Why don’t I see NRD90M in NRT for my device yet???

Hello everyone.  I keep getting asked the following questions in some manner:

Why don’t I see NRD90M in Nexus Root Toolkit?

When will you update it to support NRD90M for my deivice?

The answer is simple.  As of right now (8/30/16) Google has not yet published NRD90M Factory Images for all of the Nexus Devices Yet.


Currently they have published the official NRD90M 7.0.0 factory images ONLY for the following devices:

  • "ryu" Pixel C
  • "bullhead" Nexus 5X
  • "fugu" Nexus Player
  • "volantis" Nexus 9 (Wi-Fi)

So, if you don’t have one of those devices, you will not yet see that build available in NRT.

But WugFresh, I don’t have one of those devices – but my phone is already updated to NRD90M.  What gives!? Can I root it?

Yes, if you are signed up for the android beta program than you may receive an update before the factory images become available.  If so, YES – you can currently root it with NRT even though its not yet listed.

  • When selecting your device and build.  For the build selection pull-down menu, select the last entry, called “Any Build”:


* Alternatively, if you were to use the “Auto Detect Device + Build…” button, it would automatically select this option for you.

So.. how to get Android 7.0.0 for a device that Google hasn’t published the Factory images yet??

Answer: Sign up for the android beta program and enroll your device, then wait for the update:


But I want to update to 7.0.0 with NRT! When will the 7.0.0 update be available for my device??

Answer: I don’t know, I am not Google.  I will happily work to update this program when it does become available (hopefully soon), but for now – your guess is as good as mine.

If you see this question in the wild, please do me a favor and link users to this post to answer any confusion.


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    • It’s not Wugfresh’ fault you’re unwilling to think for yourself, that you impulsively resort to rudely demanding things from someone who works hard outside & after hours of his/her day job to provide you with FREE, smart tools. Think of that at all?

  1. i have a problem loading the new NRD90S, it checks the file and hash check and does the extraction all fine, then it pops an error saying… AUTOLT ERROR: line: 25188 (file “C:Program files wug fresh Development Nexus root toolkit nexusroot toolkit.exe) Error: Variable used without being declared.
    what is this error, and how do I fix it?? thanks for the help

    • I’m experiencing the same issue, while trying to do an incremental update from MOB30W to MOB31E, on a Nexus 6. I love NRT, and have used it without issue for about a year. This is the first time that I have had any type of error. I can’t help you, but I wanted to let you know that it’s not just happening with N builds.

      I’ve been looking for answers on the forum here, XDA, and elsewhere, and it appears that it might be related to Google changing downloads from .tgz to .zip. Wug says that there will be a new version (2.1.9) very soon, to address this problem. I don’t know if that is our problem or not, as I have successfully changed the file extension to .tgz in the past, and everything in NRT worked fine with those files.

      Possibly pertinent information: I’m getting the exact same error, also at line 25188. I just updated to NRT 2.1.8 before attempting the upgrade. I have tried every combination of entering my current build – auto detect, entering it myself, and selecting “Any Build” – none seemed to make a difference. I selected the “No Wipe” option for all ~8 of my attempts (which has never given me any trouble in the past).

      Thanks Wug for all of your hard work! NRT saves me so much time and frustration. I’m sure that it will get sorted out soon.

  2. In the coming days it will be ok..just need to wait for 2.1.9 ..it’s a zip problem..in the meantime it’s a question of waiting…however my phone updated on its own OTA…Nexus 5X…thanks all

  3. Help Required
    I am confused about sideloading the latest build – NRD90U for my nexus 6p through the Nexus Root Kit tool from Wugfresh.
    Currently, my phone is running on the build – NRD90M (locked bootloader)
    I was planning to sideload the full OTA file -‘NRD90U’. Since the build – NRD90M is not listed in the menu of builds , I chose the ‘ Any build’ option.
    When i clicked the ‘Sideload OTA update’ option, an error message stating – ‘ Currently there are no factory images available for this build. You will have to wait until Google release factory images to boot to stock recovery’ My questions are :
    1) I am stuck at this stage . How can I proceed from this ?
    what build do i need to choose from the build drop-down ? Since the build – NRD90M is not available ?
    Could you please let me know how did you go through ths step?
    2) What is the need to -‘ boot to stock recovery ‘ ?
    3) The latest official OTA build – NRD90U is listed in the google website. I assume the tool would have detected it, but it has n’t , why ?
    4) If the old build – NRD90M will not be uploaded at all by google, how will the tool sideload the new build – NRD90U , when it does not find the old build – NRD90M (which I am currently into ) to boot to stock recovery ?

    Apologize if the questions are silly. As I am begineer, I am trying to understand this tool ! Expecting early response. Thanks in advance

  4. I NEED HELP!!
    In the last two days I’m trying to sideload the NRD90U on my N6p, but there’s something wrong with your toolkit, because it don’t send the file, time out the operation and abort the installation. It also block my pc…

  5. Hello:
    When you select anybuild you can flash a google factory image as soon as they are released into the public domain.
    If you are using the NoForceEncrypt option THEN you have to wait until the NoForceEncrypt boot image file is available.
    OTHERWISE accept the reality that Uncle Google will require device CPU Cycles to deal with encryption overhead.

  6. The program unfortunately is outdated, the program search old TWRP builds, and the last listed Nexus 5 factory image are 6.0.1 (MOB31E) not 6.0.1 (M4B30Z, Dec 2016), the Google Pixel 1 & 2 are not listed….it is sad to see a program as good as the Nexus Toolkit abandoned :'(

    Anyway, thanks for your effort this years for creating and maintaining this tool that made life easier for me and many others.

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