Nexus Root Toolkit v1.8.2

Unlocking, rooting, relocking and unrooting simplified! (and much more!)

VERSION 1.8.2  - This program will automatically bring together all the files you need to unlock and root your device in a few clicks, or flash it back to stock and re-lock it. You can also use this program to backup/restore all your important data, flash zips, set file permissions, push and pull files, install apps, generate logcats/bugreports, and much more! With the included file association options, you can perform tasks like flashing zips, installing apps, restoring android backup files, and flashing/booting img files with just a double click! The program includes a full featured interface for automating tasks in TWRP, enhanced restore features, an in-built auto-updater/notification system, ‘any build’ mode, advanced restore features,’NRT- Live Log’ for viewing the adb/fastboot cmds that are run in the background, quick tools utilities, and tools for taking screenshots/screen-recordings.   All the latest Android builds and Nexus devices are officially supported including the new Nexus 5, with full KitKat support for all the newly upgraded devices.  The program intelligently and selectively downloads the files it needs for your device and makes sure you are using the latest files available.  The program can even auto-detect your device and build.  The main changes in this release are general bug fixes and the inclusion of Philz Advanced Recovery as a custom recovery option (in addition to the already included options for CWM/TWRP).  Check out the updated changelog for a more comprehensive breakdown of the feature set and changes in this release.

~ my goal for this project is make the entire process as smooth and simple as possible ~

Supported Nexus devices:
· Galaxy Nexus: GSM Models (both yakju and non-yakju builds)
· Galaxy Nexus: CDMA/LTE Verizon Models
· Galaxy Nexus: CDMA/LTE Sprint Models
· Nexus S: Worldwide, i9020t and i9023 Models
· Nexus S: 850MHz, i9020a Models
· Nexus S: Korea, m200 Models
· Nexus S 4G: d720 Models
· Nexus 7: Asus Tablet
· Nexus 7 3G: Asus Tablet
· Nexus 7 v2 (2013): Asus Tablet
· Nexus 7 v2 (2013) LTE: Asus Tablet
· Nexus 10: Samsung Tablet
· Nexus 4: LG Phone
· Nexus 5: LG Phone


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Advanced Utilities
1. Select the correct device and build (what you are currently running)
2. Configure your drivers if you haven’t already using the driver guide (If you aren’t sure use Step 3 of the driver guide to test your drivers).
3. If you need to, backup your important data.
4. Unlock your device
5. Root your device
6. Enjoy! ^_^
  • Learn more about each option by mousing over the control, dynamic tooltips will provide you more information, also each button displays a message about what it does first.
  • So the best way to get familiar with the toolkit is simply to press the buttons and read what it says.
  • PLEASE READ THE FAQ’s:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Great How-to videos:
Please note – the rooting experience with NRT is consistent across all the Nexus device so you can easily following along with any of these videos, regardless of which Nexus device you have.
By Babbling Boolean [Most recent]:
By DroidModderX:
By Josh McAllister:
By qbking77:


NRT_v1.8.2.sfx.exe [AndroidFileHost.come - Direct Link]
[Mirror #1: DevHost]   [Mirror #2: Softpedia - US]   [Mirror #3: Softpedia - UK]
[Mirror #4: MediaFire]   [Mirror #5: Major Geeks]
File size: 72.2 MB
MD5: 6566e166a9b2cb56513c5623c270436a

Need a simple way to validate checksums? I recommend:

  • Droid Life for their great instructions!
  • Google for android development.
  • Koush for CWM, ADB Driver Installer, Superuser
  • Team Win for Open Recovery (TWRP)
  • Chainfire for developing SuperSU
  • 1wayjonny for the Universal Driver device IDs
  • AutoIt forums for lots of helpful information!
  • copkay for his great guide on making backups
  • Ritesh Sahu for BackupRestore apps
  • osm0sis for the reset tamper flag zip
  • Stericson for the BusyBox app
  • WugFresh (thats me!) ^_^

Special Thanks thanks to Faux123 for answering questions I had about the new KitKat boot.img’s.

Big thank’s Imoseyon and Fabulous as well for pointing me in the right direction about ramdisk mod’s.

Huge thanks to admin and developer for developing their JSON API and communication with me throughout the process.  Thank you!

And a big thanks to S0up at and the whole team for their awesome hosting and JSON API.  Thank you!

Thank you to Gist for letting me store the update info and masterlist files on their site.


~ If you like my work please consider making a small donation. Help and support is greatly appreciated. Thank you! ~


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  • Robert

    Works like a charm! thank you so much, Instead of spending the whole day rooting manually, you only click every now and then to root it all by itself!

  • JirafaBo

    I installed on my 64bit windows 7 pc and I keep getting “An instance of Nexus Root Toolkit is already running…” popup warning when trying to run it for the first time.

    I thought there might be remnants of a recent rooting of my girls Evo Lte running so I restarted. Still had the same problem, and the toolkit was the ONLY thing I opened after reboot.

  • Nishant Thakur

    Wug, You rock man! Rooting was just a piece of cake using this program!

  • ameliaaa❤

    Hi there, my computers currently running 64-bit on windows 7. I can’t seem to open that NRT download file above. It tells me that the version of the file is not compatible with my computer. Could anyone give me some advice on how to get that file running on my computer? Thanks alot! :)

  • WugFresh

    Not sure what you mean. Its an exe file that works on all versions of windows. I run 64bit as well. Can you add a screenshot of what you are seeing? You are talking about the new installer right? NRT_v1.6.2.sfx.exe ?

  • WugFresh

    @facebook-1609863228:disqus Thank you! :)

  • WugFresh

    @JirafaBo:disqus maybe you are double clicking it twice, it takes a seccond or two to load. Try the new version as well.

  • WugFresh

    @bdaabde443fed10b5c13631b279596e8:disqus great! I am happy to hear it worked well for you.

  • WugFresh

    @8c3728c99a3c379262eacc739a70fcff:disqus sorry for taking a while to get back to you. Grab the latest toolkit version, and use the Flash Stock + Unroot feature, if you can’t boot up your device then use the option – “can’t boot up”; that will restore you back to stock.

  • WugFresh


  • WugFresh
  • WugFresh

    I have changed this system in the new toolkit, v1.6.2

  • WugFresh

    Yes, you can flash it with the toolkit or through custom recovery.

  • WugFresh

    Yeah, you have to use the root with custom recovery checked, that will rename those system files so it doesn’t revert the stock recovery. Now in the new toolkit (v1.6.2) if you just use the advanced utilities flash recovery button, it will also rename those files.

  • WugFresh
  • WugFresh

    It will just root your device without flashing a custom recovery. The pictures show an older version, but it does the same thing. The toolkit now flashes TWRP by default if you check that “and also flash..”, however you can change it to CWM if you want in the toolkit options menu.

  • WugFresh

    Try again with v1.6.2.

  • WugFresh

    Configure your drivers.

  • WugFresh

    Try v1.6.2

  • WugFresh

    Press the root button

  • WugFresh
    • Arturo Campos

      Thanks buddy!

  • WugFresh

    Try again with v1.6.2

  • WugFresh

    @linhongjun:disqus Donations are greatly appreciated and help with development, however I do not have a separate donate version. The full version of this program is freely available to everyone and will remain that way always. If you can support the project and want to, I am grateful.

  • WugFresh

    Try v1.6.2 if you haven’t resolve this already.

  • WugFresh

    Its a matter of opinion. I personally use TWRP, I like its interface, additional backup and restore options, and its capability to run tasks via openrecoveryscript.

  • WugFresh

    Try v1.6.2 @90b750c65175304cd87e97e88e1715c6:disqus I have revised the way it interfaces with the JSON API, I am curious to know if it fixes this for you.

  • WugFresh

    Try v1.6.2, I am guessing your drivers aren’t properly configured.

  • WugFresh

    I discovered that this issue was related to timing, it was trying to push the files it needs to automate that too soon after it reboots your device. Now the automated procedure should work without issues consistently for that build.

  • WugFresh

    Version 1.6.2 is now up. Enjoy! ^_^

  • Albert Li

    I download Tookit v1.6.2 , after open this program it say You are currently no TWRP recovery for your build in the local directory & request to download openrecovery-twrp2.3.3.0 tilapia.img , where can download.

    • WugFresh

      Just press Ok…

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  • Henry Williams

    Back up utility isnt working gets stuck on rebooting your device when the device simply remains on with no change

    • WugFresh

      Are you using the latest toolkit version (v1.6.2)?

  • alialsalamy

    my device is unlocked but unrooted can i just root ??

    • WugFresh

      Yes. Assuming you have already configured your drivers, just hit the root button.

  • afterdream

    Tried to do a ADB backup before unlock and root, but I get a 0 bytes .ad backup file. Any suggestion? Please help.

    • WugFresh

      Please contact me on gchat @267c6e15441811e18259bb767872be83:disqus I am not sure why this is happening to you.

  • nick

    does this toolkit include recovery for the nexus 7??

    • WugFresh

      The toolkit will flash a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM when rooting if you check the box for doing so under the “root” button. By default it flashes the latest TWRP, if you want CWM then you can change that in the options menu. If you want to restore the stock recovery, there is a button for that in the advanced utilities menu.

  • AK47

    i need this for mac….

  • Syan

    any update on this one?


    What about data stored on the phone? Does rooting operation wipe all data or not?

    • WugFresh

      Rooting does not, however unlocking does which is a prerequisit to root. The backup utilities work on unrooted devices.

  • Jon

    Got drivers downloaded and passed the driver configuration test and passed with a ^_^ moved on and now stuck at fastboot device not found and phone has fastboot in red with Start on top in an arrow pointing to the power button. Any thoughts or pointers? Thanks.

    • WugFresh

      Have you tried all of the pointers presented on that message? You may want to try an alternate usb port, and or an alternate driver solution. If trying an alternate driver solution, make sure to start at step#1 (uninstall all previous drivers.. etc) first.

  • Ittiam

    WOW WOW WOW…. Just works… The instructions during the course are amazingly simple and detailed… still fumbled couple of times, confirming that I am a noob :-)

    • WugFresh

      Glad it worked well for you. :)

  • Joe

    Can i root an encrypted Nexus 7 with this toolkits?

    • WugFresh

      Shouldn’t be a problem, however please note.. if you are not unlocked yet, then you will have to do that first, which will factory reset your device, and your encryption and data will be gone – so backup your important data first, and after you are unlocked, rooted, and data restored, then encrypt your device again.

  • Tyrone

    will sprint detect my old jail break? i sold my phones to some good people that need this to work! please let me know please!

    • WugFresh

      @e90257047914342ad1576408d61535cf:disqus if you used the “Flash Stock + Unroot” feature and relocked your device with “OEM Lock” then your device is fully stock and there would be no way to detect it was rooted or unlocked previously.

  • Alberto Facchini

    Hello. I followed the video. In all ok! Thanks. But now I have installed the TWRP but I need the CWM recovery on My Nexus 10 . How can I install it with your toolkit?

    • WugFresh

      You can change it to CWM in the options menu and just root again (with the ‘flash custom recovery checkbox checked), or you can use the advanced utilities “Flash (Permanent) to Recovery” button and select a CWM img that you want to flash.

      • Alberto Facchini

        Thanks a Lot!!!

      • Alberto Facchini

        Hello. I hope you can help me. I used NRT to the root to my Nexus 10. Then I flashed the Cyanogenmod 10.1. This morning, however, I screwed up. I went into recovery mode (TWRP) and I did the wipe cache, Dalvik, factory reset, system and internal storage. Now my 10 is stuck on the word google with the lock open. I can only access the recovery mode. I do not know what to do, you can gentilemnte help me? Thank you. I have also written on g+. @wugfresh:disqus

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  • NLK

    Hi, will this work with the Galaxy Nexus GSM (I9250) on build 4.2.1 (JOD40D)?
    Best regards

    • WugFresh

      Yes. :)

      • Cameron Gunter

        How? I’m using NRT 1.6.3 but there is no option to select the Sprint Galaxy Nexus on 4.2.1. I’ve already successfully unlocked and rooted and now I just want to make a nandroid backup, but NRT informs me that it can’t unless I select a specific build. The build I need is not listed. Any help would be appreciated!

        ps, this is the best piece of software that I’ve ever used when rooting, and because of the very descriptive walkthroughs, I’m willing to say it’s one of the best supported pieces of software I’ve ever used in any application.

  • Greg Thomas

    Thanks for this great utility. Rooted my Nexus 4 with no trouble!

    Not the biggest thing but I can’t restore my SMS messages. When I hit Ok the information window runs through until it displays “Pushing your SMS backup back to your device…” and stays there for too long (20 minutes now) for such a small file. I haven’t had my phone long so I don’t need these messages back on my phone, I can just save the XML file and grab stuff from it if I need anything. I just wanted to report this.

    I’m on 4.2.1 build JOP40D.

    • Greg Thomas

      Update, it actually did copy the xml file, it just never moved on from “Pushing your SMS backup back to your device…”.

  • AngeL

    Which option should I select for my, Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.2.1 JOP40D?

    • AngeL

      I do not want there to be any chance of damaging my phone. I tried to update the program, but it tells me to check my internet connection /:

  • Elio
    • WugFresh

      @fe921829d561ced08dd36a095f57bf84:disqus sorry about that, it should be working now.

  • ki i

    awesome tool been using it forever.. just tried latest version today and flashed my Nexus S (i9020 gsm) to Android 4.1.2. Everything went as smooth as butter. However at the end when it’s all done and it asks to change the version back from 2.3.6 to 4.1.2 (crespo) and you click “OK – go ahead” – it returns to the main screen but doesn’t change it – still leaves it identified as 2.3.6. You can then manually change it – but the automatic change didn’t work! Anyhows, looking forward to next realease!

    • WugFresh

      @google-01a06436c627275cf220f05d55f93964:disqus Thanks for the information, I will check it out.

  • Aku

    so i’ve got the unlock done, and reset, but now the app is sitting at “Pushing root files to your device” and it seems like it’s just stuck on that, havent seen any other mention of it though. is it supposed to take a while?

    • WugFresh

      @ae3c1f6c7272e4d4da8d57574b425c79:disqus are you sure you selected the correct device and build? Are you using a usb 3.0 port? If so, try a USB 2.0 port. If this continues to happen when you try again, let me know. No, it should not take that long.

  • Adithya Narayan

    I am trying to use the restore feature of NRT but nothing happens. I mean that the option comes up to restore. .ab file size is around 145 MB .I don’t think i had put a password. I say ‘restore my data’ and i get message immediately ‘Restore finished!’ and none of the apps are loaded on my phone ! :( I did factory reset on my phone and i have unlocked and rooted my GNex.

    • WugFresh

      @google-9fd795f54d3a8ebc60f540618e600fbc:disqus consider trying an alternate usb port, like a usb 2.0 port (rather than a 3.0 port). Also, try enabling airplane mode first.

  • Barlog

    Wug I’m trying to set up the drivers and I’m at the part were it asks to click the reboot bootloader button bellow but the window it to big to display the button to click!? How am I supposed to click it when I can’t resize the window! Help please

    • WugFresh

      @1barlog17:disqus Sorry you are encountering this problem. What screen resolution are you using, if I may ask? As an alternative, you can use the advanced utilities, quick tools.. Reboot bootloader button.

      • Barlog

        Thanks for the response, but I got it going. I decided to just try and use it without setting up the drivers and it worked fine. I now have an unlocked and Rooted Nexus 7! Thanks for this :-)

  • Bi1a1

    what are the advantages of rooting my device?

  • Tuan Anh

    Same problem here with windows 8, cannot run NRT1.6.2, tried 1.6.1 also no luck :(( Please help. The message appear directly after installation after cleaning up legacy files message…

  • WugFresh

    Sorry for the late response @scottfunkhouser:disqus. When you unlock, if you read the message it gives you, it explains that bootlooping can happen, and how to fix it. I am guessing you missed reading this message. The fix is simple. Perform a hard reset. For Nexus 10:

  • george

    which Windows version is best for this process, windows xp keeps installing the very drivers that need to be disabled. tried a bunch of online suggestions and none have worked. the disable auto drive config button is broke in the 1.6.2 toolkint on my machine.

    • WugFresh

      Not sure what your are talking about “the very drivers that need to be disabled”. Your goal is to configure the drivers.. so that they work. If they are configuring, then thats a good thing. Run the driver test (step 3 of the guide), and if it works then proceed. If it doesn’t then start back at step #1, and use a different driver solution. This works on any windows version XP and up, I have tested it on all windows versions.

  • hixel bill

    Just wanna ask, how can I be sure that there is no virus/malware/spyware included inside the wugfresh toolkit? I am now trusting wugfresh toolkit for all my ebanking password, my sex photos, my daily life, my career etc etc, thx.

    I know I should check the md5sum for the downloaded wugfresh toolkit file, yes I did.

    I really mean who can be sure that the original wugfresh toolkit, with same MD5 as above, is clear from virus etc? thx.

    PS: already installed kaspersky.

    PS: used for nexus7, nexus4. My life is in wugfresh ‘s hand, if there is really virus inside.

    PS: I don’t mean anyone contributing to wugfresh toolkit may inject virus, but supersu is close-source! superuser is open source! who can be sure of supersu?

    Busybox, however, seems to be have open source version.

    Thank you.

    • hixel bill

      I checked the manual method to “root” nexus.
      yeah I can manually unlock bootloader using adb,
      but I still have to use CWM …… which is close source.
      Then have to push the superuser files.

      will any one know indeed how can I root my nexus, manually with little security risk?
      I really need that security, thx~~

      • WugFresh

        CWM is made by Koush, another highly respected developer. These developers aren’t injecting malicious code into their widely used software. If you don’t trust Chainfire or Koush then you probably shouldn’t root, as these developers contribute to most of the apps, roms, and mods that require root in the first place. That said, if it is your goal to only use open source software, then you can use TWRP instead of CWM, which is what this toolkit actually uses. You may wan’t to read more on what rooting is before proceeding if you have these concerns. Good luck.

        • hixel bill

          Thx for your time for reply. Your effort on toolkit let me experienced what “rooting” is. I will try to find out a 100% safe open source solution to rooting and share here if possible. (In that way you may automate it and thus everyone of us can get a 100% safe rooted nexus).

    • WugFresh

      @c3f22fc0ab582c0cf2c62a63f1e14e2f:disqus You can see all the files the toolkit uses in the local directory it installs to on your computer. I can personally assure you that I didn’t nor would I ever put anything malicious in any of my software. There aren’t people contributing any code to the toolkit, its just me. SuperSU is made by elite XDA developer Chainfire, this is a well trusted developer who has made lots of very popular apps – If you don’t trust me, or this software, you are free to root manually.

  • korrowan

    Wug when I attempt to root my Nexus S 4g it gets through the process and installs the custom recovery but at that point it doesn’t actually root the device. Any help would be great.

    • korrowan

      Note that during the rooting process when it fails at the TWRP recovery and the software says ‘rooting’ that I get a Device driver software was not successfully installed prompt. Does that have something to do with my USB ports? Says that device is unplugged. I am running it through usb 2.0 I do believe. Maybe its the cable?

