Nexus Root Toolkit v1.8.7

Unlocking, rooting, relocking and unrooting simplified! (and much more!)

VERSION 1.8.7  - This program will automatically bring together all the files you need to unlock and root your device in a few clicks, or flash it back to stock and re-lock it. You can also use this program to backup/restore all your important data, flash zips, set file permissions, push and pull files, install apps, generate logcats/bugreports, and much more! With the included file association options, you can perform tasks like flashing zips, installing apps, restoring android backup files, and flashing/booting img files with just a double click! The program includes a full featured interface for automating tasks in TWRP, enhanced restore features, an in-built auto-updater/notification system, ‘any build’ mode, advanced restore features,’NRT- Live Log’ for viewing the adb/fastboot cmds that are run in the background, quick tools utilities, and tools for taking screenshots/screen-recordings.   All the latest Android builds and Nexus devices are officially supported including the new Nexus 5, with full KitKat support for all the newly upgraded devices.  The program intelligently and selectively downloads the files it needs for your device and makes sure you are using the latest files available.  The program can even auto-detect your device and build.  The main changes in this release are general code improvements and optimizations.  Check out the updated changelog for a more comprehensive breakdown of the feature set and changes in this release.

~ my goal for this project is make the entire process as smooth and simple as possible ~

Supported Nexus devices:
· Galaxy Nexus: GSM Models (both yakju and non-yakju builds)
· Galaxy Nexus: CDMA/LTE Verizon Models
· Galaxy Nexus: CDMA/LTE Sprint Models
· Nexus S: Worldwide, i9020t and i9023 Models
· Nexus S: 850MHz, i9020a Models
· Nexus S: Korea, m200 Models
· Nexus S 4G: d720 Models
· Nexus 7: Asus Tablet
· Nexus 7 3G: Asus Tablet
· Nexus 7 v2 (2013): Asus Tablet
· Nexus 7 v2 (2013) LTE: Asus Tablet
· Nexus 10: Samsung Tablet
· Nexus 4: LG Phone
· Nexus 5: LG Phone


Main Interface



1. Select the correct device and build (what you are currently running)
2. Configure your drivers if you haven’t already using the driver guide (If you aren’t sure use Step 3 of the driver guide to test your drivers).
3. If you need to, backup your important data.
4. Unlock your device
5. Root your device
6. Enjoy! ^_^
  • Learn more about each option by mousing over the control, dynamic tooltips will provide you more information, also each button displays a message about what it does first.
  • So the best way to get familiar with the toolkit is simply to press the buttons and read what it says.
  • PLEASE READ THE FAQ’s:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Great How-to videos:
Please note – the rooting experience with NRT is consistent across all the Nexus device so you can easily following along with any of these videos, regardless of which Nexus device you have.
By Babbling Boolean [Most recent]:
By DroidModderX:
By Josh McAllister:
By qbking77:


NRT_v1.8.7.sfx.exe [Direct Link - MajorGeeks]
[Mirror #1: DevHost]   [Mirror #2: AndroidFileHost]   [Mirror #3: Softpedia]   [Mirror #4: MediaFire]
File size: 28.3 MB
MD5: c43c375b9edaa46c3b217b4599969b68

Need a simple way to validate checksums? I recommend:

  • Droid Life for their great instructions!
  • Google for android development.
  • Koush for CWM, ADB Driver Installer, Superuser
  • Team Win for Open Recovery (TWRP)
  • Chainfire for developing SuperSU
  • 1wayjonny for the Universal Driver device IDs
  • AutoIt forums for lots of helpful information!
  • copkay for his great guide on making backups
  • Ritesh Sahu for BackupRestore apps
  • osm0sis for the reset tamper flag zip
  • Stericson for the BusyBox app
  • WugFresh (thats me!) ^_^

Special Thanks thanks to Faux123 for answering questions I had about the new KitKat boot.img’s.

Big thank’s Imoseyon and Fabulous as well for pointing me in the right direction about ramdisk mod’s.

Huge thanks to admin and developer for developing their JSON API and communication with me throughout the process.  Thank you!

And a big thanks to S0up at and the whole team for their awesome hosting and JSON API.  Thank you!

Thank you to Gist for letting me store the update info and masterlist files on their site.


~ If you like my work please consider making a small donation. Help and support is greatly appreciated. Thank you! ~


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  • WugFresh

    Its a false positive, please report it to your AV provider so they can review it, deem it safe and whitelist it.

    The programming language this is written in (Autoit) is known to get falsely flagged. The reason it’s getting flagged now is probably because I updated it and McAfee has yet to whitelist it.

    I am the sole developer and publisher of this application and if you downloaded it from my website and the hash value matches what I posted there then I guarantee its 100% clean and will always be.

    I use to report it to AV providers myself but it is too time consuming, so I ask that users please report it themselves.

  • Ricardo Serrano

    I’m running Android L on a Nexus 5 and I want to root it. Is it possible?

    • Milancius

      It is possible, you just need to reboot into custom recovery via temporary boot. Trust me, it works :) And you need the latest SuperSU and boot fix, just google it :)

      • Jose Roca

        Great! Thanks I’m testing now (fingers crossed)

  • Sebastian Brochocki

    when NRT upgrade to android L install?

  • Penis

    No, you can go straight to 4.4.4.

  • Penis

    See if either Media drive (MTP) or Camera (PTP) is checked under Settings -> Storage -> USB computer connection.

  • Eric Strom

    Google Chrome is also flagging it as malicious.

    • WugFresh

      Yeah, its a false positive. Not sure how to report it to them.

