My device doesn’t have recovery! How to fix??


Answer: Having no recovery at all is highly unlikely unless you deliberately issued a fasboot erase recovery or fastboot format recovery command.  Chances are you are confusing the stock recovery prescreen for an indication that recovery is missing.  This is understandable because the stock recovery prescreen is very misleading.  It is a picture of an android on its back with an open chest and red exclamation point hovering above it.  Do not be alarmed.

Quick Tip: The dead android guy is just the stock recovery prescreen.

To bring up the stock recovery menu:

  • While holding down Power, press Volume Up.
  • Now you can navigate with the volume keys and select with the power button.
  • So to reboot the device simply navigate to reboot system and press the power button.

The key combination to bring up the menu may not be identical on all devices.  If its not working to bring up the menu try simultaneously pressing all three buttons (Vol Up, Vol Down, & Power) at the same, and repeat this a few times until it works.

If you want custom recovery (either TWRP or CWM), then you can easily flash it with the toolkit:

  • Advanced Utilities > Fastboot Flash > ‘Recovery’ > ‘Latest TWRP’/’Latest CWM’

Alternatively you can use the toolkit to flash custom recovery + root in one operation:

  • Chose TWRP (default) or CWM in the toolkits main options menu.
  • Check the ‘Flash Custom Recovery’ checkbox on the main interface
  • Press the ‘Root’ button.

If you want to avoid flashing custom recovery, but just boot custom recovery temporarily – you can do so in the toolkit:

  • Advanced Utilities > Fastboot Boot > ‘Custom Recovery’

Or if you want to fully automate ROM/zip flashing you can do so in the toolkit:

  • Advanced Utilities > ‘Flash zips…’ with ‘File is on this computer’ checked.

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