      • WugFresh

        @2b7fe57fb2e13490e568d320fd4547c5:disqus it is imperative that you chose the correct device and build in the toolkit, otherwise the automated root won’t work, it will just boot into TWRP, which seems to be what happened to you. You can also use “any build” mode and it will walk you through steps to take in TWRP. I am guessing you selected the incorrect build or device. Please let me know what build you have, and confirm that you certain its a nexus s 4g (and that’s what you selected in the toolkit).

        • korrowan

          @WugFresh I am 100% positive that I selected the correct build and device. Nexus S 4G d720 Android 4.1.1 JRO03R.

          • WugFresh

            @2b7fe57fb2e13490e568d320fd4547c5:disqus thank you for confirming that, I will look into it and report back to you. You can also add me on gchat and hit me up.

        • korrowan

          attempted to use ‘any build’ and it said it was not compatible with my device.

          • WugFresh

            @2b7fe57fb2e13490e568d320fd4547c5:disqus ‘any build’ mode can only be used for unlocking and rooting.

        • korrowan

          @WugFresh well it appears I got it to work. I started the whole process over again and this time it worked. Not sure why but maybe I missed a reboot of my PC on the way is my best guess.

  • pablo3423

    No matter what I do ABD won’t work on either of my computers. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing and nothing seems to work. Everything installs correctly and nothing has any kind of error. Has anyone had a problem like this? should I just root it the manual way?

    • WugFresh

      Follow the driver installation guide. You need to configure your drivers for this to work (step#2 of the instructions above), or to do it manually. ADB and Fastboot wont be able to communicate with your device if you don’t configure your drivers.

  • drdufus

    Incredible, finally someone made it easy for the clumsy thumbs to root!

  • tridge

    Where are the backup’s kept?

    • WugFresh

      @disqus_x5hDu2oQnN:disqus the toolkit directory in a sub folder called nexusbackup, so the default would be: %PROGRAMFILES%WugFresh Developmentnexusbackup

  • Bi1a1

    WugFresh thats Bro love it, keep up the good work i have Rooted my Nexus 4 and installed CyanogenMod 10.1 and thanks your for your reply on why to root a phone i know understand why people do it now and i recommend People to donate for your hard work.

    • WugFresh

      @disqus_TaU6WiRbJ0:disqus Cheers. Thanks man!

  • krunalsolanki

    Galaxy Nexus not turning back on after charge. please help me…….

  • Gaki

    For root Nexus 4
    Impossible to find manually and automatically : “openrecovery-twrp–occam.img”
    How to fix that ?
    Thanks a lot.

    • WugFresh

      @6869a505ec71d43238038a8a60603ac9:disqus I apologize for this error, its not setting the correct img to use for any build mode, or custom rom. Use the latest build available in the list instead. This will be fixed in v1.6.3

  • Defor

    Ah…No support for Nexus One.

    • WugFresh

      @c3a609e6f2e346269bd61bc0803cd62b:disqus Yes.. it is true. The Nexus One is a different beast. It would require a different process. If I could get a hold of one, I would add some custom scripts for it. I would like to support every Nexus device, and thats the one I am missing (no pun intended). I will see what I can do.

  • Nathan Walters

    As soon as I plug my GNex back in, Windows installs the driver before I can do the custom one. Any suggestions?

  • Frustratedandroiduser

    I’ve given up on trying to root my Jellybean 4.2.1 nexus 7. I have trouble configuring the drivers. I have tried all 3 driver solutions, the ADB driver shows up in my device manager, but when I try to reboot bootloader nothing happens. The driver test comes up as a fail even though it’s clearly installed in device manager… Help?

    • WugFresh

      @d167d2fc4efe4ec06ff57387edeb898c:disqus its hard to troubleshoot driver problems through a message board. Add me on gchat and hit me up and the next time I am free I will try and help you out. Cheers.

  • Levent

    What about Galaxy Nexus GSM 4.2.1 Support? I have not seen it in the toolkit.

  • Naton

    the same here. I have a Galaxy Nexus 4.2.1 JOP40D.

  • zule73

    thank u so much for this great program!!!!

  • jerm

    Will this application unlock the bootloader, and root the sprint galaxy nexus with android 4.2.1 that was just released?

  • lhs2011

    cant download the modified boot img for nexus 4 4.2.1 the website is giving me an error….

  • Ace

    Been trying to download anything from the website and its constantly server error.

    If you try the auto download, nothing either as it fails the hash check.

    • lhs2011

      same here now everything is deleted from my phone and dont want to do anything till I root it. This is annoying -_-

      • Ace

        Whats so funny is that they want people to donate for their services… they don’t even work for the free one they got! Lol!


        Server Offline. Please hang tight while we get this resolved.

        500 – Internal Server Error

      • WugFresh

        Hey, sorry you are experiencing this server problem. I am currently traveling back to school right now so I can’t look into it at the moment, but as soon as I get back I will be sure to check it out and post back. Cheers.

  • Daniel Stephens

    This is awesome, but after running the flash stock and unroot scripts, i’m still stuck in a boot loop(which was the problem that initiated this). I’ve waited up to 30 minutes to see if it was going to come on. could it just need more time? or do you have any other suggestions? after the scripts run, it looks like it’s going to start up, says initializing applications and all that, then the setup screen shows up, but is unresponsive and almost immediately goes back into the boot loop. TIA

    ***Edit: Galaxy Nexus btw. After letting it boot cycle for 1.5 hours, the welcome screen comes up and it appears the phone is working, but the screen is unresponsive. You can tell in the bar at the top that I have a signal, and if i turn the phone to the side the screen adjusts accordingly. BUT, the screen isn’t responding to my touch. Any ideas? Also, when I load bootloader and try to start in recovery mode, i get an android on its back with a red triangle with an exclamation point.

  • DJ Spencer

    Link for modified_boot_nakasi_4.2.1_JOP40D.img is not working, mirror please?

    • Ben Wharton

      Yeah I’ve found that too :(

  • josh

    i do not see JOP40D 4.2.1 in the list…

  • alludc

    unlock issue with nexus root v1.6.2 I have been having some issues. when I go to unlock it will reload the tablet in fastboot mode and after a short time the popup message will tell me that the unlock bootloader will show up on screen. Sometimes, it does. but more times than not it does not. if I try to just close down the toolkit, unhook the tablet and reattach it and try again, it will say ADB not found. So I get caught in this circle of having to shut it down, go into dev mgr and kill the device, and then go into usbdeview and uninstall a bunch of drivers and start over. sometimes I have to repeat this process 4-5 times. Any help?

  • Chuchu

    Does it support i9250?

    • WugFresh

      @4673a534f6be33b2e9055e2735c62c14:disqus yes, select gsm device and your build.

  • Malcolm Bates

    I want to flash factory ROM 4.1.2 on my Nexus 7 with 4.2.1, because the update is so buggy that it slows down my tablet, no matter what “fixes” were out there. I know there’s a way to do it, but I don’t know how. Could someone give me clarification on it?

    • WugFresh

      Unlock, then use the “Flash Stock + Unroot” button.

      • Malcolm Bates

        Whoa this was a while ago. Thanks anyways though. Figured it out. You’re great.

  • BLove

    Do you plan to add the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (P5113) as a supported device?

    • WugFresh

      @c0bdf721f3620d22e0e543b81d5cd09a:disqus That isn’t a Nexus device. I would have to make a separate program.

  • Juris

    So i have nexus 7 3G if i root my nexus i will lost my guaranie, does I have chance to backup whole ROM? and if it need restore it?

    • WugFresh

      @5ad224f0d8be81b0472b07a682192c47:disqus you can use the “Flash Stock + Unroot” and then “OEM lock” to get back to complete stock. Google provides the full stock images. Check this:

  • Jen G

    When asking me to select which device it has only yakju and/or takju. My version is yakjuux will that make a difference?

  • Francesco!

    Hello, Dear WugFresh!
    My name is Francesco. And I have an ASUS NEXUS 7 3G . I want to make the Root on this my device. I would like to use Your WUG Nexus Root Toolkit v1.6.2. But, at this moment, it is impossible. Because your Program ask me to download: openrecovery-twrp–nakasig.img . Where is the link for downoad it???………. I will make the Root on my Pc with WINDOWS 7 (64bit) . THANK YOU for Your Kind help! And: THANK YOU, really, for your Nexus Toolkit! For me, YOU ARE A GENIUS REALLY! Best Regards, Francesco!

  • Noodle_boi

    What do you mean by ” (If you aren’t sure use Step 3 of the driver guide to test your drivers).” What driver guide are you referring to?

  • Simon

    I tried another toolkit, but this one was much easier … and actually worked! Great job. Thanks.

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  • jjmmd2003

    I wondered if you could give me some help please. I used
    the root tool kit –1 step rooting of Nexus 7 via root kit but:

    I went thru the whole process and get all the way to the end but
    it doesn’t push SU or busybox to the nexus so never gets to update binary etc
    as never gets the zip files to the nexus. I tried repeating the root button
    process but it doesn’t push those files. How do I get them placed properly so
    I can finish the process please


    John M.


  • Anthony

    Hey I had a problem when I unlocked my phone and it wont connect to usb on my computer.

  • Jamesc73

    im guessing this is not possible on a mac?

  • Kangaxx

    Just wanted to thank you for this great app.
    keep the good work, boss!

  • please wait

    Could we get a progress meter on, for example, restoring a nandroid image? I have no idea if it’s still working or if it’s crashed.

    • WugFresh

      The way “adb push” works, it would be impossible for me to calculate it into a realtime progress meter, I would love to have it that way. It can take a really long time to push it back, I am betting its not frozen.

  • ramon

    when it says after the team win recovery project has opened it says rooting but nothing change and the it says waiting for your device to finish booting back up… but if i click reboot > system then the busybox installer says installing failed but if i dont click reboot > system then i have to wait ages. help me pleas ?

    • ramon

      and o i clicked reboot > system and it was rebooting and when it was done i installed busybox installer but te superuser app wont show me an app in the list??

  • Moobe

    My toolkit is tied in the updater…

    • WugFresh

      I am sorry you are experiencing difficulties, I am releasing an update soon.

  • iamafannow

    you are legend.. wait for it… dary :)))))

  • Vickle Yi

    Hey, is this only compatible for Window, because it is not working on my Mac

  • Majd®

    Hey Wug, big fan here. I was wondering if it’s okay that I recommended your tool on my blog. Here is a link if you would like to see it, If you don’t approve, please tell me and I can immediately remove it. Thanks! Link :

    • WugFresh

      @twitter-383434649:disqus totally cool man. It’s public domain. :)

    • WugFresh

      @twitter-383434649:disqus Just wanted to let you know that now I am your big fan! :) Just checked out your blog. That’s awesome, you are already making some useful gui utilities and you are only 14. Looking forward to see what else you put together in the future. Cheers. :)

  • Al

    Worked on the first try with a Nexus 7 (4.2.1) as it my first attempt at rooting a device. Thanks for providing this streamlined process!

  • Joan Vilariño

    I made an apps+data backup and took about half an hour and a 9gb .ab file. Now after unlocking/rooting/flashing recovery I’m restoring the backup, but it’s taking forever … about 4 hours and still “Restoring xxxxx.ab to your device” window there… Is there any way to know if it’s working or it just got stuck?

    I’m checking adb logcat but I don’t see any activity.. is that normal? Also, storage doesn’t seem to be decreasing when I go to “settings/storage”…

    Any idea? Should I re-restore the backup ?


  • TonyB

    Used your latest version to unlock my Nex10…..I clicked unlock, it did its thing and now its been sitting at boot animation for a good 20 minutes. How do i fix this?

    • TonyB

      Got it resolved! unlocked and rooted WOOT

    • WugFresh

      @c2a6315cfb3a31196c3f02cd07bf7d37:disqus this seems to be a problem with googles builds and shouldn’t happen when they release new versions. To fix it, the solution is simple. Perform a factory reset for your device.

  • Bob Coppersmith

    Very,very nice. After my trials and tribulations with the XDA Toolkit my Nexus 10 was restored ito stock n short order using this. Donation followed a few mintes ago.

  • Rahul

    Dear All…..I bricked my phone while trying to root it through the utility “Nexus Root Toolkit 1.6.2″ while rooting some menu opened up and I accidentally wiped the ROM along with the internal memory. can I unbrick my phone and use it as before.

    please note that i have backed up my phone data and setting before through the nexus root toolkit before bricking in case that may help.

  • Philip Damra

    Thanks for your care in helping with driver installation.

  • Nate Muench (Mink)

    I have a question regarding Busybox. Okay, the version of Busybox I have installed on my Nexus is the one that came with the toolkit (8.6). And looking at the play store, there is a newer version (with the newer version of Busybox). Should I: a) Uninstall (the toolkit version, which says it’s a signed package) and download the Play version (is there anything else I need to do?), b) wait until you bring the newer package into the Toolkit. Thanks, because I can’t find a solution via Google.

  • Joey Mokry

    i have a question, i have a nexus 4 which i softbricked, the flash stock & unroot works great, but as flashstock.bat is writing system its doing that since 2 hours is that normal?

  • Steve Pringle

    1.6.1 and current ‘t root my new Nexus 7 with 4.2.1 loaded. Had to try with 1.5.4 which came close but not enough. It did the CWM and from there I was able to manually root it. Oh, my hardware is ER3 if that helps and is direct from Google with the black cover and not brown.

  • Gabe

    Hi I’m having an issue trying to flash to stock. I have an unrooted Nexus 7 that I bought like 3 weeks ago that suddenly started getting stuck in the boot loop. I read on a forum that your software works to fix it, so I thought I’d give it a shot. When I try to do the flash it says archive does not contain boot.sig archive does not contain recovery.sig archive does not contain system.sig. Have I done something wrong, or is my problem just worse than I was hoping?

  • Faheem Khan

    in order to flash stock + unroot do i have to unlock my bootloader

  • Faheem Khan

    in order to flash stock + unroot do i have to unlock the bootloader

    • WugFresh


  • Nexus 4 :)

    Thank you very very much! Works fine! :D

  • Marty Cripps

    Using NRT 1.6.2 on my Nexus 7 16Gb with 4.2.1 Build # JOP40D. My PC is a dEll with Windws 7 32-bit. I entered Developer mode and enabled USB debugging. Put the WiFi in Airplane mode and ran NRT. Selected Backup, and clicked on Create Android Backup File. Both radio buttons under it were unchecked. It downloaded the missing files and started. My Nexus 7 does not reboot and the pop up message “Waiting for you device to finish booting back up…” just sits there. I go into Task Manager see 2 adb.exe’s. After 10 minutes I end those processes. What am I doing wrong? Or is it my PC or OS?Thanks.

    • Marty Cripps

      Never mind. I did the full driver installation and that did the trick. Backing up my Nexus 7 as I type. Thanks for the great software.

  • Moses

    Thank you so much man!
    nexus 4 now working perfectly! :)

  • Skittlez

    do you need to be on a stock ROM in order to go back to locked/unrooted/stock? also does locking and unrooting wipe the virtual SD card? i want to start fresh cause swapping from 4.1>4.2>4.1 and back to 4.2 fucked with my directories and i hate it

  • julie bradley

    This is my first time rooting a device, and so through following the guide for driver configuration I got stuck at reboot bootloader, and its saying ABD device was not found and I kept retrying with no luck. Not sure what I should do since Ive tried the troubleshooting methods. I appreciate any help!

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  • rsmoff

    whenever i try and run the exe file it opens in my office software and nothing happens. Anyone know how to fix this. Thanks

  • Home

    Thanks for this amazing software.

  • jr Genuine

    Hi, first of all I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have done for our nexus devices,

    And secondly I wanted to ask you why is the option to select “android_secure” and “sd_ext partition” in the “Make a nandroid backup” not selectible? P.S All I’m trying to do is backup my Galaxy Nexus so that I can try Ubuntu phone when it comes out.
    GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus stock JB 4.2.1 unlocked rooted thanks to wugfresh nrt. :D

  • jr Genuine

    sorry for double posting*

  • Ali Teknoali

    thanks , ,i am donate you …

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  • Stefan

    Can this work with Galaxy Nexus maguro yakjuxw ??? Points of interest – unlocking bootloader.

  • Liperty

    Fantastic utility… thank you very much.

  • mexwonder

    Thx wug..although im still newB for root’ing but using ur app manage to root my first android below 10minutes..ur creation! are Magnificient tho…May God bless u :3

  • Linuxgine

    I have a problem, since I have rooted my device, the Google Play Store doesn’t lnik it. I can install apps from my Nexus 4, but not online. How I can fix this issue?


    this is my first time using nexus root toolkit ……
    i have a galaxy nexus i9250 maguro running 4.1.1 ….. my bootloader is also locked
    and i want to upgrade to 4.2 i want to know if i go to “flash stock + unroot ” will i get the 4.2 without unlocking my bootloader …
    and after getting it can i relock my bootloader with “oem lock”

  • Hunter Hegele

    broooo you are a m4ther-f4king beast

  • Tomwalker

    I’m having some trouble rooting my device, I managed to connect to the bootloader until I unlocked it and now I can’t seem to connect to it at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • f3ell0w

    when is there going to bea support for android 4.2.2?

    • WugFresh

      within a few days.

      • lolo

        Do you think that you are close to releasing the update for 4.2.2 toolkit? Thanks!

  • Chay

    Hello! It would be super nice if someone can help me out >< I recently cracked my nexus 7's screen and it's not responsive to touch anymore. It will still connect to my computer, do you think it's possible that I create a fullback up of the apps using the toolkit and then transfer this to another android device? Thank you in advance!

  • libastral

    Who tried to root Galaxy Nexus with new 4.2.2 update? I get only constant error “ADB is found, but listed as offline”.

    • MalindaD

      I am having the same error with Nexus 4. I think it will get solved on next release of root tool kit

      • WugFresh

        4.2.2 requires the new ADB. Technically if you were to get the new adb and fastboot and associated dll files and then copy them into the data directory in the toolkit and overwrite the old ones, then it would work with “Any Build” mode. That is a temp solution.

  • Daniel Kim

    Will this work with my Nexus 7 (4.2.2.)?

    • WugFresh

      Not yet. “any build” mode would work if you swapped out the included adb.exe and dll files for the new ones in the sdk, but I will have all that included in toolkit v1.6.3 which will be ready in a few days.


    Are you planning on making this compatible with 4.2.2?

    • WugFresh

      Yes. I am working on it now, I will have it ready in a day or two.

      • Federico Astica

        Thank you!!!!

  • MalindaD

    Installed the
    4.2.2 OTA on Neuxs 4. I tried re-rooting the Nexus after the update. But it gives a error message saying ADB device found but offline. I configured the drivers correctly and used the Nexus toolkit to boot in to custom recovery, etc on 4.2.1. But after the 4.2.2 update it does not identify the adb device. I tried selecting any build also from the list but no luck. I need to get this rooted on 4.2.2. Please help.

  • Zanza Zanzara

    Can you please tell me if flash stock + unroot and oem lock will wipe everything on the device?
    i need to know if superuser and busybox are gone after this.