  • M.F. Lawrey

    HI Wugfresh, let me say great work with NRT. I will say tho, i trashed my first N7 v2 2013 wifi tablet the first round after 4.4.3 OTA. prolly my ignorance. Now 2nd round new N7 v2. updated 4.4.3. unlocked and rooted, flawless. Now next OTA is out, not wanting to do trash another, dint accept OTA yet, Trying to “flash+unroot” keep getting same “no system, boot,recovery,img” It appears to me NRT isnt reading the the files inside the included zip file. Only seen one other post about this problem, and answer was corrupt,incomplete download. I have used NRT to d/l both the 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 file multiple (9-10) times and d/led direct from google, all say matched and complete. Never used and not opposed to using ADB method just alittle gun shy ATM. Thanks and sorry for being long winded

    • WugFresh

      Can you provide a screenshot.

      • M.F. Lawrey

        yes sir, sorry for both monitors

        • WugFresh

          I will investigate the issue. I really don’t see why that would happen. Can you msg me in google chat.

          • M.F. Lawrey

            message sent thanks

          • M.F. Lawrey

            AS an update. I pulled out old back-up comp. w7 pro 32bit. long story short, i got NRT installed and set -up, d/l image direct from google, ran the “flash stock+unroot” ran flawless. so, maybe a 64bit issue? anyway hope that helps figure out what went wrong. Thanks Wugfresh great job. small thanks sent from paypal =)

          • Xylometazol .

            I’ve kept getting same errors both times when updating to 4.4.3 and now 4.4.4(for img from google and NRT) without wiping user data. Force flash mode worked well

    • lol hai

      you IDIOT have you considered the option that NRT is corrupt.

  • Justin Deain

    hey i need help i unrooted and flashed the stock rom on my nexus 4 and it said it is finished and its booting up now and its booting now for 2 hours and its still booting at the color changing screen

  • Nexus 5. 16 GB. kk

    thanks guys for everything you do I just had a quick question I want to know if there’s a way you can take T Mobile throttle iand just totally just get rid of it is there a way to do that and thanks for everything….!!!!

  • fingrlakes

    Is there a way to flash my nexus without turning on debugging?


    After upgrading to Android 4.4.4, NRT will not re-root my unlocked Nexus 4. It boots the phone into the bootloader, but then the phone sits on “downloading”, and NRT says that it’s “Booting modified boot.img to enable privileged commands”. It never moves beyond that point.

    I’ve tried running this several times and letting it run for 10 minutes or more – it never works.

    Any idea what the problem is?


  • GigaCode

    Are you going to add “L” support anytime soon ?

    • WugFresh

      Full L support will be added when the official release comes out. The toolkit can flash and root it, but no full automation of other procedures yet.

  • Maku Suchinben

    Sir WugFresh, I encountered M.F. Lawreys problem, but in my case im using 32bit w7, and i already have downloaded the ktu84l factory file.. NRT cant find system.img… Help me please

  • BA14

    complete noob to this but seeing the same: both downloads proposed on starting NRT fail having shown 1% downloaded and then a hash-check fail. Using NortonIS – no pop ups or log entries to suggest that’s the problem. If downloading manually is the answer could someone please send me a link and a clue where to put the files ! Thanks

  • Peter Gutierrez

    WugFresh. first of all thank you for the toolkit. it gave me a bit of trouble(because of my dumbness), but overall, smooth. Here is a solution I found: I am using windows 7/64 and was rooting a nexus 4(4.4.4). there are two files that were not pulling automatically 1.modified_boot_occam_4.4.4_KTU84P.img and 2.openrecovery-twrp- since it is not doing so, when attempting to root with or without custom img., you hang mid process. what I did was pull them manually(as instructed by your toolkit), had nrt browse locally after download, then merged them. once that was done, I reattempted, and pow!!! im in. I don’t know if this issue was resolved already, but I hope I could help someone who needs it. Thank you again!!!!

  • Michael Kramer

    Following is what I have been after a day of trying to fix my boot-looped nexus 7 (2012) any ideas?
    Thank you

    Flash Stock + Unroot…


    erasing ‘boot’…

    OKAY [ 0.018s]

    finished. total time: 0.018s

    ******** Did you mean to fastboot format this partition?

    erasing ‘cache’…

    OKAY [ 0.015s]

    finished. total time: 0.016s

    erasing ‘recovery’…

    OKAY [ 0.015s]

    finished. total time: 0.015s

    ******** Did you mean to fastboot format this partition?

    erasing ‘system’…

    OKAY [ 0.016s]

    finished. total time: 0.016s

    ******** Did you mean to fastboot format this partition?

    erasing ‘userdata’…

    OKAY [ 0.022s]

    finished. total time: 0.022s

    sending ‘bootloader’ (2100 KB)…

    OKAY [ 0.304s]

    writing ‘bootloader’…

    FAILED (remote: (InvalidState))

    finished. total time: 0.438s

    rebooting into bootloader…

    OKAY [ 0.020s]

    finished. total time: 0.021s

    sending ‘boot’ (4994 KB)…

    OKAY [ 0.706s]

    writing ‘boot’…

    OKAY [ 0.020s]

    finished. total time: 0.726s

    rebooting into bootloader…

    OKAY [ 0.020s]

    finished. total time: 0.020s

    sending ‘recovery’ (5534 KB)…

    OKAY [ 0.775s]

    writing ‘recovery’…

    OKAY [ 0.026s]

    finished. total time: 0.801s

    rebooting into bootloader…

    OKAY [ 0.020s]

    finished. total time: 0.020s

    erasing ‘system’…

    OKAY [ 0.020s]

    sending ‘system’ (644062 KB)…

    OKAY [ 89.639s]

    writing ‘system’…

    OKAY [ 10.705s]

    finished. total time: 100.364s

    rebooting into bootloader…

    OKAY [ 0.019s]

    finished. total time: 0.020s

    erasing ‘userdata’…

    OKAY [ 0.027s]

    sending ‘userdata’ (104289 KB)…

    OKAY [ 14.518s]

    writing ‘userdata’…

    OKAY [ 1.592s]

    finished. total time: 16.138s

    rebooting into bootloader…

    OKAY [ 0.140s]

    finished. total time: 0.143s


    finished. total time: 0.082s

    Booting up your freshly flashed stock device…


    Wait for your device to finish booting up…

    – It may appear to be boot looping; just wait…

    – It could take 5-10 minutes; please be patient…

    When its finally booted back up, please remember

    to re-enable USB debugging if you plan on using

    the toolkit to perform other operations.

