Nexus Root Toolkit 2.0.5 is out – Now with Proxy Support

New version of Nexus Root Toolkit is now out.  I rebuilt the entire downloader system to be based off a wget instead of AutoIT’s in-built InetGet functions.  This should improve overall reliability and also enabled me to code in proxy support.  Many international users, and people who wanted to use NRT at work were unable to do so smoothly because of network restrictions, now it’s possible to configure proxy settings so all the auto-downloading and updating is done through that instead.  You will see a new section in the toolkits options menu where you can setup proxy config:

Download Options

Check out the full changelog for the other changes in this release.

And head over to the main download page to grab it.


Enjoy! ^_^

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5 Comments on “Nexus Root Toolkit 2.0.5 is out – Now with Proxy Support

  1. Thank you for the rootkit, sent you a donation last night after spending most of the day in various states of a non working nexus 6. Your app fixed it all despite the numerous screw ups I probably did to get into a soft brick like state.

    Thanks again!

  2. Just upgraded to 2.0.6 to downgrade my Nexus 7 2012 back to 4.4.4 from 5.1 Everything started OK but seems to have halted after the launching flashstock.bat command. I know it says be patient but how long should it take! How do I know if its still working?

  3. I am new to a lot of this but either way I used your root method and it went well in my Nexus 6p so thank you! But wondering if this isa “systemless root” as I noticed quite a few differences in what I am able to do with my phone being rooted v. What I have been able to end the past. If so could anyone please tell me what I am able to use for a full root not just systemless. Although WugFresh you’ve done a superior job with the program you offer very easy to follow. I’m just want a bit more capabilities with my phone. Thank you so much anyonecwho can offer me any help with this. Candace

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