    • WugFresh

      Yes, including the data on the sdcard. You can reroot afterwards.

      • Zanza Zanzara

        thank you, thats great.
        i was a bit afraid because i sent my nexus 4 in for repair but i forgot to check the files on the device after stock flash and oem lock. if you say everything should be gone, it should be fine i guess

        • WugFresh

          @facebook-1544842225:disqus yes if you flashed stock and then oem locked then you are good to go.

  • WugFresh

    A temporary fix for 4.2.2 users is in the OP. I am working hard on releasing v1.6.3.

    • Ned

      DLLs are locked and cannot be overwritten. Any suggestions?

  • aaron

    they just posted an image of 4.2.2 for the nexus 4… …. do I have to wait for your update to put it on my device?

    • WugFresh

      No, if you haven’t unlocked already, do that.. (it will wipe everything so make backups), then use the “Flash Stock + Unroot” feature and use the “other/browse” option to select your own factory image package that you downloaded. Then you can use that 4.2.2 one and the toolkit will flash it for you. To root that build you will need the new adb as posted in the op.

  • hozja

    I have unlocked bootloader and root before (without custom recovery). Now I get update to 4.2.2 and I lost root, but bootloader is still unlocked. What is the correct pocedure to get root again? Busybox I have installed (now without root access). When I use ROOT button in Nexus Root Toolkit now, Busybox will be install again?

    • WugFresh

      Yeah, the toolkit will reinstall the app busybox installer, its not an issue. Once you are rooted again run the busybox app and hit install to ensure busybox is installed properly.

  • Bob_mtl

    I have a rooted 4.2.1 but wanted to update to 4.2.2. I think I ca not using the OTA so I chosed to use your toolkit to restore to stock 4.2.2 version and then root again. I replace those four files (as you mentioned in the zip file) and tried to restore to stock 4.2.2 but failed. The process stoped when it is expected to send file to nexus4. I didn’t see any file sending to Nexus4. PS. I am using a other option since you do not have 4.2.2 option ye and picked my downloaded one in my hard drive instead of download on the fly. The hash code verified passed and I clicked “OK” button. I am using Windows 7 and chosed to install toolkit in a different location not your defalt location.

  • Adam

    How do you install ADB Drivers if the Nexus 7 is in a boot loop? It is not being recognized on USB, so I cannot get past the driver installation to complete the Flash stock. Any info would be appreciated.

    • WugFresh

      Just configure your device in bootloader mode, i.e. skip to part in the driver guide that configures your device when its in bootloader mode. Then use the “Flash Stock + Unroot” with “Can’t boot up”.

  • n4

    nexus 4 update to 4.22 OTA, and root become invalid again. waiting for the
    Nexus Root Toolkit v1.6.3

  • Michael Geer

    is it possible to use this using a Mac computer?

  • Mike R. Alrich

    I just wanna say, I love what you’ve done here and I can’t wait to reroot my nexus 4 (I’m such a noob, didn’t know ota would take that away haha). Keep up the awesome work!!

  • Burçe Boran

    cant download this it says “Server Offline. Please hang tight while we get this resolved.”

    • L3H0

      Yup :/ problems on, any1 have the file and can share?

  • mickael49300

    le suport 4.2.2 pour le root nexus 7 y a une mise a jour de prevu dans la semaine a venir ?

  • Hari Krishnan

    Awesome as always. Was able to re-root my GNex on 4.2.2 (lost root on OTA) with the updated files.

  • blackeagle988

    I lost my root when I updated to 4.2.2, I wait an update to root 4.2.2.

  • SRM

    thank u nd m extremely happy !! i am on 4.2.2 nd wanna root it…….When vl v1.6.3 be released ?

  • tunguska

    Hi I have made ​​a donation to upgrade to version 1.6.8 toolkit I wonder if I get the key to make the version 4.2.2 root my nexus 4 thank you very much!

    • WugFresh

      @2d1f2669a71d93ee9298bf7c29483f3e:disqus there is no donate version of this program, I think you are confusing this program with another one. I am working hard on version 1.6.3 which is the next release. Refer to the OP if you are impatient and would like a temporary fix to root 4.2.2 with the current version. If you would were under the false assumption that you were donating to get a special version of the program, I am sorry. Let me know what you wan’t to do.

  • Melodileriyakar

    Thank you so mutch. I am waiting v1.6.3 (Because I don’t speak inglish, so I don’t understand ‘important notice’ :) ) Turkish teknopages and translate is no good. :)

  • Hans Rodriguez Lopez

    Yeah! Galaxy Nexus 4.2.2 rooted again!

    Thanks a lot Wug!

  • ChuKiTi

    1.6.3, 1.6.3, 1.6.3 !!!!

  • f3ell0w

    Thank you WugFresh!! Rooted my tablet again, 4.2.2.

  • Louise Balmforth

    I have a nexus 7 – 4.2.2. Replaced the fastboot dll’s as advised but when selecting Any Build the script fails with “This feature does not work with the build you have selected…”

    Any idea when the NRT V1.6.3 will be released, I am way too nervous to mess with this one as this is my first journey into root land :D

  • motan

    Can you give us an estimate to when version 1.6.3 will be available?

    • WugFresh

      I think it will be finished by Wednesday the latest. The code should be done Monday, then I have to do final testing. So Tuesday/Wednesday is a pretty good estimate I think.

  • Guest

    Thanks for the toolkit, very easy to use ! I’ve just one question : the toolkit isn’t yet working for 4.2.2 rooting, but can I flash the 4.2.2 factory image using “flash stock + unroot” option ?

  • Jonathan Schaibly

    where is the toolkit download..I’m stupid

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  • Avan Patel

    when is 1.6.2 get updated?
    hope it done sooon :D
    thanx developer..u rock

  • Xanthius

    try getting the rootchecker app. If it says you don’t have root then you just have to follow the last few steps to complete the root.

  • Jinda Rodriguez

    Hey wug want to first give thanks for all your hard work :-) I received the 4.2.2 update on my nexus which wiped my root. You had mentioned I could replace the toolkits DLL files with the zip file but I don’t know how to. I can’t seem to figure out on own. I know where the files are but I don’t know how to simply overwrite them with the zip.

    • WugFresh

      The files that are in the zip, are the same as four files in the toolkits data directory. Just delete the old files and replace them with those.. or copy those in and let them overwrite.. same difference.

  • Ferdi Duisters……
    Server Offline. Please hang tight while we get this resolved.

    • WugFresh

      Thanks for the notice. Sorry about that. Here is a mirror link:

  • Saber

    4.2.2 can use????

    • Ferdi Duisters

      If you download the new ADB files, yes!
      but doesn’t work :(

  • Joaquin Rivero

    I get a Android with Exclamation when I trying to enter en recovery mode.

  • shai

    we are waiting for you to release

    Toolkit v1.6.3

    take your time and keep the good work.

    • Ash46

      Hello – I’m trying to update my Nexus 7-3G device to Android 4.2.2, currently running 4.2.1 Baseband version 1231_0.10.0_1021. The device is unlocked and rooted running recovery ROM Team Win Recovery Project v2.4.1.0. In NRT (version 1.6.3) I tried to flash back to Stock + Unroot the google factory image for Android version 4.2.2 (nakasig-jdq39-factory-0798439d.tgz), but get the following msgs:


      archive does not contain ‘boot.sig’
      archive does not contain ‘recovery.sig’
      archive does not contain ‘system.sig’

      and then fails when checking the baseband-version saying required version should be ’1231_0.17.0_1205′.

      At this point, I’m at a loss regarding the Android version update.

  • Waris

    Please update the toolkit and make it compatible with 4.2.2.
    desperately waiting to root my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Adam

    Ok, this toolkit looks great and it says it works with a soft brick or boot loop. So how do I use this if I cannot set my device to debugging due to the boot loop, and how can I install drivers for a device that is not being recognized due to it being in a boot loop? Recovery Mode for the N7 returns “no command”.

    • WugFresh

      Debugging is not needed to communicate with your device in bootloader mode with fastboot. Its only needed to interact with your device when its on with ADB. Fastboot is what is used to flash factory images, so it can be used as long as you can get your device into bootloader mode. Then you follow the driver instructions from the step that corresponds with configuring your device in bootloader mode (assuming you haven’t already configured your drivers), then you use the “Flash Stock + Unroot” with “Can’t boot up” and follow the instructions to get your device in bootloader mode. Basically you power down, then power back up while holding VOL UP+DOWN+POWER.

  • Avan Patel

    does anybody know when v1.6.3 is coming out?

  • Fernando

    Hello,How can I get the donators version? I’ve already donated.

    • WugFresh

      Donations greatly help development, but there is no donator version of this program. If you were under the false assumption that you were donating specifically to get a different version of the program then I am sorry. I work hard to make the same program available for everyone. Contact me via email how you would like to proceed.

  • Pravin

    Got my Gnex running with 4.2.2. Cant wait to root the device. When is next version expected

  • Rakesh

    Successfully rooted my Nexus 4 on 4.2.2 with the instructions given on the homepage here. Thanks to the developer for including the instructions and not making a lot of us wait.

  • lupinehorror

    great work dude. rooted 4.2.2 no problem. thanks for your, continuing, efforts.

  • mpls9

    everything worked.. thanks a ton!

  • Heiko

    I have a rooted nexus 7 with stock rom. Upgrade to 4.2.2 was ok. Root is gone, now. All data and the apps (busybox, supersu) are still on the device. Can I renew the root-process with the new tool 1.6.3 (overwriting everything) or do I have to remove all the old stuff from the 1.6.2? Btw. thanks to WugFresh for this toolkit!

  • Matador

    Love the kit, makes rooting pretty simple.

    I ran into a small problem though: I updated to 4.2.2 OTA, then used your provisional kit to root the N4 again, and since then google apps have been acting funky. Chrome, Maps, all Play apps, Currents, Talk Back, and others “stop working”. So far, I’ve been using Titanium Backup to restore old backups, which seems to take care of the problem.

    When I reboot the N4, Android updates, and the problems occurs again.

    I figured the 1.6.3 update may take care of this, but it may not and the feedback might be helpful to you. Any thoughts?

    • WugFresh

      If I were you I would just completely reflash 4.2.2 using the stock factory image packages google provides on their site: using the “Flash Stock + Unroot” with Other/Browser. Sync those Titanium Backups to your google drive or dropbox or something, or put them on your computer because flashing stock will wipe everything. Then only restore user apps. Do NOT restore old system apps or old system app data to new system apps, that is asking for problems. Take the extra time to manually reconfigure your system apps on 4.2.2 like your email client, etc.

      • Matador

        Okay. Sounds like what I had in mind. I’ll wait until you release 1.6.3 to do that though.


  • Jason

    Hey, I rooted my Nexus 4 with the toolkit. When I try to update to 4.2.2 I get an error (Status 7).

    The log says:
    Verifying current system…
    assert failed: apply_patch_check(“/system/lib/hw/”, …

    What should I do?

  • Jason

    Hey, love the tool, so easy to use.

    I have a problem upgrading to 4.2.2 though. I rooted my Nexus 4 with the toolkit a few weeks ago. When I try to update to 4.2.2 I get an error (Status 7).

    The log says:

    Verifying current system…

    assert failed: apply_patch_check(“/system/lib/hw/”, …

    Should I just flash to stock 4.2.2 and then restore apps with Titanium Backup?

    Thanks, Jason

    • WugFresh

      Yeah, that would be an easy solution to your problem.

  • abir

    thanks……you are my Hero! just got my GN converted from yakju to takju and got the 4.2.2 update……

  • Rob Sznajkart

    now how do you root it on 4.2.2, I have nrt 1.6.2 and copied over the 4 files when I go to select my build for backup and rooting it’s not there, tried anybuild y/t and gives me same warning to select different rom. All I want to do is backup and root on 4.2.2 my phone is already bootloader unlocked.

  • ChuKiTi

    1.6.3? :(

    • FanFan

      I’m astonished to see how impatient some of you are ! Let him work in peace ! He says he would publish his work tuesday or wednesday… so I don’t think ask him every hour could help him !!

      @WugFresh : I admire your “zen attitude”, staying polite and cool….

      • ChuKiTi


  • ctemple

    I updated my nexus 7 tjat was rooted using wugs to 4.2.2 and my adb is now listed as offline. I went and got the wugs update but my build and android version JDQ39 and 4.2.2 are not listed. I used any build but during
    the update a window came up saying this feature doesn’t work with the
    build you have selected pls select another build or use boot(temporary)
    to boot button and a modified boot img of your choice. i’m not sure what
    it refers to.After that It also says you are running an old twrp recovery release for your build
    and it mentions two img files to select from. I also don’t know what to
    do about that.

  • srm

    my galaxy nexus is shows as offline adb status….. it has 4.2.2… maybe because nexus root toolkit doesnt support 4.2.2 ? idwnloaded the above zip file too…n have tried evrything else…changing port..resetting device etc….

  • Jsilvermist

    Wow so many inpatient’s, all I have to say is please don’t rush, rather have a perfect app a day later, then brick my phone a day earler.

    (Note: Please don’t take this as an insult, it’s simply my paranoia when changing anything on my beautiful new Nexus 4)

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  • MadBull

    Is 1.6.3 going to be today?

  • Pingback: Stuck in ABD listed but offline - Android Forums

  • Scott

    Waiting for v1.6.3

  • anyone

    Wednesday the 20th or the 27th?

    • WugFresh

      As in today, the 20th. That said, I have a homework assignment for my mechanics of materials class that I have to get done and hand in by the end of the day, so worse case scenario I will have to delay the release until tomorrow. More likely I will finish it late tonight.

      • anyone

        okay thanks for your response and your hard work.

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  • gobi

    Fix for android 4.2.2 does not work. Get the message “this feature doesn’t work with the build…..” no backup file is being created.
    Proceeded with the content of your Zip fix and overwrote existing files.

    • WugFresh

      Yes, “Any Build” mode will only work with select toolkit features, like rooting. Some of the backup options require build specific files, therefore you get that message. I am almost done with the new release so that will take care of your problem.

  • GEO187


  • MadBull

    WugFresh please give as 1.6.3

  • Dash_Merc

    One thing that was never mentioned is that the backup portion of the toolkit only backs up a single user account. Not sure if it only targets the device owner, or only the active profile, but either way, the other user profile on my device was lost. I guess I’m just lucky no irreplaceable data was kept on that user account, and everything was synced with Google. Please make a note about this in the instructions.

    Other than that, the root worked wonderfully once I got past the hellish driver installation part. I had to tell Windows never to install drivers automatically, and even so, it kept auto-installing drivers for me. I somehow lucked out, though, and got the right drivers to install. But that part took me literally three days of trial-and-error-and-Googling. None of these steps were mentioned in the install guide either. Thanks for all your hard work putting this together into a single toolkit.

  • Bo

    looking forward to rooting nexus 7 4.2.2 with the updated tool. Keep up the great work.

  • fireinureeyes

    that suspense

  • Avan Patel

    guys donate donate donate…he is a genius..donate…
    big fan Wug..your the man..
    take ur time for v1.6.3…

  • Diego Obando

    Hi, Thanks for this tool, I used it to unlock and root my VZW galaxy nexus. I am still with stock recovery, can I boot without flashing a recovery permanently and flash a custom ROM, or do I have to flash the recovery?. I have 4.1.1 official from verizon.

  • WugFresh

    Hey guys/girls. I am almost done but I am exhausted. I spread myself a little too thin these past few days. I need to sleep and finish this up tomorrow. Regardless of my ambitions to finish this today, its just not going to happen, I am falling asleep while writing this.

    • Avan Patel

      Well,you ‘ve worked hard..thanx for it…tke ur rock

    • Bramster

      Sleep is good. I can certainly live without root for a litte while

    • Goldorak

      Thank you for your hard work.

    • MadBull

      WugFres you lie to as just to get donations

    • yabd

      Thank you for your hard work. From Indianapolis with love.

  • Anonymous Android Affiliate

    Thanks for the quick reply! I swear I don’t know what I’d do without you, plus it’s all free. I wish I could donate, but I’m a student. I really appreciate the help, and I hope I can make your day.

    Thanks to you, I now have CM 10.1 from 4.2.2 stock :D!

  • cml492

    FYI: My Nexus 7 just upgraded to 4.2.2 and downloaded the patch. While the adb works, it does NOT recognize the fastboot status of the Nexus7

  • Andrew James Best

    Any word on rooting my Nexus 4 running 4.2.2?

  • Matt


    Can you add a download link on your website for adobe flash player:) I know android doesn’t support it any longer, but im sure alot of people would love to have it on there android device! Thanks, Matt

  • Guest

    is the v1.6.3 gonna come be out today?

  • Avan Patel

    is v.1.6.3 released today or tmrw?

  • MadBull

    Give as allready 1.6.3

    • Avan Patel

      U mean it’s out already?

  • ICEMANhalo96

    ETA on v1.6.3?

  • terpsmandan

    just installed and I was trying to restore my backup and this keeps coming up: adb device was found but it was listed as offline. Help?

  • Scott Morey

    Thanks for all of the work you do

  • Chavo Compeán

    I’ve been trying to root my new Asus Nexus 7 16G 4.2.2 Build JDQ39 with no sucess. The didn’t work neither.
    Any ideas?

  • Joe Paul

    Waiting for 1.6.3 because the last one was perfect and I’m too paranoid to try the temporary fix. You’re the best Wugfresh!

  • Motan

    Better to have the new tool working perfectly for those of us who don’t want to or have no experience in manually rooting the device than for it to be put out in a hurry and experience problems. So take your time Wugfresh, some of us can wait until 1.6.3 is out and then update OTA to 4.2.2

  • Barack Obama

    ThankYou the quick fix did the job “This will be fixed in v1.6.3 which
    will be released ASAP (within a few days or sooner if possible). As a
    temporary fix you can replace the old adb/fastboot/dll files in the
    toolkits /data directory with the new ones: just download that zip and extract/unzip its contents into the toolkits /data”

  • Andrew Ellison

    Hello, So im on a nexus 4 with 4.2.2 and I replaced the files as mentioned above, but when pdanet is installing i get an error- 103. is this a 4.2.2 issue? Should I use a different method than pdanet? thanks so much

  • Avan Patel

    when is the v.1.6.3 coming out? getting impatient :P
    sorry man just asking.

  • Sebbeug

    Impossible to unroot my nexus 4 actually in 4.2.2. Fix recently give doesn’t work. Thank you WugFresh for your job. I’ll donate to you ;)

  • Jordy Devoldere

    Is the “Temporary Fix” more dangerous than the regular Toolkit method?

  • Avan Patel

    The final date of the realease please?????????

  • DragonMaster

    Hey wug any idea when the new version is comming out?? i tried to root my nexus 7 32 gig with the new files provided and it says i cant do it. so im waiting for the new build i guess.

  • Me

    I got bored of waiting and used another nexus tool kit and it worked great. Had to donate £3 tho.