    Press any key to exit…

  • Enrique Llanos

    Hi mate, any plan to update NRT to fit root Android L for the N5?

  • Wayne Rumble

    My nexus 7 running 4.4.4 has been backed up and unlocked succesfully but fails during the rooting procedure because the nexus keeps stalling when it says booting downloaded img. Any ideas on how to help?

    • Austen Evans

      I have exactly same N7 and issue, hopeful for resolution soon :)

      • WugFresh

        Make sure you select the correct N7, or use auto-detect. There are four options.

  • Austen Evans

    Awesome work, long time supporter / donater (since you fixed my bricked N7 :) )
    Have upgraded my WiFi+Cell Nexus 7 to 4.4.4 and can no longer root.
    Upgrading didn’t “re-lock” the device of tamper with the ADB drivers, all that continues to work fine.
    Toolkit seems to think that it’s pushing the Root files OK and boots into Bootloader but it just sits there.
    After Toolkit times out selecting “Recovery Mode” on the N7 gives me the Android Dude with an ” ! “.
    I have tried with both TWRP and CWM to no avail.
    Haven’t had this issue before, previous Roots have been “as advertised” !!

    • WugFresh

      sorry for really late response. Did you ever resolve this? Make sure you select the right Neuxs7 device in the toolkit.

  • MorcCrafak

    I Bricked my phone and testing the stock help :D

  • Vladimir Fomin

    What does that mean? I waited a half an hour after that press any key and exited. Nexus 7 Wifi tablet.
    Flash Stock + Unroot…


    Length is zd — too small

    error: failed to access zipdata in ‘(null)’

    Booting up your freshly flashed stock device…


    Wait for your device to finish booting up…

    – It may appear to be boot looping; just wait…

    – It could take 5-10 minutes; please be patient…

    When its finally booted back up, please remember

    to re-enable USB debugging if you plan on using

    the toolkit to perform other operations.

    NOTE: If this process was too quick and your device

    is still in bootloader mode, then flashing stock may

    have failed or been incomplete. Simply check the

    log above: if you notice it skipped steps because it

    didn’t meet certain requirements, like the bootloader

    or baseband version, then consider enabling ‘Force Flash’

    mode in the toolkits options menu and trying the

    ‘Flash Stock + Unroot’ processs again. Cheers.

    Press any key to exit…


  • Dan Bennett

    The auto-updater downloads 1% and then says complete but obviously fails the hash check, so I came here to download directly. However, no matter which of the three download links I try I get a 72.3MB file instead of 72.2MB and the MD5 never matches. Any idea what’s going on?

    I would be fine without upgrading seeing as I’m still using a Nexus 4 which 1.7.9 handles just fine, except that there’s apparently an update to CWMR which 1.7.9 refuses to download or recognise if I download manually – and it won’t let me do a NANDroid without first updating CWMR. Very frustrating.

    • Dan Bennett

      Never mind, tried again this evening and it installed fine after my first download attempt. Now I can get around to backing up my phone so I can update CyanogenMod!

  • Giorgi Bregvadze

    Please add Android L support

    • Dying_in_this_Crap_World

      they will when a version comes out. They stated already that it’s not worth the effort to do it for a developers build when it might change

  • Jon Colón

    Can we donate Doge to you? Awesome work!

    • WugFresh

      Thanks Jon! I currently only have BTC and PayPal setup. I will look into setting up doge as well. Looks simple enough. I will let you know. Cheers.

  • Lumir2

    Hi wugfresh, i updated and rooted my nexus 7 2012 to android 4.4.3 and i cant see icon when USB debugging is enabled and pc absolutly no detect nexus as device… have u some idea, what problem is it? I cant connect absolutly to pc now :(

    • Chris Hawk

      Im having the swame issue, its updated to 4.4.4, don’t see it on abd or the tool kit, keep getting mismatch errors.

  • Cuddly Nutter

    My Windows 8.1 laptop won’t instal V1.8.4 …………………………Just another reason to hate Windows 8.1 :-(

    • Vincent Charette

      I highly doubt the issue would be Windows 8.1. Always too easy to blame the OS.

    • WugFresh

      Not sure what the issue is, can you provide more details. I personally use Windows 8.1.

  • Gianni Metitieri

    Hi wugfresh can you add a torrent for next version? devhost download very slow today!!

    • WugFresh

      Sure, for this new 1.8.5 version, I added a “Magnet Torrent Link” under download.

  • Andrey Flyagin

    Wugfresh, please, please add fresh version of NRT to any torrent-tracker. It’s impossible to download it from that damn file-exchangers. Please.

    • WugFresh

      As per your request, I added this new version to a torrent tracker. Use the “Magnet Torrent Link”

  • Fatin Daiman

    hi wugfresh, stuck at logo google/android logo.. went i take recovery mode/ others mode, its say Booting Failed. so howto fix ;(

  • Steve Phan

    Need help, my phone has no OS and there is no way to start my phone. I tried flashing stock but same error pops up. (Failed – remote: flash write failure). If anyone can tell me how to fix this, your help is appreciated. I have a Nexus 5 and I was running Slimkat 4.4.4. Thanks!

    • Md. Kawmil Islam Mubin

      I dont know if you were able to get back your OS but you can try SIde Load Update from Advance Utilities….

