but for now – your guess is as good as mine.

If you see this question in the wild, please do me a favor and link users to this post to answer any confusion.