  • david

    For anyone having trouble with 4.2.2 actions while we wait for the next release, in addition to Wug’s updated instructions you may encounter issues with some kind of new protection in Android where you need to allow ADB access on your Android device by approving some kind of RSA key. I’ve been doing various things to update my broken 4.2.0 system to 4.2.2 and every time I plug my phone in to a different computer ADB access is denied until I can get this RSA confirmation to appear on the phone. The manual upgrade I did earlier on my work computer prompted the dialog once I got Wug’s temporary ADB files running, while I had to get through to the second page, step 6 of the full driver install process on my home computer.

    I last used this program in 4.1 and didn’t have any of these issues, maybe it’s related to a setting I have enabled.

  • f3ell0w

    Temporary fix is 100% working! Rooted my Nexus 7, 4.2.2 successfully.

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  • MadBull

    WugFresh you lie to as just to get donations

  • martin

    When finally released the version 1.6.3?

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  • JT

    Have installed the files. Would this be ok now to use qbking back to stock video.

  • Jinda Rodriguez

    Wug ur amazing,

  • Avan Patel

    i hope it releases today…been waiting since longg timee

    • WugFresh

      It definitely should. There is no reason this should take me another day.

      • Avan Patel

        thanks alot..:)
        shall wait.

      • Avan Patel

        u think u can release it by tonight??
        getting real impatient man..

        • Benedict

          Guys five words.. “Just be patient and wait”
          Wugs doing this for FREE…,so please just wait..if you cant wait no longer then just use the temp solution above..

  • Avan Patel

    release bro release…

    • WugFresh

      stop spamming my site please. Every time you do, it just distracts me from finishing it.

      • Avan Patel

        i am sorry..take ur time.

  • Benjamin Rei Rivera

    Hello, I recently rooted my 4.2.2 Google nexus 7 Device, and I don’t know how to unroot it, and lock bootloader again… Any help please? :(

    • Avan Patel

      Wait for wug to finish with the v.1.6.3 then you can do it directly.

  • onesupport

    Thanks a lot for the amazing work. Cannot wait to get V1.6.3 for JDQ39.

  • Jey

    Is there going to be an update availeble soon?

  • Tux

    The 1.6.3 version is always scheduled?

  • waspinator

    doesn’t work on the nexus s. stuck on google screen with “fastboot status – okay” message.

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  • shai

    thanks WugFresh !
    you are the best!
    i will try it tomorrow

  • Matthew

    Thank you!! I was pressing F5 on this page like for more than a week and finally I can easily root my N4 :)
    Downloading from Goo at 29kb/s :D

  • Gerry the Great

    Newbie here. I used your rootkit a few weeks for 4.2.1. If I want to update do I need to do it all over again or can I just update?

    btw thank you so much for all this

  • hugozo

    link down :(

  • Jeanss

    Unlocking was ok, after restart I went through initial setup, enabled USB debugging. While clicking “Root” it says “Checking ADB Status”, then “Connected” and after that nothing happens. Nexus is still turned on, no prompts whatsoever.. :(

    • Alex Cutone

      Having the same issue with Galaxy Nexus toro :(

  • VasyaPupkin

    Hell Yeah! Thank you! I’m so wait release!

  • VasyaPupkin

    Where link? :O

  • Matthew
  • WugFresh

    Link back up, if you had problems with the first link re-download now. Also a mirror is up, will put more mirrors soon. Enjoy!

  • Jsilvermist

    If I delete SuperSU 1.04 and add 1.10, could I make it flash that instead?

    • WugFresh

      yes, didn’t realize 1.10 was out, I will make it autodownload that.

      • WugFresh

        @jsilvermist:disqus Its done now, if you check for an update it will grab the new one. But yes, you can always just manually put it in there, the toolkit will recognize it and realize its the latest version.

        • Jsilvermist

          Awesome thanks =D

          Great work btw, comforting to have the stock kernel restore too, as I was thinking about flashing franco kernel

  • Avan Patel

    oh boy..ur awesome

    • WugFresh

      Sorry for the long wait @facebook-1197522957:disqus there were lots of new features and fixes.

  • Goldorak

    You’re the man! I’ve waited patiently for this release and it’s great as usual.
    I hope i can donate something soon.
    Thank you very, very much.
    Best regards, here from Portugal.

    • Paulo Hoeven

      pt ftw :D

    • WugFresh

      Thank you @dcbe8b2d1e73f6604af5433d3fae7780:disqus!

  • Alex Cutone

    The root button will not work, even with or without checking the Custom Recovery box. When I click on it, it will say “Checking ADB status” and “Device Connected” and then nothing occurs.

    • WugFresh

      Redownload and reinstall the toolkit.

  • Paulo Hoeven

    does it work well? anyone tested it out yet?

  • fireinureeyes

    Perfect, thanks! I was surprised that after that smooth and very quick re-root to 4.2.2 everything, i mean really all of what i got in phone, stayed at its place and after the first boot my old homescreen with all icons and gatgets showed up. Thanks for this amazing and yet simple solution.

  • Steve

    First of all, bix THX to WugFresh for the awesome tool! – I unlocked and rootet my N4 already under 4.2.1 with NRT 1.6.2 successfully. Right now I’m in the process of rerooting with NRT 1.6.3 and got stuck at the stage where busybox was launched and next the install button is to be pressed. But right before that the help window in NRT recommends to change the installation path from /system/bin to /system/xbin. My question: What is the best choice (…/bin or xbin). In the demonstration video from “QBKing77″ the path wasn’t chaned, thus stayed at /system/bin. That why I’m unsure… Please give a quick note. Once again big Thx for the brilliand work!

    • WugFresh

      It really doesn’t matter very much. The reason xbin is recommended is because it avoids writing over some stock files in the /bin directory that may be analyzed when trying to take an OTA, that said.. if you are a root user, chances are you won’t be able to take an OTA that way anyway because you will make other modifications.. its easier to just flash stock directly. I put the new recommendation in this version though, because many believe xbin is better practice for the reason I mentioned. Cheers.

      • Steve

        OK, I’ve choosen xbin. Not only the NRT is awesome but also your very quick response. Keep on going…

  • JY

    Hi Wugs , I encountered a problem when I tried to root my nexus 7 ( wifi ) , the RSA fingerprint doesn’t prompt out , can u please explain how to fix it , and thks a lot for releasing 1.6.3 :)

    • WugFresh

      Connect your device and toggle usb debugging off/on. You can use advanced utilities ‘Quick Tools’ – ‘List Devices (ADB mode)’, button to test and see if the toolkit sees your device.

      • JY

        Yup , I did that as the instruction stated , and I did test the adb status using driver installation guide too , but the prompt just doesn’t shows up :(

        • WugFresh

          You are on 4.2.2? or earlier? Things to try would be – alternate usb ports.

          • JY

            Yup , 4.2.2 , i tried all the 3 ports of my laptop , but it keeps on showing me adb was found but it was listed offline , any clues ??

          • WugFresh

            Sounds like something that would be easier to help you with via chat. Add me on gchat – wugfresh at gmail

          • JY

            Hmm , thks wug , I found the solution on the internet , it’s the problem of adb driver on my laptop , it works fine after I update my adb , thks a lot though , have a nice day :)

      • JY

        Btw , I uninstalled and re-installed nrt too , but it still don’t work :(

  • fgdfg123

    good job.

  • Jinda Rodriguez

    Thx so much Wug, great that there are ppl like u :-) when I download the toolkit the su, boot loader, & the recovery files say download incomplete due to mismatch in the hatch? I have the option to try later or I can browse for the file. Then my computer will say my toolkit isn’t updated :-(

    • WugFresh

      I am guessing the server hosting the files is getting swamped. Use the blue link on that manual download interface to download the file then browse to it. Thats what that interface is for, in case the automated download isn’t working for whatever reason.

      • Jinda Rodriguez

        U were right as always :-) I fortunately only had to do that to one file the rest downloaded fine. I backed up wonderfully and re-rooted successfully!

  • Stevenfied

    still not working on 4.2.2! Once it enters fastboot, it just does nothing!

    • Stevenfied

      My bad! I forgot to unlock my phone again, because I reflash back to stock, and it asked me: do you want unlock something something, I said yes, then it unlocked, I thought that was the thing I need to unlock

  • JT


    Just followed steps with 6.3 to bring back my Nexus 4 to stock 4.2.0 from unlocked and rooted 4.2.2. Downloaded 4.2.0 and asked for permision to continue then appeared to load the files and got to press any key to exit after a few mins and after 30mins it had not moved. Restarted phone and there had been no changes. Any idea ?

    • WugFresh

      Are you sure your unlocked? I would try the process again.

  • simon

    great work on this tool kit bro. im so new to this rooting stuff and you made it so easy. continue the good work bro you got talent.. 2 thumbs up :)

  • Terry Dalton

    I just downloaded the Toolkit and installed….I got all my drivers installed correctly and everything looked good on my Nexus 10. When I got to do the Wipe/factory reset it failed and rebooted……it has been stuck on the X screen ever since. I have tried to reboot numerous times but to no success. I have tried using the up/down volumn and power but no matter what I do it just boots to the X screen. Will not turn off. Any suggestions! I am using the new 1.6.3 with TWRP

    • WugFresh

      Ok, manually boot into bootloader mode: Press and hold volume-up, volume-down and power buttons. Then use the volume button to switch the big green start to red recovery, then select with the power button. You will see an android on its back – tap all three buttons again shortly to enter the stock recovery screen – then use the volume buttons to highlight factory reset and select it with the power button. If that doesn’t work, then just boot into bootloader again manually, and use the “Flash Stock + Unroot” with “can’t boot up”.

  • Ben

    Thank you for your hardwork! looking forward to future updates.

  • JET Wollnik

    Got ROOT again after the OTA 4.2.2 update on my nexus 10. I wanted to create a full backup using wugfresh gui. should I use the “Create android backup file” option or the nandoir backup w/custom recovery. I think the later, but where is that saved? Is it saved on the nexus10 or does wugfresh get it onto the PC somehow? Thanks for helping a noob

    • WugFresh

      It saves it on your device and then makes a copy on your computer. You will be prompted to specify where you want to save it on your computer, by default it will save to the toolkits nexusbackupcustom-recovery-backupsTWRPdate-of-backup

  • Gabriel Saunero

    Excellent job!!! I already donated since you deserve it. Still some pain the driver change in Windows 8 but really fast and easy in Windows 7. Keep it in that way, you rule!!!

  • JT

    Second try the same. Gets into flashing stock and after 2 seconds says flashed could take 5 to 10 mins to restart. Never gets any further and by pressing Start from the boot loader the phone starts and nothing has changed. It says unlocked in the boot loader.

    • WugFresh

      Contact me outside of this site via gchat (wugfresh at gmail).

  • nexus 7

    here using nexus 7 16gb wifi only.

    ver 1.6.3 is the smoothes so far, i just need to follow the notification on my pc :D

    thank you wugfresh

  • Typongtv

    You’re the man ….thanx buddy :D

  • loveqoo

    how to solve the error message: fastboot mode device not found

    • loveqoo

      i using galaxy nexus

      • WugFresh

        Read the instructions on that prompt, it provides all the information relevant to that problem. It’s related to your drivers, you need to configure them in bootloader mode. Cheers.

  • Andrew James Best

    Can I flash Paranoid Android using WugFresh? I have already rooted using WugFresh on Android 4.2.2 on my Nexus 4

    • WugFresh

      Yes, you can use the “Flash zips..” button with ‘file is on this comp’, for a fully automated ROM flash + additional options like wiping data, cache, dalvik, or even having the program initiate a nandroid backup first.

  • Paulo Hoeven

    does this install cwm?

    • WugFresh

      If you check ‘Custom Recovery’ under the root button it will flash whatever recovery you want. By default it is set to flash TWRP recovery, you can change it to CWM in the options menu or any recovery of your choice. I highly recommend grabbing the toolkit and moving your mouse over the buttons and options if you want more information. I spent a lot of time providing information throughout the toolkit.

  • Herver9

    WugFresh just two words: THANK YOU.!!!!!

    • WugFresh


  • WugFresh

    Added some new mirrors.

  • Drayton Fair

    Quick question, I haven’t updated in a while, the last version I had was 1.5.5. It used to check for updates from the help menu, but this time I had to re-download. Same old great toolkit for my Galaxy Nexus, I hope!

    • WugFresh

      Yeah, I moved the update file info to a different web location. Thanks for the notice, I just updated the old location so that it would work again for updating from 1.5.5 to 1.6.3. Cheers.

  • Old Guy

    Thank You Very Much
    Just got my Nexus 7 and have used your talents to install the correct drivers on my desktop.
    I will root after some more video how-to’s. I am a newbie to android. Thank you again for making it fun for old noobs.

  • Genomecop

    Hi. Unlocked device. Did Driver Guide. Started Root. Phone went dark and wont turn on. Ideas? Oh..Win8/64

  • Genomecop

    Ok, back on.

  • Genomecop

    seems to have finished rooting, but now the program says “waiting for your device to finish booting back up…. The device has already booted but that window is still showing…never mind…haha

  • anthony salls

    Won’t work. “device adb offline” and i’ve done every suggestion and redid the whole process five or six times now. Any suggestions?

    • WugFresh

      Tried unpluging and repluging the device with usb debugging enabled? Tried alternate USB ports? Tried an alternate driver solution? Do you get the RSA prompt?

      • anthony salls

        yes, yes, yes, and yes. ive also tried 3 different cables

        • WugFresh

          You get the RSA prompt? And you choose ‘always allow’ connection or whatever it says..? And still offline? If that is the case, you are having some weird problems. You could add me on gchat and hit me up and I will try and help you next time I am free.

      • Guest

        yes, yes, yes, and yes

  • Desi

    Hi WugFresh….I dont see the option for unbrick in ver 1.6.3… unbricking disabled in new version?
    if so where can I find older versions with unbrick? Does it unbrick blackscreen with no bootloader device recognized phones as well?

    • WugFresh

      “Flash Stock + Unroot” with “Can’t boot up/Soft-brick” will recover a device from a soft bricked state. You need to be able to enter bootloader mode (as this would be the same case if you were doing this manually) and the script will explain how to do that and everything else. No matter how much you screw up your device, chances are you will still be able to get into bootloader mode, unless you explicitly flash a corrupt/incompatible bootloader image. I don’t know what you mean by “Is unbricking disabled in new version”. Look at the picture in the OP – the “Flash Stock + Unroot” button is still there with the option under it.

  • jovian

    hello i am just a newbie i root my nexus 4.2.1 device and unlock the device , i upgrade 4.2.2 should i repeat the unlocking and rooting
    or skip the unloking and go to rooting

    • WugFresh

      You could certainly repeat the unlocking process however it wouldn’t do anything, because you are already unlocked. To be clear, unless you explicitly re-lock the bootloader with OEM Lock then your bootloader remains unlocked regardless if you update. So yeah, no need to run that script (however all it would do is reboot your phone) and just go ahead and root.

  • Stevie

    Hi mate, thanks for the tool kit! One question, does it matter if I don’t install CWM recovery? I’m not looking to flash any custom ROMs for now, and if I change my mind, I assume I can use the tool kit and do it at a later date?

    • WugFresh

      Yes it doesn’t matter. Thats why its a user choice in the toolkit. And yes you can install it at a later date. You can also flash custom ROMs with the toolkit without flashing CWM using the advanced utilities “Flash zips…” button. Cheers.

  • boxman

    trying to flash stock & unroot my nexus & wi-fi. it gets to sending system and has been there for 20 + minutes. Is this normal or is something going wrong?

    • boxman

      guess i should add its a nexus 7

      • boxman

        It also states near the top writing ‘bootloader’… Failed (remote: (InvalidState))

        Just finished and says failed to many links? Please help.

        • boxman

          Disregard I figured it out on my own. Thanks for the toolkit

  • decapitator


    i’ve been trying to do that for several hours and it always gets stuck at “writing ‘system’ …” no matter how long I wait (same if I do it manually). do you have any suggestions?


  • Prophet

    I’m rooted on 4.2.1. Do I need to flash back to stock, download the update OTA, then root again?

  • Semihs

    Hi, I’ve just downloaded and installed. Tried to get backup. Turn on Plane Mode, after that nearly 1 hour waiting. Information message is “Waiting for your device to finish booting back up”

  • kroonnexus

    I just want tot say.. Thx man!!

  • kroonnexus

    You are great man :-) great work on the toolkit!!

  • Arne Hulstein

    I tried your latest version on my Nexus S i9023i with 4.1.2 build JZO45K, but it did not root my phone. I had already run through the unlock and root procedure on but found out that that did not root my Nexus S, but did unlock it. So I decided to go with your package. However, when I wanted to root my phone, it went black while the computer told me that it was waiting for the phone to reboot completely. The phone was still on though, with the buttons still working and giving vibrations when I touched them (a setting I still have on). So I knew it was not rebooting, but it was not doing anything else either. When I pulled the battery and rebooted it, nothing had changed. How can I make this work for me?

    • Arne Hulstein

      Just to add… I flashed it back to stock and unroot through Nexus Root Toolkit v 1.6.3 which worked flawlessly. Then I tried the procedure again, just to get stuck at exactly the same stage.

      • WugFresh

        Try setting the toolkit to ‘Any Build’ mode and see if it works for you.

        • Andrey Sushkov

          Hi, I had the same problem, I just changed my device to Nexus S (850MHz, i9020a) build JZO54K and that’s it. It worked for me I rooted my Nexus…
          thanks a lot for your program…
          made a donation, not too much, but I felt like I had to donate some…

  • Hussein Merchant

    wheres the driver guide?

    • WugFresh

      @facebook-1444508780:disqus in the program itself. The big button on the main interface that says “Full Driver Installation Guide – Automatic + Manual”. Refer to the picture in the OP.

  • Charles

    Im trying to get the drivers and when Im on step two reinstalling them no device is there to check to see if its up to date. So im not sure where to go from there….please help

  • Scott Peterson

    I’m trying to flash gapps after flashing a ROM (CM 10). When I’m booted in recovery mode I can’t see the gapps file, even though I’ve pushed it to my device. I tried the “flash zips” functionality in the toolkit to flash the gapps zip and it still doesn’t show up. Any ideas?

  • mike

    For full backup oft my nexus 7, do i need root my de vice first?

  • Ian Dalton

    I have a nexus 7 on 4.2.2 and I went to create a backup from stock before unlocking, and it seemed to get stuck on “waiting for device to finish booting back up” when my device never shut off in the first place. I tried resetting it manually but it didn’t make a difference. I just installed windows 7 the other day on this computer. Any suggestions?

  • Pierrick Plantevin

    Little bug report ( occurs at the end of a .ad restoring with a nexus 7 wi-fi)

  • Bård Mikkelsen

    Excellent piece of work! Had my Nexus 7 rooted in no time. Thanks!

  • WugFresh

    @facebook-1812547660:disqus Thank you, I will look into it and see if I can reproduce the message.

  • Mike

    I was previously unable to upgrade to 4.2.2 on my Nexus 7 with 1.6.2. I have upgraded to 1.6.3 now. How do I do the upgrade?

    • WugFresh

      If your device is unlocked, then use “Flash Stock + Unroot” to flash the latest factory image available for your device. If you are still locked, you can use the advanced utilities ‘Sideload Update’ and use the official OTA update zip for your device.