  • jckckckck



    Спасибо за простую программу. Не совсем понял зачем мне навязали кастомное рекавери…

    • WugFresh

      Я не говорю по-русски

  • Soykan

    Someone help ı unlocked my devıce then ı pressed root then ıt loaded bootloader then ıt saıd ın the corner bootıng ımage fıle ıt frezeez there help me please

    • WugFresh

      Make sure you have selected the correct device and build in the toolkit. Make use of the “Auto-detect” if you are not sure. If an android device ever freezes on you, just force powerdown with the power button.

  • Marius

    If i want to root Nexus 7 2012, with android 4.4.4, with locked bootloader, i need to press the unlock button first, or can i press directly root?

    • WugFresh

      Read the instructions above or watch one of the youtube videos. Unlock is required to root. Unlocking wipes, so backup first.

    • josh

      i have a nexus 4….it is locked to virgin. i want to put my bell simcard in it. does this program allow me to do that? if so, it says cant open once i dl it….?

  • Marius

    Too root a Nexus 7 2012, with android 4.4.4 and locked bootloader, i need to click the unlock button first, or i can click directly root?

    • Evan Wickes

      The new toolkit might work if u click root, but do unlock first to b safe

  • Saugat

    i am having a problem on installing… says samsung driver not found or not installing…so try reinstalling the program…
    it also says that the file is corrupted…Any suggestion?

    • WugFresh

      Please use the latest version of my program… I don’t even include the samsung drivers anymore. The driver solutions are much simpler now. Just go with solution #1.

  • none

    Direct linking does NOT work on AndroidFileHost. It’s advised by them not to, so CDN can determine the best mirror location to serve the file.

    • WugFresh

      I just checked and its not working. That is strange. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. That said, it has worked on this page in the past. AndroidFileHost gave me a developer API key specifically for this reason – so I could deliver direct downloads. That’s how all the files are served through the toolkit.

      • Suagat

        Try BasketBuild.

  • WugFresh

    Added some more mirrors. Swapped out the androidfilehost direct download link in favor of Major Geeks as the primary link.

  • jata

    Wugfresh. Thanks for developing your toolkit. I’ve been using it for a year – I have a nexus 7 2013.

    For 2 weeks I have many problems with twrp backups not restoring and boot loop. Im not sure what is going wrong as it is usually works fine. Its not an issue with your toolkit but I hoped you could help.

    I have kk 444 stock not rooted as primary ROM

    I have android l not rooted as secondary

    When I switch between these ROM using twrp backup/restore it gets stuck during boot at the coloured circles stage. The only fix is to flash stock and start over.

    Any advice?

  • Jayanta Chakravorty

    I am gettinng this error on trying to install 1.8.5 “windows cannot find nexusroottoolkit.exe”….solutions???

    • Zach Wallace

      *Claps* Amazing! You still use windows XP! I had to upgrade because some games werent compatible…

  • ddonuts4

    For some reason, using the ‘OEM Lock’ script doesn’t seem to check if TWRP has been downloaded, and the entire script will run ‘successfully’ without actually doing anything.

  • gladvold

    Hi! I have previously successfully unlocked and rooted my Nexus4 with your toolkit. Kept stock, no custom ROM. Since then I have received Google OTA system updates, and because of that the phone is no longer rooted. But is it still unlocked, can I skip unlocking this time? Will I loose app data etc. if I root again?

  • Luqman NH

    Nexus 4 user here! I love this toolkit. Making flashing ROMs and stuff more easy without having to use adb whatever command ;D
    Though sometimes there is this problem where I want to restore backup that I made using this toolkit and it doesn’t seem to work. I’d be glad if you fix this :)

    Donated ;)
    You deserve it.
    And keep the project going!

    • WugFresh

      Thank you. Please provide more details. What kind of back up. What explicitly happens. Saying “it doesn’t work” makes it impossible for me to guess what went wrong for you. Cheers.

  • none

    Auto update doesn’t work when upgrading from 1.8.5 to 1.8.6. Had to manually download and install.

    • Giuseppe Bova

      Same problem…appear mismatch :/

      • WugFresh

        Should be fixed now. It was server related. Androidfilehost fixed it.


    nexus 7 v2 stuck on Google boot up screen (stock & unlocked) been trying to flash stock from soft-bricked/bootloop option. It’s not working. I tried unlock bootloader, but it freezes after pressing power button for “yes”. any suggestions?

  • zdenek faltus

    Hello, for the first time here .. First of all, let me to thank you for this wonderful guide and programme ! I got a bit angry with Google for storing all my photos somewhere in the cloud and started to look up the info abvout rooting my Nexus 5. I got a bit angry with the feeble ringing as well.
    Today I have performed my first root with the help of your programme – everything went on smoothly, but after the rooting I had no camera app ! So, I had to flash back the stock ROM and I do hope that the cam will be back:
    So, in the meantime the flash went Ok, the camera is back … What could be the problem ? An secondly,
    what king of custom ROM could I flash after the eventual new rooting?
    Thanks a lot for a possible input and thank you once more !

  • Freewer39

    Hi everybody !
    Thank you WugFresh for your Toolkit. He’s amazing :D (excuse my english, I’m french)

    But I’ve got a problem.
    Near the end of rooting processus for my Nexus 4 (KitKat 4.4.4), there’s a error message :

    Autolt Error

    Line 19423 (File “C:Program Files (x86)WugFresh

    Error: Variable used without being delared.

    (take a look at screenshot)

    Please, help me Wug !!

  • Guest

    Hi everybody !
    Thank you WugFresh for your Toolkit. He’s amazing :D (excuse my english, I’m french)

    But I’ve got a problem.
    Near the end of rooting processus for my Nexus 4 (KitKat 4.4.4), there’s a error message :

    Autolt Error

    Line 19423 (File “C:Program Files (x86)WugFresh

    Error: Variable used without being delared.

