Google Changes New and Old Factory Packs for Nakasi and Nakasig

I have changedetection setup on googles factory image page.  It appears that yesterday (April 2nd) they just swapped out the factory images for five of the nakasi packs, and three of the nakasig.  This is evident by the changes in md5 and sha-1 checksums listed on the site:


So.. What changed specifically?

I had my suspicions but to be sure I ran a quick hashcheck compassion of all the old files against the hashes of the same files from the new packs.  The difference is clear:


All the files are exactly the same except the bootloaders.  The old bootloaders have been swapped out for new ones.  

Old bootloaders (md5=5bdb2e87370cdb1a7ea14bb0c3e21390)
New bootloaders (md5=df53028033c9eccf4fe5ba7bc198ce24)

This is an important change, as bootloaders are a critical component which enable booting/flashing img files (i.e fastboot flashing/booting firmware).

NRT masterlists are now updated to reflect these recent changes, so the toolkit can handle the new Nakasi/Nakasig factory packs.  Just hit ‘Update’ in the kit to grab the latest lists.

If you have an original (2012) [Nakasi/Grouper] Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi Tablet), or [Nakasig/Tilapia] Nexus 7 (Mobile Tablet)

And you want to avoid completely reflashing stock.  You can use NRT to simply update your bootloader only to the new version.  To do so:

Prerequisite: Your bootloader must already be unlocked
  1. Download the new bootlaoder: bootloader-NEW-nakasi_nakasig_df53028033c9eccf4fe5ba7bc198ce24.img
  2. Use Advanced Utilities > Fastboot Flash > Bootloader > then select the file you downloaded.
  3. Let the kit flash it.
  4. That’s it. ^_^


That’s all for now! Stay tuned.

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5 Comments on “Google Changes New and Old Factory Packs for Nakasi and Nakasig

    • I just used wugs toolkit to update from 5.0.2 to 5.1. Because my grouper was unlocked, rooted, custom kernel and custom cwm I used the toolkit. It seems the easiest way for me.
      After updating went fine and the grouper rebooted system partionn had still 0 mb left. So the new image with the new boot loader changes nothing.
      The only problem I ran into was that my internal memory was reduce from standard free ~13 GB to 6 GB. I searched the web and the solution was to enter the stock recovery after updating and performed a factory reset to get the internal memory size back.
      The phone performs much better on 5.1 then on older lp versions.
      In rooted with wugs toolkit and deleted unwanted system apps with link2sd to get busy box installed.

      Greetings from Germany.

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