      • Mike

        Great, thanks!

      • Mike

        Will future OTA updates require wiping the tablet each time?

  • Tom

    I love you man!

  • John O’Brien

    Hi Wug, I wonder if you could help me (although I think I’ve had it!) I’ve gone and deleted the OS on my Nexus 7!!. All I have showing on my screen is the word Google and the padlock image in white against a black background. I cannot switch my tablet off and I cannot boot it. Thanks.

    • WugFresh

      Add me on ghcat if you still need help @google-c683ac16463e77ba01715e42f5b19ba0:disqus

  • John O’Brien
  • Tux

    I have a question : my nexus 4 is rooted with your tool. Now, can I encrypt my phone (with the native function in android 4.2) ? If I do that, can I have issues later?

    • WugFresh

      Shouldn’t be a problem @f644b79da097101ef16463ef58cbca55:disqus

  • Dan

    This is a great utility! I’m having a bit of trouble, though, returning my Sprint GNex to stock. It hangs at “erasing userdata” Any ideas?

  • lolpeople345

    @wugfresh:disqus in need of some help ahaah… i am without the use of my volume keys… so when i go into the part of selecting yes or no for unlocking my phone i cannot choose yes… so is there another mothed or something i can use? possibly a forced command or something cheers….

    if possible you could email me: [email protected]

    • WugFresh

      I take it, you aren’t rooted yet?

    • WugFresh

      @796d097c060bdb434e1945ff96e41c50:disqus to answer your question, there isn’t a command I am aware of to force the unlock (auto accepting the unlock screen). If you aren’t rooted yet, then I don’t a working solution to your problem besides requesting your hardware get fixed.

  • Scott Fowler

    I’m totally new at this. Am I supposed to download this program to my PC of to my Nexus?

    • WugFresh

      @facebook-1673651328:disqus PC, its a windows program, hence the “exe” extension. Android apps have “apk” extensions.

  • Boris

    Dude! I fucking LOVE you!
    This AWESOME APP saved my ass after I stupidly swiped my ROM and could only boot to ODIN!
    Thanks A Lot!

  • Scott Fowler

    I am absolutely new at this. Tried it last night step by step. Took me about 2 hours. Everything worked flawless. Didn’t lose anything. My question now is….What can I do now that I couldn’t do before?

    • WugFresh

      @facebook-1673651328:disqus, typically its good practice to know the reasons why you are doing something before you do it, but for the sake of providing you some helpful resources – here is a pretty good video that explains root and its benefits: Cheers.

  • Jexla

    I just plainly want to say – Thank you.

  • film4M

    how long should the android apps take to back up? I had system apps+data and shared data ticked, and now it has been stuck backing up shared data for about half an hour.. please help?

  • Rgharb

    This toolkit is just wonderful! Thank you Wug for the effort you have put into this.
    Hopefully one day when i start working i will be able to give back to you because, you kind sir, deserve it !

  • ziggy

    hi, i dont know whats wrong with my nexus 7 tablet, everytime i try to turn it on, it turns on and after 5 seconds it turns off and again automatically turns on and again after 5 seconds turns off. it happens all the time till the battery doesnt die. i try pressing power and volume down buttom, did every possible, did power off and try to turn on again,,but same problem. can anyone plsssss help me .

    • Mack Tran

      re flash stock ROM from Google!

  • Gaurang Divecha

    BEST WAY TO DO IT!!! BEST!! A few of dollars coming your way!! Thanks a ton for making this really complex task so freaking easy!!

  • Mack Tran

    Hi Wug,
    My Nexus opened bootloader, I only need to root my Nexus but it requested me to flash TWRP recovery before rooting, will it wipe my data during flash TWRP?

    • WugFresh

      Flashing TWRP is optional and only happens when checking the box under the root button for flashing a custom recovery. The toolkit still utilizes TWRP for the rooting process, however if that button is not checked it doesn’t get flashed, just used temporarily. And no, no part of the rooting script wipes data. The toolkit has informational message boxes for every operation explaining what they do. You will always be explicitly notified before something happens, especially if its in regards to wiping your data.

      • Mack Tran

        Yeah, it worked like a charm. But I can’t see superSU app appear, can I just download and install it from Play Store? I checked by root checker and it says rooted

  • Adam Stallman


    • WugFresh

      Try an alternate usb port, preferably a USB 2.0 port. That can happen with USB 3.0 ports for some reason.

  • Adam Stallman

    Running 4.2.2 on a brand new nexus 4, followed your guide downloaded
    drivers and get the success message, but keep getting stuck when i go to
    unlock bootloader. When asked if I want to unlock bootloader, my
    phone’s volume keys do not work to highlight YES to unlock bootloader. I
    tried uninstalling the toolkit and reinstalling, but still not able to
    volume up to highlight yes. USB debugging is enabled, please help!

  • Tifa

    Hello wug, I’m sorry to bother you with this question, I just don’t seem to figure out what’s the problem here. Your program works great, I already unlocked and rooted my Galaxy Nexus when I upgraded from 4.1.2 to 4.2.1 using NRT 1.6.2. But back then when I was configuring the drivers, it could be recognized in both modes but it doesn’t reboot the device from system to bootloader mode! it can successfully boot it from bootloader to system, but the automatic booting doesn’t happen the other way (system to bootloader). I tried all the USB ports on my computer, and tried different settings on the device to get it to work but to no avail. the first time I used your program I thought maybe something is wrong here or there that doesn’t allow this to happen and maybe it would be fixed if I upgrade my rom or if you release a new version, so I used to do the booting manually. But now with the new JB and your new version, I’m still having the same issue! I’m running win7 x64 and my computer is new built and pretty high performance, my device is Galaxy Nexus i9250 GSM and currently running JB 4.2.1, did this happen to anyone else or do you have an idea what may be wrong?

  • tera baap

    bhenchod madarchod bhosdike.. tere baap ne bhi aisa chutiya software zindagi me nahi banaya hoga… sab maine hi kiya chutiye.

  • Silas

    this program rocked! i just dont know what nandroid-backups are and my apn-backup had an error but thats not too bad.. Thank you :)

  • The Mad Turk

    Thanks so much. I just finished upgrading my unlocked and rooted Nexus 7 to 4.2.2 and re-rooted with the toolkit 1.6.3. I’ve been rooting and ROMmibg devices for a couple of years, inlcuding HTC phones and my Kindle Fire, and it has never been as easy as using your toolkit was. Added difficulty: I’m a Linux user. I ran the toolkit under Windows Vista running in a Oracle VirtualBox session (working with Android devices and ebook conversions are my main reason for keeping any version of Windows around). It all went without a hitch. I couldn’t be happier.

  • Matthew Nelson

    Hello. After trying to root my nexus with other tools and not being able to go back into recovery mode, i downloaded your toolkit and reset the tablet back to stock.

    After doing this, i began the rooting process again, following everything perfectly. The device was rooted successfully and i updated supersu and the other free program that was installed in the rooting process.

    Following your suggestion, I began to backup my device. creating a nandroid. When the process began, it tried to find a fastboot, didn’t and when i looked at my tablet, it’s screen was black, and now it wont turn on. it’s completely unresponsive..

    Do you have any advice?…

  • Edwin

    Hi, After rooting my Nexus 7 3G with wugfresh’s Nexus Rootkit, I upgraded to 4.2.2.

    After upgrading it seems I have lost my root access. When I launch my SuperSU, It says,

    “there is no su binary installed and supersu cannot install it nexus 7″

    Please what do I do to fix it?

  • Sten

    Finally finished unlocking, rooting, and full system, data and app backup using TWRP option on Samsung Galaxy Nexus Toro…loaded JRO030 from here….driver install not seamless, lots of retries of Option 3, tried option 2 (worse), back to Option 3, finally successful.

    But now that’s all done, in use, finding Blue Tooth pairing to be screwed up on Panasonic wireless home phone “Link to Cell” base station….used to be solid as a rock, no problems, now loses pairing, and re-pairing fails. Also discovered pairing with Motorola “Elite Flip” BT earpiece fails if USB Debugging is left on.

    Maybe it’s time to load Cyanogenmod?

  • Milton Kress

    is not working, i can’t get none of the updates like the modified boot loader for 4.2.2. it just says mismatch on the md5 and files won’t show up on manual search on anyone?

    • sphinxs

      Same problem, and I’m getting stuck at downloading modified_boot_sujuk_4.1.1_JR003E.img step…

      • Milton Kress

        good thing, thought i might have fudged something up. Thanks for the reply friend. Must be some problems with Goo again. I remember they had some problems just last month sometime i believe.

    • osk2

      same here…can’t download files from

  • psesinkclee

    I’m having trouble updating files for the program. I get a hashcheck-mismatch at 1% download and the manual download isn’t working either. It takes me to but it saws that the file cannot be found. Any idea what could be happening? I have tried a few computers and different networks without solving the problem.

  • Derek

    HI, You are probably aware, but in case you are not. Updating currently does not work. There are no files found on D.

  • crzdcarney

    Will not download anything for the Galaxy Nexus, all checksun errors cannot get this to work at all

  • Roger DeAngelis

    Every file the program tries to download has broken links. :(

  • zorginho

    doesn’t work all files that the toolkit asks are deleted

  • Bahri Ertunc

    Have unlocked the Nexus 7 but can’t root because the toolkit can’t download any file. The NRT Download manager starts the download and cancels at 1%. The first missing file was “openrecovery-twrp-”. I found it somewhere in XDA. Now its asking for “modified_boot_nakasi_4.2.2_JDQ39.img”. Where can I find all these files ? Can you help me please ?

  • Dave McClanahan

    Same problem as others in the last few hours, files seem to be missing on Any info on when will be working again, or a workaround?

  • Rene

    I can’t get this thing to work at all. All the things it wants to download from comes up as “the file you requested was not found, let me see if I can find it for you” – which it can’t. I managed to locate 3 of the files, but the modified_boot_takju_4.2.2_JDQ39.img is nowhere to be found. Help?

  • Stevenfy

    I can’t download anything from GOO.IM, it always tells me file not found, is it my problem??

    • NU

      Try to access there using your web browser. It tells “Server is offline”. It seems we have to wait until the developer notice and fix it.

    • NU

      Look solved. I downloaded them.

  • Greg Sanders

    None of the other solutions were working, your toolkit worked once I found the right radio to flash! Thanks!

  • twig

    Hey mate,

    Just wanted to say thanks for making this awesome toolkit and that I’ve written up a detailed tutorial in case anyone has trouble with getting it to work.

  • dendog57

    Dude, you rock! Used your toolkit twice now and no issues. Just got 4.2.2 on my VZ GNex. Much appreciated!

  • WugFresh

    Are you all still having problems with downloading files? Or is working for you now? I am away on break right now and can’t access my main computer now to check anything.

  • Mark Manguno

    This is amazing. You are a god.

  • pleasehelpme


    I can’t seem to restore my back-up files, everytime it ask me to restore, my tablet keeps rebooting.

  • amit

    hey wug, I rooted my nexus 7 successfully now I am u nrooting as it is causing some problems in my device. I installed all the drivers and started the unrooting process but I’m getting these errors

    Archive does not contain ‘boot.sig’ or

    Archive does not contain ‘recovery.sig’,

    failed to allocate 456978628 bytes.

    error: update package missing system.img

    • job

      There is a little bug in version 1.6.3.
      How to fix it:
      1. Go to the folder where you installed Nexus Root Toolkit 1.6.3
      2. Go to the folder data
      3. Right click on flashstock.bat, click edit
      4. On line 8 it says call “%~dp0StoredWhatToFlash.bat”
      5. You should add a backslash between de 0 and the S. So it should become: call “%~dp0StoredWhatToFlash.bat
      6. Save the file and start Nexus Root Toolkit normally. It should work fine now.

      I hope this helps!

      • WugFresh

        no; %~dp0 gives a trailing backslash

        • job

          I’ll respond to this on xda ;)

    • WugFresh

      Have the toolkit re-download that factory image. The sig files are never included in Google’s nexus devices so that’s normal, but missing the system img isn’t.

  • Rafael Pernia

    I had my N7 unlocked and rooted but lost the root with the last update. Now Im trying this toolkit and it makes me download a recovery and a modified boot… what does those things do?

    • WugFresh

      Modified boot is booted temporarily to enable running privileged commands so the toolkit can perform the automated operation and the recovery is also used temporarily to flash certain zip files to complete the root procedure. If you check the box to also flash custom recovery then the custom recovery will also get flashed to your devices recovery partition so that you can access it without the toolkit/computer.

  • joey

    rooted my nexus….
    thank you

  • Eric

    i really need my nexus 7 working again it reboots me every time i start it ill get to the home screen and it will tell me its upgrading apps then shutdown. I really need you to fix the links otherwise i have just a $600 piece of shit

    • WugFresh

      What links are you referring too? What is your problem explicitly? To restore a device in that state, use flash stock + unroot with “can’t boot up”

  • Usuppue

    have you solved the problem?

  • help

    hey im trying to unroot then reroot because i apparently messed up on my original rooting and my super user wasn’t “installed” after 4.2.2

    how long does it take to unroot because “i’m stuck at “sending ‘system’ …”

  • blackbox

    Backed up my sms messages via toolkit, and folder was created so I’ve verified that I clicked the action, but unable to restore sms messages to nexus 4. Any ideas on what I may be missing, or if this is a bug? Thanks in advance.

  • Jason Eller

    I’m on 4.2.2 and I’m trying to back up before rooting, but every time I try to initiate the backup my device doesn’t reboot. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Grant Smith

      If you are still stuck w/ this issue: I had the same problem until I used the “Full Driver Installation Guide…” on the top right corner of the tookit. I had to go through all the steps 4 times before the drivers finally stuck and was able to perform the backups. Also when you do the driver updates and if windows says “We found a more current driver” just proceed to the next step.

  • id52b3

    Hey guys, I need help here. I’m at the last part of Full Driver Configuration. I clicked on Full Driver Test and it seems that the program have stop running. Is there any other way to know if I have successfully install the driver without going through the test? All I see now is “Checking ADB Status”

  • witchrider

    I can’t get the SMS backup/restore to work. I backed up before root. After root, I tried to restore it to my phone (Nexus 4). The toolkit says the backup was pushed to phone and to open the app on the phone and press “restore”, but when I do that, the app says “could not find any backup file in the /storage/sdcard0/smsbackuprestore folder”. Any reason as to why this happened? It’s really important that this restore works

  • witchrider

    i did the sms backup before rooting my nexus 4 and when i went back after to restore, the sms backup and restore app couldn’t find the back up files… any reason why this happened? the backup folder even says the date and time of when i made it, but the folder is empty. it’s really important that i get those messages back… any help would be appreciated. thank you

    • WugFresh

      If the folder is empty, the backup doesn’t exist. Did you do a data/media backup as well. If so you may be in luck and have the backup.

  • QuietSeditionist

    Wug, can I use this to backup my stock Nexus, and then restore that backup after flashing CM? Or does it only work to restore to the same ROM?

  • state-it

    Hi there,

    New to this type of Root…

    Is the ‘unlock’ stage w.r.t. unlocking from carrier? I bought the phone from Google Store, so it is unlocked in this respect.

    Is this what the ‘unlock’ (and hence’ wipe’) bit of the Root Kit is about? Do I instead just proceed to the ‘Root’ part?

    Both phones I’ve rooted before (SGS & SGS2) have been carrier unlocked from the start. Dpn’t want to have to wipe the Nexus 4 unless totally necessary.



    • WugFresh

      The unlock in this toolkit is not a carrier unlock, but rather a bootloader unlock, which allows the low level access necessary to root these devices. Unlocking wipes, so unfortunately wiping is a prerequisite to rooting.

      • Edu


        After i configure the drivers i get stuck on ‘waiting for device to reboot’. I have tried all 3 methods with the same result. Does this mean the drivers are not compatible or what could be the problem.

        I am using a galaxy nexus running on 4.2.2.


  • Hasan Osman

    Hi WugFresh

    is it possible to post transcription of “Nexus 7 One Click Root Nexus Toolkit Wugfresh Super Easy Guide”

    English is not my mother tongue and for me it is very difficult to understand

    Thank you from bottom of my heart

  • Joanna Poon

    Thank you! I rooted my Nexus 7 last night. Root Check says it is rooted successfully, but I was actually stuck at the last step: Waiting for your device to finish booting. It booted, but the toolkit program was stuck.

    Also I tried to use the backup utilities today, and again it’s stuck at the same message, and the nexus is not rebooting (meaning not backing up etc, as if nothing happened). Please advise?


    • Joanna Poon

      Using another PC I am now able to backup!

  • valence23e

    hopefully it gets ported on linux. :)

  • spyderperry

    Thanks Wug….I somehow had managed to Brick my galaxy nexus and you rescued me….I will be making a donation….thanks

  • jay

    so if im on 4.2.2 verizon. will this root program work for me? i dont know what to select at the build type. 4.2.2 is not there

  • Dave

    After the OTA to 4.2.2 for Verizon galaxy nexus my apps restore hangs waiting for the phone to boot up. Nandroid restore goes through the motions but does not restore anything. SMS and Call restore does work. Looking at having to re-install everything again as this same thing happened with the last OTA update. Also, there is not support for Verizon galaxy nexus with 4.2.2?

  • wazy

    great work

  • Shalev

    What does the backup option backups? The whole device (Apps, Data, Pictures etc.)?

  • pflave

    After using this to root my GN and NS4G, USB debugging doesn’t work, anybody else experience this issue? And how do I get it back?

  • Edu


    After i attempt to configure the drivers i get stuck on ‘waiting for device to reboot’. I have tried all 3 methods with the same result. Does this mean the drivers are not compatible or what could be the problem.

    I am using a galaxy nexus running on 4.2.2.


    • Edu

      Hi again,

      I finally managed after a few tries and once the drivers were installed correctly the unlocking and rooting went by without a hitch.

      Great work developing this toolkit, your efforts are very much appreciated.

  • Jason Weeks

    Where is the exe to install the toolkit onto my computer. I cannot find it on this page? Thanks

  • Jason

    Damn, well that was easy. Thanks

  • Gannu

    thank you your software helped me a lot

  • a

    i accidentally installed junefabric and now it wont let me change it to not allow

    • WugFresh

      In windows > control panel > add/remove programs > uninstall junefabric

  • Kevan Bayne

    this worked perfectly to get two LG Nexus 4′s rooted. thank you for all the hard work, hopefully someday manufacturers will realize that rooting your phones should be a 1-click option in the settings – it shouldn’t require a half dozen special programs and drivers

  • Yahyaa Bham

    hey,what happens when during unlock bootloader process, you turn the device off when it gets stuck booting back up.
    coz thats what i did and i cant turn itback onn!!!

    • WugFresh

      Did you get this resolved? You just need to perform a factory reset. I will include instructions for this in the next release.

  • John

    Hi, I keep getting stuck trying to root my Verizon Galaxy Nexus running 4.2.2. After I slide to flash and then reboot my computer does not recognize that it has rebooted. Information: Waiting for your device to finish booting back up. I hope someone can help, I don’t know what else to do.