    (take a look at screenshot)

    Please, help me Wug !!

    • WugFresh

      Are you running 1.8.6? What options did you have selected when rooting your Nexus? Flash recovery? Busybox free? When exactly does this message show up? Do you see the rooting complete message? Is your device rooted.

      • Freewer39

        Yes, I’m running the 1.8.6 version.

        I choose TWRP Recovery when I’m rooting my phone.

        I don’t know when exactly he his showing up and the rooting complete message didn’t appear but I solved the problem by checking the “Busy Box Free” installation (I unchecked it before) and my device is now roote :)


  • Michael

    used it to unlock nexus7 and install Android L.

    Worked great!

  • AJ1993

    Hi! I am still stuck up with this error while installing. Can you help?
    Windows cannot find ‘NexusRootToolkit.exe’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

    • YoGiFiEd

      Create a new folder on c: and copy the install file to that folder and right-click the install file and “run as admininstrator”. Also real-time security/av software can temp block exe files during an installation.

      Also if youre getting mismatch errors on the updates just manually add the program exe as an exception to your firewall.

      • AJ1993

        clearly the issue was with my antivirus program blocking the installation. Thanks for the help mate!

        • WugFresh

          Can you tell me which antivirus you use so I can report it to them.

          • connect

            Hi, I had the some problem using Kaspersky Internet Security 2013
            Thank you for this program.

  • kulvinder singh

    hi wugfresh…i m new here and i appreciate you for this awesome project……..

    • WugFresh

      Thank you @disqus_CRQTel6V7p:disqus !

  • zdenek faltus

    Thanks, Wug, you program is brilliant !

    • WugFresh

      Thank you @zdenekfaltus:disqus !

  • Leonardo Floresta Nascimento

    firstly congratulations on application
    already used it to root and everything went well
    today after almost two months, but today the touch became unresponsive.
    Restarted, and so now he caught the screen with the Google logo.
    He goes into fastboot, but does not go into recovey mode … used your app in “back to stock” and then the second application all went well … but after all process is finished, it remains on the screen with the google logo.

    sorry for bad english.

    • WugFresh

      Are you sure the flash stock completes? How long was the process? You may need to perform a manual factory reset. Check out the instructions under ‘Reset Device in Recovery Mode’ –

      • Leonardo Floresta Nascimento

        lasted about 2 minutes … I will add a print to see you …
        the tablet I can not get into recovery, because when I select “recovery mode” in the “fastboot” and press power button, the tablet restarts but returns to the screen from google.
        I’ve tried with 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 and still not getting into the android.
        I’m already more than seven hours in this sad joke … xD
        The strangest thing was that this afternoon after more than three hours attempted, he entered the android, but remained unresponsive to touch … so I rebooted again … and so far failed to do more android back.
        Does the mother board is the problem?

        sorry for bad english again…

        • WugFresh

          Strange. That picture looks like everything went correctly. Try opening the toolkit options menu, then go the ‘Flash Stock’ tab > and Check ‘Enable Force Flash Mode’. Then try flashing the old Jelly Bean 4.3.0 (JSS15J). Also, can you try using a different USB cable and USB port if you have one. It could be the motherboard, but I wouldn’t give up yet.

          • Leonardo Floresta Nascimento

            And now,Like magic,the tablet as working great….after many hours im turn in on….and after his start Android and for are working… Yep…this is realy crazy

            For now…tks for the suporte!!!!

  • Guest

    I have 4.4.4 using a nexus 7 (2014). I just finally updated and I can’t get it to root. It is saying it is unlocked, as I have rooted it from 4.4.2 to 4.4.3 and on a friends nexus but using an earlier version of the program, 4.4.3 to 4.4.4. I have tried unlocking it again in case and it basically resets the tablet but does nothing else. It does go through bootloader sequence before it reloads my old home page. I have tried to root and it goes through the motions but doesn’t add SU to my tablet and no root.

    • WugFresh

      Are you certain you selected the correct device and build in the toolkit? There are four Nexus 7’s to chose from.

  • Christopher Larsen

    Been using the NRT heavily ever since I got into Nexus Devices and more recently ROMS, I’m a huge fan and I tell all my Nexus toting friends to use your software. I did however notice a bug that I can reproduce 100% of the time. Launch Advanced Utilities -> Push/Pull Files, then select the “Push Files” radio button, then click the “Push Files/Folder” button and select 2 files and then click “Open”. You will get the error that I’ve attached to this post. If you need/want more info or whatever I can be reached through G+ or Hangouts.

    Edit: It didn’t allow me to upload an image, so the error is:

    AutoIt Error

    “Line 21075 (File “path to NexusRootToolkit.exe”):

    Error: Subscript used on non-accessible variable.

    • WugFresh

      Thank you. I will check it out and fix in the next release. Also thank you for actually describing what you did to produce the error. You have no idea how many people send me messages that just say: “It didn’t work. Help”. Cheers. Happy to hear you like NRT.

      • WugFresh

        @disqus_48ZrUtddDc:disqus I have figured out the problem for that and made the fix, will be included in v1.8.7. Thanks again for reporting this.

    • WugFresh

      Thanks for info. I have figured out the problem for that and made the fix, will be included in v1.8.7. Thanks again for reporting this.

  • zdenek faltus

    Could somebody point me to the site with the custom ROMS , please ? I am quite new to all this.. Thanks

  • nirwaiz

    Worked on Nexus 5, 4.4.4 KTU84Q, Thanks!

