Nexus Root Toolkit v1.9.4 Released!

Full Lollipop support!  Bug fixes and optimizations.

Enjoy! ^_^

48 comments on “Nexus Root Toolkit v1.9.4 Released!
  1. Ni-Cola says:

    Hi and thanks for ur job.
    I don’t know if this is right the place but… I had Google Nexus 5 rooted with your Kit and I upgraded to Lollipop last release with NRT 1.9.3, doing an OEM lock too, I remained without Recovery. I tried (with NRT 1.9.4) to flash stock recovery without chance. Thanks for help me.

  2. Gary Soltner says:

    I got nexus 10 updated to lollipop and had no recovery yesterday. Saw the updated version of wugfresh this morning and did a fresh install, still no recovery. As per instructions I did a factory reset after the install and when it booted into recovery the screen was blank, after a few minutes the green android man appeared as it erased files. I wasn’t totally impressed with vers. 5 lollipop, it looked cartoonish and not all apps are compatible. I went back to KitKat and all is good in my world. ☺

  3. Clive Viagas says:

    Hi, is there a version for the mac?

  4. David says:

    im still not able to root my nexus 10 on LRX21P. the toolkit fails to recognize the nexus 10 as it boots up with the modified bootimage. is this a driver problem? i used the recommended google drivers and i also removed and then installed them again, but still no luck.

    btw: the full driver test has a really short timeout for some reason. i always get the timeout error after 3-5 seconds, then the device boots up in adb and i have to retry from the timeout message to get to the success message o0

  5. Alexander says:

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to inform that tried yet one more time to root my nexus 5 running android 5.0 today. This time i used the new 1.9.4 release of the toolkit. Everything worked out great. Took just a couple of minutes and the task was completed. Guess it was all a mater of some bug in the previous version of the toolkit. Thank you so much for the quick fix. Amazing work. Keep it up!

  6. Joseph Wellman says:

    Nexus 4 Android 5.0 installed but when I try to root with SuperSU during the install I get an error when I open SuperSU saying it cant install the binaries. any idead how to fix this? I am also using the lastest SU2.19 Beta

  7. Ghgore says:

    I’m on a custom ROM on my Nexus 4, and when I went to flash stock, it only gave me the option of 4.4.4 or below, but the 5.0 factory images have been released. Is there a reason for this?

  8. eshtoned says:

    thanks wugg runing lxr210 smoothly all the way from india

  9. Ayan Ion Barua says:

    Tried to flash 5.0, but the result was an endless boot-up animation. I left it to boot up overnight.

  10. Kelly says:

    Worked like a charm! Thanks, Wug!

  11. Zane says:

    Nexus 4, NRT v1.9.8.
    While attempting to flash to 5.0 LRX21T I keep getting a bootloop. Tried to flash back to 4.4.4 and again got a bootloop. Tried forced flash for 4.4.4, 4.4.3, and 5.0 they all resulted in a bootloop. Finally solved it by wiping the cache and then wiping/factory within the recovery menu and rebooting the phone. It appears that somewhere along the line the cache dir is not being mounted or is getting corrupted.

    On another note my Nexus 5 5.0 LRX210 Flashed and rooted like a dream.

  12. Bob says:

    Nexus 7(2013), NRT v1.9.8
    Flashed 5.0 Everything went smooth as silk…but…my 32gb Nexus reports only Total 11.29gb of storage. Where did the rest go?

  13. Antonio Thomas says:

    Will this work with encryption?

  14. Julian Ofthe Mountain says:

    I’ve been using your toolkits since my Galaxy Nexus and so far they’ve worked great for me! Now I have a nexus 5 and I’ve been trying to give it a factory reset. Even with force flash mode enabled, the flash stock and unroot operation doesn’t work. The command prompt screen does its thing and get to the “press any key to exit” part but after that my phone stays in fastboot. When I select the start up option, I see the “google” graphic with the unlocked icon underneath but it will stay here for hours and not progress. Any advice for a bricked phone?

  15. ToolkitBugFound says:

    When my Nexus Toolkit tried updating, Webroot gave a false positive saying that wug_updater.exe it was a “Trojan.Dropper.Gen”. Just so you know.

  16. james stitzel says:

    I have been trying for 3 days to download the modified boot image and twrp so i can flash 5.0 to my n7 2013 with nrt, but every time i dl the files, they fail the hashcheck! Every way i dl them is the same result. wtf? Anybody have any ideas? I have used nrt several times before to root several devices, so i’m not unfamiliar with how to use it, but i can’t get it to work…

    • WugFresh says:

      Please hit me up on google hangouts chat. wugfresh @ gma….

      Also, first try hitting ‘update’ in the kit first, then redownloading the file.

      • james stitzel says:

        I tried that also. I have tried everything in the toolkit and every hash fails. I haven’t used hangouts yet, but if I can’t figure this out I may figure it out and hit you up there. I managed to flash lollipop with fastboot, but want to root again using nrt if possible.

  17. PhilB says:

    After a number of errors – caused mainly by my not reading the instructions carefully, I successfully went through all the steps. When I did the final reboot and opened SuperSU there were no apps listed as configured. When I attempted to install Busybox I got an error mmessage saying there was a problem opening the shell… (more after that) and then got a message saying an error occured while installing. Root Checker says device does not have proper root access. Thanks for any suggestions.

  18. PhilB says:

    Ooops posted wrong location. respond at the 1.9,8 if you wish

  19. Vandy says:

    Lollipop 5.0 messes up my messages on my nexus 5. How do I fix this?

  20. MarioC says:

    Want to be proposed for Nobel prize? Make a tool as excellent as the Nexus Tool Kkit, for LG G2 and G3 …

    • WugFresh says:

      For now I only plan to support devices that have a “fastboot oem” unlockable bootloader. It appears those devices require an exploit.. and there also seems to be a lot of drama surrounding the devs hack.

  21. Teleclus says:

    I have a question. I already unlocked the bootloader for my nexus 7 (2012) when i was on jellybean 4.4.2. I recently updated to lollipop, will i need to choose unlock again or can i go straight to root? Thanks

  22. Frank Bostick says:

    This toolkit has worked wonders on my Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. Is there any way to use it with the Nvidia Shield tablet LTE to install the L update? For whatever reason AT&T is involved approving the update on an unlocked tablet.

  23. Jim Smith says:

    I think this will be my last cry for help. N712 unrooted has been bootlooping from the white Google to my home screen, not from the X. Cycles every 30 seconds or so. I tried unlock and it finds the device but I cannot get USB Debug to stay, as it reboots with it off after like 30 seconds. When trying flash bootloop, without unlock, it says ADB device not found. Seems I’ve stumped the stars. Factory reset does not work from either settings or boot loader. Great program, messed up device. Other ideas before I cave and cash in on Black/Cyber weekend instead?

  24. Robbie Vengence says:

    The modified shamu IMG link is down. Can someone link me

  25. YWTai says:

    Dear WugFresh,

    Help! I used your toolkit to unbrick my Nexus 4 because it went into bootlooping post-Lollipop upgrade. I’ve done Flash Stock and Unroot, the logs didn’t seem to skip any steps but now I’m stuck at the bootlooping screen again. What do you think is happening?

    What can I do please? Thanks.

  26. WugFresh says:

    please post in main thread: or on the forums – I keep missing these comments. – Closing this thread for now.

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