  • Mason

    I get a “can’t access update server” message whenever the updater tries to run. Tried disabling firewalls, still doesn’t work. Using Wndows 8 64bit.

  • Terry

    OK, what am I missing here? I just installed 1.6.3 but I don’t see support for 4.2.2 (JDQ39) on my Galaxy Nexus.

    • Terry

      CDMA/LTE Verizon

      • WugFresh

        @863bbb0724e5d63df42ea278f07d49e6:disqus I am looking into it. The masterlists are not updating for everyone. v1.6.4 is almost ready though with a fix and more – so no worries. In the meantime, you can use ‘Any Build’ mode.

  • Samdroid

    @WugFresh I know you probably hear this a lot, but I don’t think the community can thank you enough for all your hard work on this project. We really do appreciate it. From Canada with lots of android love.

    • WugFresh

      Thank you @6d1269a88dcceeff55dec5b4c7f3b618:disqus!

  • Zachary Lansangan

    Do I need any other applications for this to work? And do I need to turn off my phone first before doing this? I’m a total root noon at this

    • WugFresh

      No, just install this and follow the instructions above.

  • tony

    you’re awesome

    good work!

  • Lister Belfast

    Rooted my Nexus 7 and it all went fine.

    Having never used TWRP I thought I would check it out and boot into revovery; however all it shows is an android lying on it’s back with a red triangle.

    • WugFresh

      Sounds like you didn’t flash custom recovery when rooting. The rooting process uses TWRP temporarily, but unless you check the box the flash customer recovery under the root button, then it won’t. That screen your described is the standard android pre-screen to the stock recovery. Simply short press all three buttons (VOL UP+DOWN +Power) to see the stock recovery menu. If you wan’t to flash custom recovery, re-root with that checkbox checked, or use advanced utilities “Flash to Recovery” button.

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  • David R

    I happen to notice that JDQ39 for SCH-I515 (VZW) is not listed. Will anybuild work, or is their an update coming?

    • WugFresh

      Anybuild will work, and yes an update is also coming. That build should list without me releasing the update, but I am pretty sure I figured out why the masterlists are not updating for everyone. 1.6.4 will have this fix and more. For now, to root, go ahead and use anybuild mode.

  • abcd

    thank you kind sir. you are simply awesome, and may God bless you and your other en devours

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  • Omega223

    I have a GNex on Cyanogen trying to flash to stock on Win 7, and I can’t get past the startup guide because drivers will never install properly to allow fastboot. Does anyone else have this issue? As far as I can tell this program is completely broken for me, are there other options to flash to stock?

    • WugFresh

      No matter what method you use, whether it be this toolkit or manually through adb/fastboot – you will still need to successfully configure your drivers. The guide provides three potential solutions and walks you through every step. The program is not “broken”, nor are the drivers part of my code – they are provided by Goolge/Samsung – I just explain how to properly install them. Good luck getting them configured. Report back if you still can’t figure it out.

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  • Richard Thompson

    I am lost looking for where to download the toolkit and all I find is advertising for yahoo toolbars and all other stuff where am I to be looking

  • Flex

    Hey wugs how can i delete the files in /!ReadyToFlash/ once ive flashed em?

  • Carsten

    Hi, I did already the unlock and root on my Nexus7 for the 4.2.1, this worked fine. Now I tried to downgrade my nexus 7 from 4.2.1 to 4.1.2. This failed at the momet the system is send to the device. (too many open files…)

    Now the nexus is somewhere and nothing start up. Anytime it failed with the error.

    I am using a windows XP client with the nda driver installed.

    Any hints for fixing my nexus?


    • carsten

      Luck, thanks to custom recovery i am back on unlocked & rooted 4.2.1 Nexus. Now I tried to change the driver from NDA to RAW. But nothing changed. At the beginning sending the system to the device I see on the memory that it works but after a few seconds nothing happened anymore.

      Than I have to switch back the bootloader and afterwards custom recovery.

      Any idea why the downgrade does not work, because of too many open files at the moment of sending the system?

      • Carsten

        I had to use a complete new XP System based on VMware speed enough memory and it works now.
        Thanks for the great tool

  • Paulo Pavačić

    Windows wont detect my phone when in bootloader mode, but it detects it normally when it is on.

    • Paulo Pavačić

      Solved. Plugging it to back USB port worked :)

  • 2baba

    Thanks for this excelent program.
    I’ve already unlock and rooted my nexus, but i cannot enter in recovery mode.
    When i try to do that it apear a dead Android with a red triangle.
    Can you please tell me what to do so i remove that red triangle.
    Thanks and sorry for the poor english.

  • Adriano Gobbo

    Hi, I have a Nexus 4 and I root it using the toolkit, but now I’m having signal loss problems with a high frequency… what can I do? (i already checked the SIM card, with another SIM… it’s the phone… I uninstalled the snapdragon battery guru and it helped a little, but it’s still dropping…)

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  • Walt (Anchorage)

    I have a Nexus 7 running 4.2.2. I have downloaded NRT_v1.6.3.sfx-1, 2 and 3. When I try to open each one I get a message: “Cant open file”.

  • FF

    My Nexus 7 keeps stuck on x screen what can i do?

  • David Rando

    when will will the tool kit support toro 4.2.2

    • WugFresh

      The second I have a little time to compile v1.6.4 into a package and push the update. Unfortunately right this moment I am really swamped with work as I am senior and still have a lot of work to do on my thesis. I will try my best to allocate some time asap.

      • David Rando

        thank you, good luck with school, that should be your priority

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  • Chris Ault

    I think that I may be stupid…. Can i use this toolkit to root my vzw jdq39 i515?

  • Jon

    I have a verizon wireless galaxy nexus 1515.10 and running android 4.2.2 build JDQ39. When I start up the toolkit I don’t see that build available to select for my type of phone. I see JDQ39 available to select for a nexus 4 but not for the verizon wirless galaxy nexus. Is there another setting I can use or anyway I can root my phone?

    Thank you so much, this tool kit is awesome!

  • marco

    hi there, i have a problem with your program, i followed your suggestion to unlock the nexus but after pressed unlock, its stoped and now i can t reboot the tablet, i just can see all the times the logo google .

    I tried to go in the recovery mode pressing vol + – and power and i see google logo and the small robot with a red triangle. Stop. I can t do more that this.. Cant go on in any way. Do you have any suggestions???

    [email protected] is my email and rayn1981 is my skype. write me if you can … thank you

  • xxSAKISxx

    just one question. i hear and read about clean install of a rom that mean format system wipe cache /dalvik and all this and i whant to ask if with the toolkit can this ne done.

  • arman

    when i clock to back up, it says that it is rebootinng the nexus 7 when its actually doing nothing D: please help i have been stuck for a long time

  • PeteA

    Tried to unlock my stock 4.2.2 galaxy nexus cdma/toro and didn’t not have any luck. I didn’t have an option for 4.2.2 after i selected my phone model, and it didn’t work when I tried any build. Any suggestions??

  • kwinsett

    I’m having the same issue as Alberto Facchini. Now my 10 is stuck on the word google with the lock open. I can only access the recovery mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • WugFresh

      To factory reset a Nexus 10:
      1. Properly and completely turn off your device.
      2. Press and hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power keys until the device powers on. You should see an image of an Android lying on its back – and a big green START – this is bootloader mode.
      3. Press Volume Down until the screen displays the big red “Recovery mode.”
      4. Press the power button to restart into “Recovery mode.” You should see an image of an Android with a Red triangle after a few minutes.
      5. Tap Volume Up key while pressing and holding the Power button.
      6. Use the volume keys to scroll to “wipe data/factory reset” and press Power to comfirm.
      7. Use the volume keys to scroll to “Yes – erase all user data” and press Power to confirm.
      8. Your device will reboot itself after the data wipe completed.

      This should fix your problem. If not, use the toolkits “Flash Stock + Unroot” with “Can’t boot up” option.

  • Rox

    why do I keep gettin this error?
    Extracting files to “C:Program Files (x86)WugFresh Development” folder
    CRC failed in dataDriversSamsung_DriversSamsung_Drivers.exe

    Unexpected end of archive

    • WugFresh

      I am guessing that you have an incomplete download. Please hashcheck the file when its finished downloading or at least check the file size to make sure it matches. Can you tell me which link you are using? What browser you are using?

  • neri

    I cannot download this, my antivirus keeps telling me that it’s a virus and won’t let me run it.

    • WugFresh

      So add temporarily disable your antivirus, or add an exception to its whitelist. You should also report the false flag to your antivirus provider so they can review the file more closely and add it to their white list database. Some antivirus programs seem wrongly flag my program, if you submit the report they will end up removing it.

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  • DCAzrael

    Awesome tool.
    As I am a tech guy, it was really easy to understand, but even for non tech people, it will be easy. I really liked the tool tips, because they made it SUPER easy, if I was unsure..
    Thanks for your hard word.

    • WugFresh

      Thank you @c1512731c90a8fe5451b76c57d408c19:disqus and thanks for your comments on the tooltips.. those took me forever… Lol. I am happy to hear they are useful. :)

  • klrock

    Using version 1.6.3 on Nexus 7 4.2.2. All goes well until the second device reboot in the Root section. The Nexus reboots fine but the status window shows “Waiting for your device to finish booting back up…” Retried the Root section with the same result. Cant get past the second device reboot. Hoping for an answer when you are Wugfresher.

    • WugFresh

      I am guessing that you selected the wrong device or build. Make sure that you select the write Nexus7 (Wifi or 3G)

      • Guru

        Hi, I am facing the same problem. I am sure I that I have selected the right device Nexus7 (Wifi) and the correct build 4.2.2 JDQ39. Status “Waiting for deive to finish booting back” does not disappear after device reboot. Please help.



  • Andrew Thall

    In the future, would you be able to allow us to choose the kernel that is installed in the root?

    • WugFresh

      I am not sure what you are talking about, your phrasing doesn’t make sense. Do you mean, install custom kernels? You can already with the toolkits advanced utilities flash to boot button. Or if the kernel comes in flashable zip format, then you can use flash zips button.

  • Phu T. Tran

    Thanks man :) Best software ever

  • sataniccrow

    Everything worked without flaw. Your sw has been really helpful. Thanks a lot

    • sataniccrow

      Just to add some detail about my exp:
      - Nexus 4
      - Android stock 4.2.2

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  • Helios

    Hi if I rooted with this toolkit and forgot to check the custom recovery, can I still flash a custom recovery with this toolkit even though I already rooted?

    • WugFresh

      Yes. You can just check it and root again, or use the flash to recovery button in advanced utilities to flash any recovery img you want.

  • Grobi

    I appreciate your great work but I have run into trouble using Nexus Toolkit 1.6.3 on Windows 8. In order to revert the Nexus 4 to stock mode the custom driver installation was mandatory. I was using method 3 as advised but soon after the installation I encountered several BSOD´s, each occuring after 15 sec of system usage. That is not cool! I was forced to recover the system :(
    I am using a Samsung Ultrabook.

    • WugFresh

      I am sorry that you experienced that, but I have a hard time believing that the two are directly related. The driver solution you used installs the drivers Google provides in the SDK, nothing that I made or modified. I am using Windows 8 and don’t have problems. Maybe you should try the drivers Koush just released. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to troubleshoot exactly what caused your BSOD. Windows dumps information when that happens so you can find out what act caused it.

  • Fredy

    I cannot find my build number (JDQ39), will the option any build still work? I plan on rooting it and loading a custom rom for it. I am fairly new to this.

  • Kip Anderson

    Fantastic tool. $10 sent your way. Thanks!

  • oktoberhase

    Hello !

    Please add
    one small sentence to your Help-Instructions:

    On the Nexus4 you have to switch over from MTP (default) to PTP to make the Drivers work.
    As a totally beginner I dindn’t know this and I was already a little deperate because it didn’t work….

  • oktoberhase

    Hello !

    Please add
    one small sentence to your Help-Instructions:

    On the Nexus4 you have to switch over from MTP (default) to PTP to make the Drivers work.
    As a totally beginner I dindn’t know this and I was already a little deperate because it didn’t work….

  • Amit Johar

    it doesn’t work. its a failure. the drivers for nexus are just not there. the device manager consistently keeps showing yellow mark devices for android and “mass storage”. This is where the problem is. None of the USB drivers are manufactured by LG and their official website has no driver downloads. 3rd party drivers do not work and never will. I have rooted 3 android phones before but their manufacturers had official driver download section on their webpage. LG lacks it for nexus.

  • Bob

    How do i uninstall the nexus root toolkit since i dont need it anymore?

    • WugFresh

      It comes with an uninstaller. You will find a link to it in your start menu folder, or the actual exe in the toolkit directory.

  • Vini Vi

    hey, I`m trying to take my phone back to stock, because I accidentaly updated the software and the phone is not turning on any more, I just try to, but it starts to reset or something, I don`t realy know what is happening he just don`t turn on, he is on 4.1.1 and I want to go back to 4.0.1, but now that he don`t turn on I can`t turn the debugging on, so i tried to flash stock in soft brick, but first i had to install the driver and that was the problem, I don`t know what path I have to copy to install the driver. Any one can help? its a galaxy nexus

  • Lindsay Tupper-Creed

    You have clearly put alot of effort into this!
    Good Job Wugfresh

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  • DanR

    Great work!!!

    Is there a clear resolution for Nexus 4 on 4.2.2 getting into a loopboot ?


  • pkvats

    nice work buddy. but i am having trouble getting rooted. i unlocked and then tried rooting but the process stops with the ‘Team win recovery project screen’ on my nexus s (i9023 4.1.2 JZO54K )and “waiting for your device to finish booting back up” on my laptop. i wated for approximately 20 min for things to progress but it stopped there.

  • Danr

    At the end of a successful “full driver test” the program boots up Nexus 4 but a message remains “Waiting for your device to finish booting back up” long after the phone is up and working normally. Only after terminating the adb process in WIN7 task manager the message disappears and replaced by a “success” message. Will this affect the ‘unlock’ or the ‘root’ operations ?

  • Ferp

    Every time I try to restore, my Nexus 10 reboots its self during the restore. I don’t know what to do.

  • RandomScrub

    How would one go about updating a 4.1.2 Nexus 7 to 4.2.2? Would it just be a matter of flashing into system?

  • Marcus

    Is there any way to backup the app data e.g. save games, without rooting first?

    • rr3bot

      Carbon on play store

  • Jeff

    Hey Wug.. im having trouble rooting my Galaxy Nexus (GSM). Followed all steps and got the unit Unlocked but When I root it gets stuck on Black screen w/ White Google and lock key. So i remove the battery and start over again, same result. Is there anything else i can do to root, or at least remove SIM lock? Any help would be greatly appreciated.. thanks!

  • Quincy Williams

    Hey is there anyway to update from 1.5 to 1.6 instead of having to re download?

  • ThatPerson

    I am trying to make a backup of my nexus 7 and it says it will reboot but my tablet never turns off. Can i have some help

  • ThatPerson

    I fixed it thanks for the root program!

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  • Ash46

    Hello – I’m trying to update my Nexus 7-3G device to Android 4.2.2, currently running 4.2.1 Baseband version 1231_0.10.0_1021. The device is unlocked and rooted running recovery ROM Team Win Recovery Project v2.4.1.0. In NRT (version 1.6.3) I tried to flash back to Stock + Unroot the google factory image for Android version 4.2.2 (nakasig-jdq39-factory-0798439d.tgz), but get the following msgs:


    archive does not contain ‘boot.sig’
    archive does not contain ‘recovery.sig’
    archive does not contain ‘system.sig’

    and then fails when checking the baseband-version saying required version should be ’1231_0.17.0_1205′.

    At this point, I’m at a loss regarding the Android version update.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    • WugFresh

      disregard the sig file warnings, this will always happen since google doesn’t include sig files in the factory image packages since they are not needed with an unlocked bootloader which is a prerequisite for flashing imgs. The rest of the error is telling you the problem. The flashing process is expecting a different baseband. Go ahead and unzip the 4.2.2 factory image package (.tgz file) with a program like 7zip, and then use the toolkits advanced utilities flash to baseband/radio to flash radio.img to your device. Then try reflashing stock again. Cheers.

      • Ash46

        Thanks, will give this a try. Is this happening because my current image is not stock (running version which allows my N7 tethering and hotspot.

        Also, once I get stock 4.2.2 on the device, I will presumably need to reflash the stock framework-res.apk to get tether/hotspot option back.

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  • alex

    How do I make a Nandroid backup on the Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.2.2 JDQ39?

  • alex

    How do I make a Nandroid backup on the Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.2.2 JDQ39?

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  • poly

    i have problem with ADB checking ..


    ADB checking …….. -> fount not driver … help me please

  • Trevor Platt

    If you get stuck at bootloader Booting modified img. Check to make sure you are using the right MODEL type. Just a little tip from expirience. Oops. But other than that this worked like a charm

  • WugFresh

    what file are you referring to specifically? Can you provide more details?

  • Paul Bart


    When I went to do my Nexus 10 tablet after I have performed the steps in the first part of the process I am able to get to the “Google and unlocked Lock” screen and from there I am able to get to the Android system recovery screen and from there to do Wipe data / Factory reset. However when I reboot, I simply go back to the “Google and unlocked lock” screen again.

    I am able to repeat these steps.

    It would seem to me that currently there is is no OS on the device.

    The Nexus root kit program complains that it cannot find the ADB device and ask to enable the USB debugging, but that is not possible as to OS is not running.

    Any help greatly appreciated.


  • Cameron Bolender

    HI, Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, with stock 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Which ROM build do I choose? The one labelled ‘Custom ROM – JB’ or another? Thanks!

  • Dale Gregory

    Hi Wug! Any word on when we can expect an update to the toolkit for the Verizon GN on 4.2.2? Thanks for all of your hard work on this awesome toolkit! I rooted my Nexus 7 with the NRT and it’s even more awesome now! Can’t wait to use it on my phone too!

    • WugFresh

      @google-f587b3d703cf8b9ed4d10fa138cbd67a:disqus I will do my best to get this done ASAP now that I am done with my senior thesis. I still have finals, but I think I should have some free time this week to devote to coding. :) I will try my best to get it out soon. In the meantime you can use “any build” mode for tasks like unlocking and rooting. Cheers.

  • wugfresh fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is the best it is so good and it works perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!! i recommend this to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the best root program i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    • WugFresh

      Thank you! :)

  • Roger Luedecke

    The article says this has 4.2.2 support, but I can’t select it for my Galaxy Nexus from Verizon.

    • WugFresh

      Yes I know @google-4476605a14486ae12fc0acb6dd91665c:disqus, select ‘Any Build’ for now. I will update the program to list the 4.2.2 VZN Gnex once I finish my thesis. It’s due monday for me, so that is my priority. I can only develop this program on my limited free time. I will get out v1.6.4 asap, until then, you can use ‘Any Build’ for performing the basic tasks like unlocking and rooting. Cheers.