  • Dallas Dorrington

    Hey Wugfresh, Thanks heaps eh buddy. You really got me out of a pickle. My Samsung Google Nexus S GT-I9023 died in a big way. The GSM chip fried itself leaving me with no phone. I took the phone to Samsung and they said it needed a new mainboard and this would set me back $200.00 Australian. The phone cost me $300.00 back in 9/2011 brand new. I desided that was too much. So here’s how I fixed the phone. We have a website in Aust’ called “GUMTREE” (www[dot]gumtree[dot]com[dot]au) where people can sell/buy things. So I put up a WANTED ad for a Nexus S GT-I9023 with a broken screen. I got a reply 8days later with a guy wanting to sell his Nexus S for $50.00 and it had a broken screen but otherwise it worked great. My phone was in great condition because it was always in a case to protect it. (Might of been why it overheated and burnt out the GSM chip) So i stripped both phones down and swapped out mainboards which was very easy to do. The phone I just brought had some weard Rom on it (Android 4.2.2 custom) and I hated it so i used your little program and wiped the phone and put the stock Google rom on it Android 4.0.4 ICS I then let the phone do a F.O.T.A. update to 4.1.3 Jellybean and this fixed all the things wrong with the phone and besides I was used to 4.1.3JB because my own phone had it on it. I fixed my phone for $50.00 and 2 hours work I’m now a happy little camper.
    Thanks again

  • Leonardo Diego

    your tool is awesome will donate!

  • Jim Penny

    Hello. Love the program, but I have a possible bug report:

    Galaxy Nexus GSM. Tried to backup a single app from the backup section on the main screen. I get the error:

    “AutoIt Error

    Line 18387 (file “c:program files (x86)WugFresh DevelopmentNexusRootToolkit.exe”):

    Error: Subscript used on non-accessible variable.

    ADB was working, and the device was connected, according to the popup message. This happens right after the message shows up that says “Populating App List”

    • WugFresh

      Interesting, that hasn’t happened to me. I will see if I can figure out what caused that. Thank you for the info.

      • Jim Penny

        Yeah. It set Bluestacks as the default device when the nexus was connected. Once I shut down Bluestacks, it all worked fine. I intend to convert the device to F2FS soon, and am going to be using NRT to do the flashing once the file system is changed. Do you know offhand if there will be any problems with doing it this way?

        • WugFresh

          Thanks for letting me what caused it. I just added a quick line of code so that if it fails populating the app list, it will just give a blank pull-down menu, rather than crashing on you with that error.

          Regarding your question, as long as the files you are flashing are designed for f2fs, it should be fine. The toolkit performs the standard “fastboot flash” cmd’s, so changing the file system first shouldn’t be a problem. Cheers

      • Jim Penny

        It was Bluestacks android emulator. NRT wasn’t able to differentiate between the two devices, and kept trying to take information from it instead of the GNex.

    • WugFresh

      @jimpenny:disqus thanks again for reporting this. Added a fix in this 1.8.7 release so this behavior wont occur if something is interfering with it like bluestacks – it just populates a blank pull down instead.

  • linuxbaby03

    Shutup and take my money, you just fixed my tablet.

    • WugFresh

      Nice, thanks man! Happy to hear it fix it.

  • Jack

    If it were any smoother and simpler, it wouldn’t have needed me.

  • simkeyur

    I bought you a beer! Enjoy!

    • WugFresh

      @simkeyur:disqus Thanks man!

  • Fernando Romero

    Your app is really good. It worked smoothly on my Nexus 7 (2013) Wi Fi with Kit Kat 4.4.4. However I got a minor bug: After rooting process, the Cast Screen option on the quick configuration menu just disappeared. The cast screen option on the Chromecast app is there but it can’t recognize my chromecast device.
    The fun thing here is that I am able to cast fine through the regular enabled Chromecast apps like Netflix or Youtube, so it is not a Chormecast config issue.

    Hope you can help with this.

  • Matt

    Can I unroot without a PC? My mini USB is fried and I need to send it in for warranty.. But want to unroot first. Any ideas?

    • WugFresh

      Are you running a custom ROM or stock? Are you running a custom recovery or stock?

      • Matt

        Should be stock ROM and recovery. I rooted and unlocked with toolkit v1.8.6 on version 4.4.2 and then mistakenly updated the OS to 4.4.4 and never re-rooted again

        I would run the toolkit again but can’t get the Nexus to be recognized by any PC.. Always allows up as unknown device

        • WugFresh

          Then you are in luck. You must follow these steps in the exact order:
          1. Download & Install:

          2. Grant that app Superuser permissions, use it to reset the tamper flag (if applicable to your device) and also to re-lock your device.
          3. Reboot your device to make SURE that the little unlock icon on the ‘Google’ screen is no longer there (it will just say ‘Google’ with a black background)

          4. Now once you are certain that your are relocked, open Busybox (if you have it), and hit Uninstall
          5. Now open SuperSU > Settings > Full Unroot
          6. Then perform a factory reset (this will wipe everything): Settings > Backup & reset > ‘Factory data reset’
          7. That’s it. Your device will be wiped, unrooted, relocked, and stock (assuming you still have stock recovery and are running the stock ROM).


          Edit…. Wait, you aren’t rooted? If you aren’t rooted, you can’t relock, or do anything I described above. You would need a usb connection working then.

          • Matt

            It took me awhile to get all the data backed up and I’m ready to do this now

            When I download the boot unlocker it says I need to have a rooted device to use. My device is not rooted, but unlocked.

            Any ideas how I can modify the directions to do this?


      • Matt

        Should be stock for both. I rooted and then mistakenly updated to 4.4.4 a few days later… and have not rerooted since

  • Daryle Edmond Dakis

    Hello. Thanks for this great tool. I need to ask, the Nandroid backup feature, where does it store the back up? Thanks again.

    • WugFresh

      On the device sdcard, afterwards it uses adb pull to store it on your computer wherever you specify. The default directory is: PROGRAM_FILESWugFresh Developmentnexusbackupcustom-recovery-backups*

      • Daryle Edmond Dakis

        So it stores the backup on the sdcard temporarily only, correct? I asked because I have no idea how much space it would use. I have a Nexus 5 with 3.3GB free space. Would that suffice?

