If I don’t see my build listed in the selection menu, what should I do?


Answer:  Select “Android *.*.* – Any Build” mode for your device for the time being.  Any Build mode will work for performing the most common tasks like unlocking, rooting, unrooting (flashing-stock), and relocking your device, so this is a great option to utilize right when a new android release comes out if I haven’t updated the masterlists for full automated toolkit support yet.

Please don’t ask me when I will provide full toolkit support for a new recently released build if Google has yet to release the official factory image packages on their site here or it has been less than 24 hours since they did.

You can typically expect for me to update the toolkit to fully support new builds within 48 hours after Google releases new factory image packages; that should give me enough time to download them, analyze them, rename and modify certain files, upload everything to the server, test it, and then update the public masterlists.

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