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  • Wm. Coley

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    Jelly Bean 4.2.2

    Driver Solution #3

    I believe i have followed the instructions perfectly… 3 times. I always get the same message,

    “The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file. The file is likely corrupt or the victim of tampering.” This occurs after clicking the “reboot bootloader” button.

    What am i doing wrong? Being a noob at this, i’m sure i’m missing something…

  • RCool

    I see that your thesis is due today. I hope that you are able to finish successfully!
    Great project! This is fantastic! I am having a slight problem rooting a Verizon Galaxy Nexus though. It boots to fastboot, and then the phone loads a Team Win Recovery Project (looks like GUI version of the recovery from my Droid X). The phone just sits there and your program says that it is waiting for the device to boot back up. When I reboot, the SU and BusyBox apps do not appear to be on the device.

    I used the Flash Stock + Unroot feature in your program (which is also fantastic), but I am getting the same thing even though I have not installed the 4.2.2 update yet. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

    • RCool

      In the Team Win Recovery Project, if I go to Install -> !ReadyToFlash -> Root_Files and manually flash the SU,BusyBox, and Recovery files, it seems to work fine.

      Again, great work!

      • WugFresh

        Which build were you on? And were you able to select it in the pull down menu? The problem you had experienced when the end user selects the wrong build (or a connectivity issue). I know that 4.2.2 is not in the list yet for the Gnex (vzn) – it will be soon. In the future, choose “Any Build” mode if you experience that problem. Either way, I am happy to hear that you got this resolved. Cheers.

        • RCool

          I had the same issue with using the 4.1.1 build that your program helpfully pointed out that I needed to switch to after I ran the Flash Stock + Unroot script. Once I installed the 4.2.2 update, I was using the Custom ROM (CDMA/LTE Verizon) – JB. I’ll try the “Anybuild” option next time and see what happens!

    • RCool

      Looks like something changed w/ TWRP? When I try to do a backup from your program, the phone boots to TWRP and waits for the backup to be setup manually. Looks like your script pulled it from the phone to the computer though once I rebooted after the backup completed.

    • WugFresh

      I did finish my thesis! :D

      • RCool

        Great news! Another big accomplishment!

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  • JAKE

    my device is not able to boot into recovery mode i have gone through the entire driver installation and root process perfectly but when i boot into recovery mode to try and flash a custom rom my screen has a red triangle in a little android dude ive tried using the tool and manually but unfortunately i’m in “any” build on account of the 4.2.2 madness so i can’t do much from utilities any advice?

  • JAKE

    cancel that figured it out i used the temporary recovery in utilities

  • Maurice Macon

    Hello. My very first click on the download presented a problem. My anti-virus program labeled this download as malicious software that has been associated with online scams or fraud. Any suggestions as to why?

    • Ray Gray

      because it comes from a unknown source aka a guy in his basement. just disable you’re antivirus for the time being.

      • WugFresh

        Lol @facebook-519500594:disqus. I don’t program or live in a basement :)

        • Ray Gray

          Ah ha ok good to know thanks for all your hard work though!

    • WugFresh

      I have seen numerous anti-virus program falsely flag my program. If you report it to your AV provider they will review it, determine it safe, and then update their database (Avira and Bitdeffender have already done this in the past). It’s impossible for me contact every AV provider. I am the sole developer of this program and I can assure you there is nothing malicious about that. If you don’t believe me, ask the others who have used it or like I mentioned, report it to your AV provider for review. In the future I may try and get a trusted publisher certificate or something like that so this doesn’t happen.

  • Marcus_P_Hagen

    Nexus S (4.1.2 JZO54K) 850MHz, i9020a.

    UNLOCK shows a Google boot screen with the unlocked padlock icon, then finishes booting with the rainbow “X”.

    ROOT (Custom Recovery checked) runs the script, rebooting and then says it is pushing files while the “X” portion of the reboot is still displayed. When the reboot finishes and TWRP shown on the phone, the script is displaying “Waiting for your device to finish booting back up…”.

    TWRP’s log (center button) shows
    E:Unable to mount ‘/sdcard’
    E:Unable to recreate android secure folder.
    E:Unable to mount ‘/sdcard’
    Updating partition details…

    If I reboot TWRP, the phone works, but does not appear to be rooted.

    I’m not sure what to do next. It appears that the needed files were NOT pushed during the extended reboot.

    Thank you,


    • Lorant

      same thing here, can you please guys look into this?

      • brendan williamson

        Also getting this same issue : Samsung Nexus S 4g – 4.1.1 – Looks like it wants to install it but doesn’t no where to go or differs from the Nexus 4,7 etc It didn’t seem to cause any issues but it did not root the device.

    • Lorant

      I have copied the files myself from WugFresh DevelopmentdataRoot_Files to /sdcard/!ReadyToFlash/Root_Files/ and it worked..

  • David Rando

    when do you think we will see 1.6.4?

    • WugFresh

      I have no time to code until monday, come monday I will probably code all day, and then it may take another day or two after that. So my best guess at this time is within two weeks.

      • Amitkumar

        Awesome… I will wait till then !! It makes sense as I am no techie….. and want to root Nexus 4 running 4.2.2 stock!!

  • Nelly

    Such an awesome toolkit. Very easy to use. Thanks.

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  • Amr Abd El Samad

    i am new at rooting .. so couple of noob questions ..
    1- if i rooted and unlocked the bootloader only to hack games and have a backup .. won’t install any custom roms or kernels .. would i be able to get ota updates ??

    2- if i unlocked bootloader .. can i get the unlocked status again ? not relocked ?

    nexus 4 (4.2.2)

    • WugFresh

      @facebook-600138513:disqus For your first question refer to: under “OTA Updates + Updating Android”, and for your second question, yes… there is no such thing as “relocked” status, if you were to flash stock + unroot, then relock – your device would be fully stock again, and appear as if it were never unlocked in the first place.

      • Amr Abd El Samad

        thnx for your help .. you’re awesome

  • timliggins

    Hi Guys, I have my ‘virtual checkbook’ at the ready to donate if I can get this issue resolved!! First to note is I’m not a techie but can understand to date what I have been needing to do to upgrade (to 4.2.2), unlock and root 15 Nexus 7 tablets for a custom application we are doing for a client which requires mainly the lower screen menu icons not to be available to the user (and remove use of the power and volume buttons if anyone knows a way – but that’s another matter!)

    I now have 14 Nexus 7 tablets all with the latest 4.2.2 firmware, unlocked and rooted and running the app perfectly! But just ONE tablet refuses to be upgraded from its existing 4.1.1 (JR003D) version!! I have followed all the NRT instructions but it just keeps failing.

    Here is what I get in the command window during the attempted ‘Flash Stock + Unroot’ option…

    Flash Stock + Unroot …

    sending ‘bootloader’ (2072 KB) …
    FAILED (data transfer failure (Too many links))
    Finished. total tim: 0.027s
    rebooting into bootloader…
    FAILED (command write failed (Unknown error))
    finished. total tim: 0.638s

    archive does not contain ‘boot.sig’
    archive does not contain ‘recovery.sig’
    archive does not contain ‘system.sig’


    Does anyone out there have a clue as to what’s going on?

    I downloaded this file nakasi-jro03d-factory-e102ba72.tgz manualy and then selected it when prompted in the NRT program.
    Any help would be very much appreciated so we can get ALL 15 to the status required.
    Many Thanks
    Tim Liggins

    • WugFresh

      Try an alternate USB port; also make sure you don’t have any other nexus devices simultaneously connected.

      • Tim

        Thanks, but we went through all the USB ports to get the first 14 unlocked and rooted so I don’t think it’s that and there has only ever been a single Nexus connected at any one time.
        Are there any clues on the command line results that I typed out?

        • WugFresh

          Everything I have read on “FAILED (data transfer failure (Too many links))” error suggests that it is a connectivity issue. You should try individually flashing the bootloader, use advanced utilities “Flash to bootloader” button, and flash that bootloader.img, it will reside in the toolkits data/Factory_img/name_of_factory_imagepack folder. If that works, then try reflashing stock.

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  • Chotu

    hi the software does not open on windows 7 64 bit i double click nothing happens .. any idea why ?

  • mnz

    I have come across a weird bug. NRT (v1.6.3) will not detect my Nexus 4 (“ADB device was not found” and a blank window when I use List Devices under Advanced Utilities). This is not a driver issue – I have reinstalled the drivers multiple times plus I can detect the device fine when using adb.exe in the command prompt, and NRT is able to issue commands to my Nexus by adb – pressing the Reboot or Reboot Bootloader buttons work as expected. It seems to be an issue with the way NRT handles the ADB device listing. This only happens on one system I am using (Win7 Pro/64-bit). Others seem fine (also Win7/64-bit). I have tried reinstalled NRT but it doesn’t seem to help. Any hints? If there is a way to enter a debug mode in NRT to pick up what my be causing this error?

  • Carlos Mota Liranzo

    Can i choose the custom recovery? i want to install CWM no TWRP; if is that posible how can i do it

    • WugFresh

      Yes, its in the toolkits options menu.

      • Carlos Mota Liranzo

        thanks, your program works very well, is so easy to use. geate job

  • Sung

    When I run the Drivers Test like you said on step 3, it says FastBoot device cannot be found, what does this mean?

    • Sung

      I’ve also done everything it told me to on the directions, except when I click “Update Driver Software” and I direct it to Wugfresh/Drtivers, it says it’s up to date, but doesn’t say Android ADB Interface, but Samsung MTP Device..?

      • WugFresh

        Samsung MTP device is another driver associated with the device, not one that replaces the adb driver. Use the suggestion about watching your device manager while you plug in and unplug your device, check to see if anything else is added to your device list.

  • M Burton

    I’m having the same problem as stated below.

  • polar2792

    i have a galaxy nexus on sprint. its the cdma/lte model. its running the 4.2 update, its not listed under the build options. is it not supported?

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    Your files and all corrupted. I tried to download the last version of your software from all the mirrors but there is one who successfully install :
    - some never stop from download, it just get stuck at 99% (tried on all browsers)
    - others succeed to download but at the installation, it says that some files are corrupted. It seems that it’s the “samsung_drivers.exe” which is incriminated

    Let us know when you update your valid last version, thanks :-)

    • WugFresh

      sounds like you have an unstable internet connection. I have checked the links and I am getting complete downloads @77faa829c2f5b25f780a99afab431c9f:disqus

  • Matthew Xavier Gilbert

    Hi im trying to root my verizon cdma/lte nexus galaxy but i dont see 4.2.2 on the list for verizon.

    • polar2792

      Same with Sprint.

    • WugFresh

      @facebook-100000175226832:disqus @657e02340f58b3ae71cdd6cd72cf3883:disqus these builds will be listed in the next toolkit release which I am working on.

  • Kemo Molapisi

    Hey wug, I am having a problem restoring stock on my lg nexus it somehow caused a soft-brick/bootloop. I used the flash stock + unroot option and everything went well until the end when it is supposed to automatically reboot the phone, the phone doesnt. So I rebooted it manually and it gets stuck in a bootloop. How can i solve this?

  • Eric

    Hi, my nexus 7 wont boot after X logo. First is “google” text, then logo X and stop. That ‘s all.
    What I must to do with my Nexus? Someone tells me I need turning on USB setting but I can not log into so how I can turn it on. (Fkkk answer >”<).

  • Hefraz

    Hey Wug, I have the Nexus 7 3g+Wifi unit. Can I root using your program? Appreciate your answer on this. Thanks

    • WugFresh

      Yes you can.

      • Hefraz

        Thank for the answer, which option should I choose, Nexus with wifi or Nexus with 3g?

        • Hash

          Nexus with 3g.

  • Steve

    keeps asking to update to twrp 2.4 instead of 2.5 AND no option to install JDQ39…

    • WugFresh

      Yes. I am aware of these things. A new version of the toolkit is in the works. I am actively coding it. In the meantime use ‘Any Build’ and in the toolkit options menu, and choose ‘other’ recovery to use 2.5 twrp.

      • Giocarro

        This is good news!
        Waiting for the new release then.
        Thanks for all your awesome work!

  • Itssnowing

    I’m looking at Step 1 of the “Visual Guide for RAW Driver Installation”, and it asks me to find whatever driver resembles my device. Problem is, Step 1 of the “Full Driver Installation Drive” says to uninstall all of these.

    Am I supposed to plug my device back in, then proceed wit the RAW driver installation?

    • Itssnowing

      My device is a Nexus 4 with 4.2.2, by the way.

      • Itssnowing

        That was a bit silly of me, but I succeeded with that part, at least!

  • gainguish

    will it work on sprint model with 4.2? isnt listed under build options

    • WugFresh

      Yes, for unlisted builds – chose ‘Any Build’ and it will work. Your build will be listed in the next toolkit release.

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  • Guest

    Is there any quicker way to download the files because i am trying to do a stock flash for Android 4.2.2 and its been at 1% downloading for over 40 mins :( Getting about 200Kbps download rate. I live in the UK.

  • Jesse Green

    seriously such a boss… ty will donate when i get paid

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  • Giocarro

    Any heads-up on the new release with latest recoveries and models?
    Paranoid Android is calling me, but I have to root my N4 beforehand.
    Cheers and peace!

  • darda

    Just rooted my nexus7 32gb 3g with this toolkit. nice! thanks.

  • kazeghost

    A problem with backup utilites /backup all apps. Namely, all backups (all include variations) result in Backup complete!, but the .ab file size is 0MB. Tried rebooting, new full driver installation and a fresh install of NRT. Any ideas? Nexus 4, 4.2.2 not yet rooted. It worked a month ago, as i have a full system backup and an app-only one from 4/25. Great toolkit, BTW. You rock

  • Gecko

    Hi, i have a wifi/3g nexus 7 but i am not using the 3g – when installing should I use the wifi only option or wifi/3g?, hope you can help,thanks G

  • rock

    hey..when i bought my galaxy nexus….it was pree rooted and it had an custom rom (android revolution hd) but back dan i didnt knew much nd unrooted it……now my problem is that i am not getting the 4.2.2 update….how to update to 4.2.2 and i want to change my rom back to the stock version ….plz help…i am currently in 4.2.1…!!!!!..,its the gsm version….!

    plz give me the detailed steps i am new to all these things!!!!!

  • Balaji

    Just unlocked and rooted my nexus 4 with this and it is very very easy and does all the work automatically

  • ZMAN

    Well all went well, except when I installed busy box it said that it “appeared” that everything installed ok, *problem is that when I re-launch busy box it states: Location of busy box could not be determined.. Is this a problem? It kind of sounds like it did not work.

  • Mylar Q. Tnstaafl

    Works great. Absolutely amazing. Thanks very much.

  • Stan

    Hey sorry i know it says it can do devices with 4.2.2 but i didn’t see that this can do the Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337. My phone does have 4.2.2. Not sure if i should try it i just opened it and would like to root just to add my back up i made using your program on my I9250 Samsung galaxy s.

  • Brian

    when downloading the files for the root my download will go to 1% then end. Can someone tell me how to fix this?

    • MrNem

      Same Problem…

      • //@/3RI(K


    • Pizzicato Five Fan

      Uhh… use a mirror perhaps?
      edit: My mistake. Downloading the file manually seems to be working (albeit very slowly).

  • Sanjay Nayak

    Need some help. I have a Nexus 4 16GB device. I followed the instructions in the linked video i.e. backed up data and started the unlock process. The device booted correctly back into the factory reset state. I then clicked on the root button but without selecting the custom recovery option. NRT started the process and booted into the bootloader state. However, I am now stuck at the Google screen and NRT is waiting for the device to finish booting. What did I do wrong? How can I reboot the device? Please do let me know.

  • Sanjay Nayak

    To update, I had to keep the power button pushed to restart the device. However, it still does not work in the root mode. I restarted the root process but am again stuck at the Google loading screen. Anything that I should doing which would make the root process possible? Please do let me know.

    • //@/3RI(K

      Sanjay, did you try the “Flash Stock + Unroot” option along with softbricked/bootlooped as current status? It should allow you to boot in the device. Plz let me know further.

      • Sanjay Nayak

        Sorry for my ignorance with rooting but I did not try out that option. I did as per the instructions in the YouTube video. I finally read about CF-Auto-Root and used it to enable root and make the phone work again before leaving for work.

        I was also unable to download both images as required when NRT loaded. I did a Google search and downloaded them from two different resources. Is that a possible reason as to why rooting did not work as expected?

        I am eager to learn more about how does NRT work and what are the workarounds if something fails. How do I learn this?

  • Ivan

    Hey I have galaxy nexus on 4.2.2 and I downloaded thus toolkit and when I chose my option it does the process of trying to download something but each of the three sources where it tries to pull the information from said source not found. And then it says check Internet connection but I have Internet connection.

  • Joker Jim

    Nexus 7 initial backup won’t complete. Screen message is ‘waiting for device to reboot’ but no backup performed. Windows won’t close on PC. Must restart the PC to clear problem..

  • Melania Oriana

    Please help me, I have dedicated more than 15 hours to this, and nothing works :(

    I have a Sprint Galaxy Nexus 4G/d720/ Android 4.1.1 JRO03R

    So in the options for basic features I chose “Nexus S 4G” because the Sprint options didn’t have the JRO03R Build.

    Drivers are installed correctly.

    I did a hard reset on the phone multiple times.

    Device is Unlocked.

    Now when I “Root” it, It restarts a few times like it should, but when it says its going to temporarily send TWRP, is when it gets stuck, I get the TWRP screen and the “information” says “waiting for device to fully turn back on” but it doesn’t change from the TWRP, so I pressed on “reboot system”, and device comes back on not rooted.

    (supersu doesn’t install, and neither does busybox)

    *****Edit, to get it working I chose Nexus S 4G and any build instead*******
    I’m a happy camper now! :D
    Thank you so much!

  • jbrandes

    i have trouble doing this it seems my pc and tablet can not communicate properly. I have debug usb on, but i do not get a prompt when i connect them and when i try to backup my files the computer can not tell the tablet to restart and cannot backup any files

    • errmuhgurrdthisisterriburrrrr

      I have the same problem with my Nexus 4, I got a pop up on my computer screen saying that the driver was not installed successfully when I checked USB debugging on my device!

  • jtrostmann

    I have just used the toolkit in order to install Android 4.2.2. on my Nexus S. All seemed to go according to plan until I rebooted. I now have an image of CyanogenMod on the screen and the toolkit says it is waiting for the device to reboot. but nothing is happening. Any help is appreciated.

  • iotas

    After two days of rooting with your outstanding Nexus Root Toolkit which is an otherwise
    most thorough tutorial, I keep bumping into the warning which states that “There is no SU binary installed and SuperSU cannot install it”.

    The Nexus Root Toolkit limits its intructions on the matter of Binaries
    to a mysterious “Open SuperSU, it may
    prompt you if it needs to update the binaries” , without providing further info on
    where or how to get and install those elusive binaries.

    .I have
    not found anyone who clearly delineates a procedure for installing a
    Super User Binary module which I thought were part of the Root Toolkit’s package.

    Can you help?



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  • Colin M


    I unlocked my Nexus 7, but when rooting it came up with a program “team win recovery project nexus 7 v2.4.1.0.”
    What do you do with this?