  • Sakif

    I’ve installed the drivers for my nexus 5
    onto my PC running on windows 7 including the drivers for adb debugging . However, the RSA fingerprint that is suppose to show up on my phone when connected in adb debugging mode does not show up when the NRT is opened. Can you please help me.

  • kopfarzt

    Hello, does NRT handle backup/restore of multiple user accounts?

  • Dave McAdams

    Thanks for the great tool and the steady enhancements. I have been thinking of updating to KitKat with the new CyanogenMod installer. If I choose to go back to a stock build is it as easy ass using the Nexus Root Toolkit to install a Google image?

  • Prakash Chowdary

    file size greatly reduced

    thanks alot for that
    works flawless for my nexus 4

  • Francisco Pleitez

    I got this:
    fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-mako-makoz20i.img
    sending ‘bootloader’ (2201 KB)…
    OKAY [ 0.073s]
    writing ‘bootloader’…
    FAILED (remote: flash write failure)
    finished. total time: 0.077s

    fastboot flash radio radio-mako-m9615a-cefwmazm-2.0.1700.84.img
    sending ‘radio’ (54321 KB)…
    OKAY [ 1.944s]
    writing ‘radio’…
    FAILED (remote: flash write failure)
    finished. total time: 1.947s

    Nothing seems to work, just bootloader and TWRP but when I start TWRP it takes too long to start and Internal storage has 0mb u.u I can’t install a custom rom and can’t install stock rom :( I’ve tried Force Flash but it didn’t work :(
    Help please!!!!!

  • Hannah Stern


    • Hannah Stern

      Please answer me!
      Will there be ANY DATA LOSS or what?
      Answer quickkly Please!

    • WugFresh

      It won’t let you unless your bootloader is unlocked. Full nandroid are one of the benefits of being unlocked. Your only backup options before hand are android backup files, and just copy pasting anything from your sdcard on to your computer. Easy on the caps lock, its the equivalent of screaming at someone.

  • Hannah Stern

    In Bootloader 4.23, What happens when you Press „Start” „UP-arrow” „DowN-arrow”

  • PeteA

    Thanks for the program and updates, it’s been very useful, have donated a beer or two.

  • Pete A

    Thanks for the program and updates, it’s been very useful, have donated a beer or two.


    • WugFresh

      Thank you!

  • ahmad

    how do i run this in ubuntu , iguess this program deal with usb connection differently ! ie no wine support

  • Roberto Huang

    thank very much.. works fine.

  • olivie

    Thank you very much for NRT!

    It works for my Nexus 7! BUT works too for backup and restore of HTC Desire X !!!

    I love you, this is unique work!

    This is the best software, saved my data and my digital life!

    I sent you all my BTC and real money too :-)

    Best regards and have a nice day!

    • WugFresh

      Thank you! Yes, I probably should fork the backup stuff into another app – those adb backup features should work for any kitkat device, same deal with the screen recording (all 4.4 devices).

  • kopfarzt

    Before rooting I need to know what would happen on a tablet with multiple user accounts (multi-user feature)… Does NRT support backing up multiple users? Do I have to make a manual backup for every user? How would this best be done? Is there an FAQ somewhere that I did not find? Does nobody else have this problem? :-)
    Thank you!

    • WugFresh

      I never did the multi user thing myself, so I didn’t run into this. A quick Google search is telling me that adb backup only works on the primary user. I found a thread where someone said they tried to use my kit on the secondary users with adb backup and it just returned a 0KB file.

      Looks like you would need root so you could use Titanium backup pro with multiple profiles option, or just make full nandroids. I know that doesn’t help you if you aren’t unlocked yet, but this seems to be be case.

      I haven’t seen any dev/app address this issue. I guess multi-user is still relatively new. Hopefully Google will improve adb backup in the future.

      • kopfarzt

        Thank you for your quick reply!

    • WugFresh
  • marty

    hey guys, i need help. ive had my nexus 4 formatted and all data and every single thing that can be wiped has been wiped all i have is the bootloader and when i try booting my phone it just stays on the google screen. i have no operating system on it or no back up data and when i plug my usb in to my pc it doesnt find the driver :( c am i tottaly screwed or is there a way back for me?

    • WugFresh

      “Flash Stock + Unroot” ‘softbrick’ mode. Follow the instructions. You will have to boot your device into bootloader mode and configure the fastboot driver, which you should be able to do – then you can get everything back up and working.

  • Brian Arisius

    Thanks NRT! I messed up my phone so i decided to unroot it completely back so…it works! thanks once again for saving my phone and keep up the good work!

    • WugFresh

      Excellent. Good to hear! :)

  • zdenek faltus

    Hi,Wug !

    LG Nexus 5 here, your toolkit saved my phone, thanks !!

    • WugFresh

      Nice! Happy to hear it!

  • Lucas Parrish

    I’ll join the chorus, this tool is fantastic! I tried some of the others out there but none of them can do what this tool does. I’m a total novice to Android, got into this for a CarPuter project on my electric car. Then I got the added bonus after rooting to also help me with installing a custom ROM and GAPPS. Dang! I put some jingle in your pocket in appreciation to your hard work. I’m a software developer and know the hard work it takes to bring these projects to life. Even what appears to be a small change can take hours and hours of blood, sweat and tears. Again, thank you!

    • WugFresh

      Thanks man! Most appreciated. Yes, this program has come a long way from when I started it. Happy to hear that you are utilizing all the features!

  • eliran

    Great tool! thank you!!!

  • Zsolt Zombori Jr

    can’t install on win 8.1 64 bit :(

    • user

      works for me

    • WugFresh

      Please provide more details… What happens? I personally run Win 8.1 64bit. Its fully compatible. You need to explain what occurs.

      • Zsolt Zombori Jr

        error is gone! thanks for the program! :)

        • firerock

          [Off Topic] May I know I had kernel that had feature like s2w, dt2w etc but how do I enable @ disable that feature?

  • sainokawara

    I have used NRT since 1.7.8 or so to Flash Stock many times. When I first got my Nexus 7 2013, I could access it as an MTP Device. However, I slowly lost the ability to connect as an MTP Device and by about 1.8.3 or so, I could only connect as CAMERA in USB Debug Mode. I really didn’t pursue this problem because I had no real need to connect as an MTP device, UNTIL NOW! It is not a USB driver issue. It appears that some “device identifier” stored on the Nexus 7 has been “corrupted” which results in a “WUDFHostProblem” (Time-out) during MTP driver update/install. I have done several Flash Stocks but the problem persists. Is there some kind of “Super” Flash Stock that is guaranteed to update every conceivable “device identifier” stored anywhere so that I can again access my Nexus 7 as an MTP Device using Windows Explorer or other programs?

    • WugFresh

      Flashing stock does wipe everything. You could go to ‘advanced utilities’ > launch cmd prompt > and with your device in bootloader mode, type the cmd’s:

      fastboot erase system
      fastboot format system

      Then reflash stock. If that doesn’t work, its either a hardware issue, or related to something (configuration) with your comp.

  • Raja Sekhar

    Thanks for the Application. it saves me a lot of time. works on win 8.1 64 bit flawlessly.

  • ronjcar

    I am trying to get my Nexus 7 v2 back up and running. I can’t get it past the screen that says “Google”. I can’t get my computer to allow me to use any of the ADB connections. The only one that seems to work is the Flash Stock + Unroot (Soft-Bricked/Bootloop). It brings up the cmd screen and runs some things, but they all say FAILED. It tells me to press any key to exit and nothing on my tablet has changed. I have tried everything the instructions have told me to, but nothing. It seems nothing can talk to my tablet. Anyway to force my tablet to except this stuff. My N7 goes up on the Device Manager list of windows, so it is being recognized. I can get to the bootloader screen also. Not sure what my next step is. Please help. Thanks.

    • WugFresh

      Have you unlocked your device yet? Unlocking is a prerequisite for flashing stock. If you have unlocked, please post a screenshot of the failed flash. Cheers.

      • ronjcar

        It says on the bootloader screen that my locked state is locked. How can I change that without my tablet turning on? I can only get to the startup screen that says “Google” and this bootloader screen.

        • ronjcar

          I see now the unlock section of the Toolkit. I was hitting the OK button I think each time and it would not do anything. I now have the Unlock bootloader screen on my tablet and have clicked yes. Pressed the power button and nothing. Seems to just stay highlighted on Yes and does not change from there.

          • WugFresh

            Try alternate USB cord, and/or port. Or try removing the usb cable when you see that screen before pressing the Yes (via the power button).

        • WugFresh

          You don’t need your device to be on to unlock. Just stay in bootloader mode, and use the toolkits unlock button. It will ask you if you want to ‘automatically boot into bootloader’, or if your want to do it manually. Chose the option to do it manually. Cheers.

  • mikelor

    I have the same issue as @ronjcar. However when I use the Fastboot and Flash Stock & Unroot, it fails, with a “Flash Write Failure”.

    Flash Stock + Unroot…
    sending ‘bootloader’ (3911 KB)…
    OKAY [ 0.141s]
    writing ‘bootloader’…
    FAILED (remote: flash write failure)
    finished. total time: 90.760s

    rebooting into bootloader…
    OKAY [ 0.008s]
    finished. total time: 0.010s
    sending ‘radio’ (76038 KB)…
    OKAY [ 2.401s]
    writing ‘radio’…
    FAILED (remote: flash write failure)
    finished. total time: 92.640s

    Created filesystem with 11/35840 inodes and 4616/143360 blocks

    checking product…
    OKAY [ 0.004s]
    checking version-bootloader…
    OKAY [ 0.005s]
    checking version-baseband…
    OKAY [ 0.005s]
    sending ‘boot’ (7018 KB)…
    OKAY [ 0.229s]
    writing ‘boot’…
    FAILED (remote: flash write failure)
    finished. total time: 90.195s

  • Rocky

    i have used this toolkit for as long as i have gotten my nexus 4. never had any problems. until latest update. as soon as app says “rooting” after phone reboots, i get this error message “line 19433 (file “C:program files (x86)wugfresh developmentnexusroottoolkit.exe”):

    error: variable used without being declared

    • WugFresh

      Please try again. I have never received any errors when rooting. And looking at my code, I am really unsure how that error could even be present at that point. Please confirm you are running v1.8.7. Also, during the root procedure don’t press other toolkit buttons.

  • Nirjhar Mistry

    Hi! I’m getting this error message all time. I did reinstall the program but still having the same problem. I’m on windows 8.1 64bit Pro.

    • WugFresh

      I run win 8.1 64bit, and I have tested this program extensively on every supported windows OS (xp–>8.1, 32/64bit); so this error you are getting is not related to my program, but rather, windows specific. Have you tried basic windows clean-up, and maintenance trouble-shooting, like running ccleaner for registry errors. I have never even heard of gdipp until you posted that. But here is the official page for it. <<- did you install this? Maybe you made a bad install. Sorry man, but this program is totally not related to my program. That is the most I can help.

      • Nirjhar Mistry

        Yup! I had used ccleaner cuople of weeks back. BTW your program is up and running but every time when I’m trying to do someting via nrt it’s poping up but the work done eventually without error .

        • WugFresh

          You may want to clean install windows if you can’t figure it out.

      • Sheikh Farhan

        Sir i Used it Stock Recovery But my Device Still 5.68 Gb Nexus 4 :'( What i Do