  • Jorge


    On Nexus 4 JB, will “Backup/Restore” also copy and restore of the original TA Partition?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Eve

    Hi there, I have Nexus S i9023 with Android 4.1.2
    When I tried to root my device, everything works perfectly, up to where TWRP is booted.
    The process just stops at “Waiting for device to fully turn back on”, nothing happened, so I manually rebooted my device. The SuperSU and busybox are not installed.
    I tried to change it to Android any built, but I’m stuck at where it asks to go to Install, then sdcard/!Ready to flash/… The !Ready to flash directory is not there, so I don’t know what to do..
    Can anyone help me please?
    Thank you!

  • Moumen Mohsen

    Im in real need of your help. My nexus 10 has been unlocked but after unlock, it says on the pc that it’s temporarily booting twrp, but nothing happens. It is stuck at the bootloader.
    Thank you.

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  • Ammar

    does it work on nexus one?

  • Ryan

    Does this toolkit install a custom recovery, or does it keep the stock recovery?

    • WugFresh

      Its an option to flash a custom recovery when rooting or not (your choice) and there is a button in advanced utilities for reflashing stock recovery if you need to.

  • stan

    I have a Samsung S4 running the latest 4.2.2, i used Motochopper from youtube from a guy named MrLegend103. I was able to root my phone i believe since the second screen shows an unlock lock symbol and custom underneath lol. Drivers weren’t working on Wugfresh program and i was able to install all my apps from my Samsung Galaxy S I9250 with data. I skipped his initial setup since it wasn’t working for me. One pop up i encountered was “talk not working” and i just clicked ok. I have no idea what that means. But looks like i was able to restore from a different phone but with the same 4.2.2. Took a little while for my phone to adjust to the new apps. But it seems like its running smoothly. Not sure what will happen when i do the SMS back up hopefully it keeps what i have on my phone.

  • Michael

    I have my Nexus S 4G unlocked and rooted now using this, but it won’t lemme flash ROMs, does anyone happen to know why this is happening?

  • Cuong Huy Bui

    Hi I have already root my nexus 7 3g by nexus root tollkit 1.6.3 but when I insert 3g simcard it not work. how can i resolve this problem

  • Pingback: I think ive really broke it now [Bricked] - Android Forums

  • djobes31770

    Everytime i try and run the NRT it keeps telling me, that another instance is running, but i see nothing in the process or task manger for it, i can no longer use the toolkit to get system backed up or restored.

  • Ali

    I Unlocked my device using this and installed Tukju which was all very smooth. I wanted to root it however it stops after rebooting mobile twice and shows TWR screen with few commands like Install, Backup, Restore, Boot , Advanced and on PC it shows waiting for boot back up and never moves forward from there …. Is new Toolkit version released or 1.6.3 is latest …. Please guide what to do ?

  • nope

    link to 1.6.4 please..

  • llamaface

    keep having trouble with mismatching md5sum… tried each mirror and same problem. I’m able to download other things so it’s not my computer as far as I can tell… please advise!

    • kasun

      I only tried the softpedia mirror. The md5sum checksum matched for me.

  • Matthieu Gougeon

    Hi, I’ve followed all the steps with v1.6.3 to root my Nexus 4 and now I’m trying to restore the backup I made (checking “system apps+data” and “shared data”) before starting the whole process. The .ab file is roughly 3GB large and it seems to take a very long time for it to restore (over 3 hours). It it normal ?

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  • Julian Hicks

    Hi. I’m trying to root my phone and place the 4.2.1 Android OS back on my Nexus 4. So far I’m following the instructions and it seems to reboot the phone with 4.2.2 still installed. I want to know if there is something I am doing wrong in the process of using the Toolkit. I used it before on my Galaxy Nexus and it worked wonders. Thanks.

  • Andrew Chillman

    Aaaagggghhhhh!!!! Followed the instructions on HowtoGeek for rooting my Nexus 7. Everything worked just fine EXCEPT the restore! Backup file created was 4+ gig – but restore runs for about a minute before rebooting and then saying process complete (which it clearly isn’t!). Have retried the restore a couple of times – same happens. Any suggestions?

    • WugFresh

      If that is your only backup, and this keeps happening, chances are its because its stalling on a certain app. Assuming you followed all the instructions about putting your device in airplane mode, etc.. correctly, then the next thing you could do would be to use the paid Android App “Titanium Backup”, it has a feature for unpacking those .ab files and can selectively restore data from it.

  • Mike

    Is this project still alive? Please say yes and that an update is coming sometime :)

    • WugFresh

      Yes. I just have been super busy. The update is coming asap.

      • Malhaar Kale

        Hello @wugfresh:disqus
        I was able to ROOT my phone thanks to you. I rooted my Galaxy Nexus (Maguro) international version without even a single issue. :D
        I do have have couple of doubts though -
        I want to install paranoid android ROM on my phone. I copied all the required files to phone and started the phone in recovery mode. but all happens is there appears a Android robot with red exclamation mark on it. Don’t know where am I going wrong.

        Second thing is, many times the device acts weirdly when I shut it down, it restarts automatically. To stop it happening, I have to remove the battery and insert it again.

        • WugFresh

          @malhaar_kale:disqus regarding your first question, it sounds like you never installed a custom recovery. The robot with the red exclamation mark on it is the pre screen to the stock android recovery, you can short press all three buttons to see the stock recovery menu, but you need a custom recovery to flash roms. You can root again with the toolkit with custom recovery checked, or you can use the toolkits advanced utilities “flash zips” script for automating the whole thing using temp recovery.

          Regarding your second question, that is unrelated to rooting, if you are experiencing unexplained problems try reflashing stock and then selectively re-installing your apps until you figure out which one is causing unusual behavior.

  • Angad

    does this work with android 4.2.2 on nexus 4?

    • WugFresh


  • Evan Nass

    WARNING – This product bricked my phone. DO NOT USE!

  • Min Min

    My device is not detect ADB .Why?

  • Min Min

    My N-7 is 32G(wifi) android 4.2.2.root complete.but my device is factory restart behind lost setup loging google acc not loging.Why?

    • WugFresh

      I am not sure what you mean. Maybe add me on gchat.

  • Sughosh Sukesh

    while runnning the PDA drivers i’m not able to cancel after the first step as mentioned in qbking’s video. it installes pda completely on my system and phone. can i continue unlocking the bootloader or is there an alternative?

    • WugFresh

      You can go ahead. You can also just uninstall the pdanet software from windows add/remove programs to get rid of the redundant software.

      • Sughosh Sukesh

        are there any other drivers required?

        • WugFresh

          No, your computer just needs to be able to communicate with your device when its both on with usb debugging enabled and in bootloader mode. Try step three of the driver guide, for testing the drivers.

          • Sughosh Sukesh

            so i can plug in my phone with usb debugging and unlock the bootloader?

  • lat

    cant download

    could you help?

  • chhatra

    Lat, I’m having the same issue as you, I believe it is because the servers which host the image are down temporarily.
    The same issue is happening with Mskips Nexus 4 Toolkit. Guess we just have to be patient.

  • Alex

    Hey, I installed in the latest drivers using the PDA Drivers, and it seems to go through bootloader fine when using the tester in step 3, but when the tablet turns back on it gets stuck on the “stuck on waiting for your device to finish booting back up…”.

    Is there a way to resolve this? Thanks.

  • lat

    I have the same..waiting for your device to finish booting back up…”. what to do?

    • lat

      nexus s (modified_boot_soju_4.1.2_JZO54K.img) after i did reboot manually,..then i can’t find superSU app, I tried to download it from appstore, but it is written” there is no su binary installed, and Super SU cannot install it. This is a problem!

      • WugFresh

        Hey @dd4d444270c97ea978e68245b2640868:disqus I would be happy to help determine the problem with you. When you get a chance add me on gchat and hit me up, the next time I am free I will help you resolve this.

  • Arshia

    Does this method work on samsung galaxy nexus 4.2.2 ?

  • Kenneth Grice

    Help every time i try unlock it goes to fastboot then it stop heeeeeeeeeeelp

    • mr hiab

      Are all the drivers loaded properly?
      If you’re not sure go through the driver install again and follow it very closely.
      Also I found this would not work on my AMD/ASUS system. Funky USB Ports. Said driver was loaded but was not completing
      Turned on the Ivybridge laptop and was finished in under 1/2 hour.

  • Mari

    I got a bit of a weird one. I think I screwed up my drivers, powered through on stupid persistence, and now I’ve got a working phone with a partitioned drive with all of my files on “My Files 2″ and “My Files” completely empty. It at least explains why I had to go find the CyanogenMod rom myself in recovery to get the phone to boot properly. Is there anything I should read on partitions that might tell me how to undo this/whether I’d lose everything trying?

    • WugFresh

      I would recommend backing up anything important and then using “Flash Stock + Unroot” button to get your device back to square one.

  • Scorch

    Hi, I’m using the NRT v.1.6.3 on Windows 7, I chose to create Android Backup File including System apps+data and the screen has been sitting on: Waiting for your device to finish booting back up and it’s been taking a LONG while. Is this normal? How long should this take? I only have maybe 2 gigs of stuff on my tablet. My tablet hasn’t rebooted. Should I just reboot it manually or continue to wait? Any help, either here or at my email: [email protected] would be greatly appreciated.

    • J.Jane

      I’m having the same problem. I’m trying to back-up my tablet, and the screen says “Waiting for your device to finish booting back up…” forever. I have a Asus Google Nexus 7 tablet, running Android 4.2.2, build JDQ39, and my PC is running Windows 7.

      • J.Jane

        I should add that I was trying only to do a basic back-up, not system apps+data.

        • WugFresh

          Make sure your drivers are configured properly. This is a prerequisite for all toolkit functions. Try step 3 of the driver configuration guide to test your drivers and confirm everything is working.

      • J.Jane

        And my tablet never actually turns off, so it can’t boot back up.

  • Stamatis

    Hey WugFresh, I really need help.
    First of all, thanks for the program.
    I’m having some concerns. I have win8, and it was painful to get it working.
    I did choose #3 (RAW) as driver installation method. In device manager: After choosing the unrecognized driver manually, it didn’t update the device to ”ADB Interface”. Instead, it named itself ”Nexus 4” I also had enabled driver enforcement on boot . So I tried to uninstall the driver, since it was supposed to be called ”ADB Interface”. But whenever I uninstalled it, it would just install itself as ”Nexus 4”. I tried almost everything, removing from usbdiew etc. It wouldn’t install as a unrecognized driver again. So I just moved on, and I was told to configure the driver when it was in bootloader. It didn’t show up as a unrecognized. Trying to update the drivers, Windows would say this was the best driver. So trying for 30m to remove driver, I just tried to test them. And they worked even though the name of the drivers were different than what it should have been as stated in the tutorial, and I didn’t even configure the driver under bootloader mode. So I went ahead and rooted.

    Question is, will I have problems? Did it install properly, and should I do something with the driver situation (that it won’t remove itself?)

    • WugFresh

      Drivers either work or don’t work, there is no in between. It sounds like yours are working but are simply displaying the wrong device name, don’t worry about it. If the toolkit successfully communicates with your device all is well.

      • Stamatis

        Alright, thanks.
        It was odd though that I didn’t have to configure the drivers when I was in bootloader, Anyway, thanks for the help. One more question. Do I have to be running stock rom and kernel to use the ”back to stock” feature in your program? Either way, I took a backup.

        • WugFresh

          No, you can be running a custom ROM.

          • Stamatis

            Thanks. I will make a donation in the future ^^. Keep up the awesome work :D

  • kuhy

    It is a best thing EVER. It saved ma nexus 7!!! I had a bootloaping. Thanks a lot!!!

  • Daniel

    Thanks Man, I use it since 1.3 and it was, adns still is, excelent!

  • Nith Man

    hey my nexus 7 is bricked to the next level i tried using the newest version but it made it worse and i can’t even get it into recovery mode without it saying boot failed in the top left corner. any help

  • T-Dizzle86

    hi @wugfresh:disqus I used the toolkit to root a nexus S 4g and install a custom recovery. Everything worked fine, except the custom recovery that was installed was for the nexus s (Crespo) not the nexus s 4g (crespo4g). I was using NRT v1.6.3. Can you please look into that? Please let me know if you need more info

  • Cheeze

    i finally rooted my phone using the tool kit, is it ok if i didi not wipe cache after rooting? and my baseband version to i9020KC1 from M200KRKC1 is this ok?

  • R3aP3r

    I can’t find my build number i.e. JDQ39E
    So can i root it using Any Build option or JDQ39 one ??
    Would there be any complications by choosing either of them?

  • mako

    how could i relock my bootloader of nexus 4 with stock rom?????

  • OldGreySteve

    Nexus 7 Wi-Fi, after installing “cm-10.1.0-grouper” and “gapps-jb-20130301-signed” I had no gmail. After installing gmail from PlayStore I get repeated messages “unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped.” This message comes up repeatedly and gmail will not sync. What have I missed?

  • Ryan

    Can you elaborate more on backup and restore. Does the backup function backup MMS and SMS messages? Can I selectively do a restore, such as restoring APP settings but not the APPs themselves (I’d prefer to do fresh install of my Apps via Google play). Thanks

  • Phat Phreddy

    AVAST anti Virus is flagging this on download from either source. Anyone else ?? False positive ??

    • Morten

      I am getting the same, and wonder the same :-)

    • WugFresh

      Yes, false positive. Please report it to Avast and they will analyze it and determine it entirely safe.

  • George

    To ALL developers of this AWESOME app.. “You guyz ROCK!!” .. just a brilliant application you guyz have created!! Thanks!!

    • WugFresh

      Thank you. And its just me who wrote it :)

  • Puneet Chauhan

    I can’t find my build number i.e. JDQ39E
    So can i root it using Any Build option or JDQ39 one ??
    Would there be any complications by choosing either of them?

    • WugFresh

      Use JDQ39, I will update the masterlists later so that build is included but there should be no problem doing it now with JDQ39.

      • Puneet Chauhan

        Thank you.

  • joe

    help i followed all the info on installing the drivers i am on wid 8 and i keep clicking full diver test and its said adb divice was not found

    i choose diver #1 plz help soon

    • WugFresh

      Please try the suggestions it provides you in that message box. Maybe try going back to step 1 (uninstalling previous drivers) and then using driver solution #4 instead. I provided four driver solutions so that if one doesn’t work for you, you have something else to try. Just make sure that yous start at step #1. Cheers.

  • Steven

    For adb and driver problems,

    1.Download the android sdk and go to extras section.

    2.Install the google usb driver.

    3.Go to computer management and manage devices.

    4.Find android adb and update driver.

    5.Browse to the the place you installed your google usb driver and click that folder (don’t click anything inside the folder, click the whole folder.

    6.Install the driver.

    I’m not posting any more things so don’t ask me questions.
    This works for windows 8 and all the other versions.

    • WugFresh

      That driver set is actually included in the toolkit as well in the directory: data/Drivers/RAW_Drivers/Google_Drivers/

      No need to download the sdk to use those.

  • rseiler

    Thanks for another great update. One thing I noticed after the program updated itself from the last version to this one, for both me and a friend, is that “Check for updates automatically each time you start the Toolkit” was unchecked, when previously it was checked. If the user doesn’t notice it, that might lead to missing the next update. Not a big deal for me, someone who always explores all dialogs after each version, but I thought it worth mentioning in case it’s unintentional.

    • WugFresh

      Ahh.. yes, I should add that to the changelog. It was intentional, I thought about it and it seemed kind of intrusive to assume the user wants the automatic check each time. Most software asks if you want that, so I was trying to go with the norm. That said, it is definitely better to have that enabled. Maybe I should update the main post to tell people they should explore the options menu and consider enabling that.

      • rseiler

        OK, good to know. Maybe it’s something you can bubble up to the user on first run.

  • Joey Bukai

    The APN backup isn’t working for me, as it tells me that it’s been waiting for my device with no repsonse. I checked my drivers and hey were fine, so I’m not sure what the problem is. Any ideas?


    • WugFresh

      Are you unlocked and rooted? Thats required to perform an APN backup due to new security measures in android. You really would never need to perform an APN backup unless you had some sort of custom network settings. If you are still locked, don’t worry about it.

      • Joey Bukai

        I’m not unlocked yet, but if I unlock won’t I lose all my Wifi passwords and such?

        • WugFresh

          Yes, you will. Your best option is to make an android backup file without either option checked, then another one with ‘system apps’ checked. Backup your pictures, music, docs.. etc from your sdcard onto your computer or with a cloud sync app. Try restoring the backup with ‘system apps’ included and if it works you will have pretty much everything restored. Your backup options are unfortunately limited when you are a locked non-root user.

  • Warren Tom

    Thanks for the awesome app/scripts!!! Attempting to root (using NRT 1.6.4) a Nexus S i9020A and it’s getting stuck in Rooting stage, when it reboots into TWRP but it just sits at the TWRP home screen with a bunch of options “Install” “Wipe” “Backup” “Restore” etc. in button form. Bringing up the console, looks like something amiss?

    Updating partition details…
    Processing AOSP recovery commands…
    Setting ‘tw_signed_zip_verify’ to ’0′
    Unable to locate zip file ‘/sdcard/!ReadyToFlash
    E:Error installing zip file ‘/sdcard/!ReadyToFla
    Done processing script file

    • Warren Tom

      Looks like the Windows app didn’t successfully push the files needed by NRT’s openrecoveryscript to the device/folders. I ended up doing that manually and finished rooting the device.

      • WugFresh

        @6c180098070417710a8ec0207032ce7b:disqus can you add me on google hangouts and send me a message. I would like to test something with you to figure out why that happened.

  • Simon

    Hi my Nexus 7 is looping on the google screen. I’ve managed to unlock it using the toolkit but can’t seem to get past the next stage.
    can anyone help me.

    • WugFresh

      @caf01c300abc2e88cd1334edcde5af77:disqus, are you sure that you selected the right Nexus7? i.e. WiFi-version/Mobile-version ? I am guessing that you selected the wrong one for your device. To get out of the bootloop, just hold down the power button.

      • Simon

        Hi, Thank you for replying. I selected it correctly as WIFI. I tried the power button but that makes no difference. When I try to restart the google screen keeps looping. I have voided the warranty now and i’m willing to try anything to get it working even install another operating system if thats possible. Can you give me any suggestions? I would be very grateful.

  • Leanne

    can this hard reset my bricked nexus 7?

    • WugFresh


  • Adam

    After you backup and then root, will restoring using the backup bring the phone to the exact way it was with the tweaked settings/home screen layout?

    • WugFresh

      If you include system apps in your backup then yes, those system apps, such as the stock home launcher, will be restored. Due to a limitation in android you may need to set your widgets up again.

  • Frank

    Hi, when I try to install NRT 1.6.4 a message appears saying that it is not compatible with the windows version I’m using, I’m on Windows 7, any way I can solve that?

  • Mj

    Hi… Where is the link to download this? I can’t find it.

    • WugFresh

      Under “download” choose any one of those links.

  • Brendon

    right now, im using the unroot tool + flashing stock button and its taking a cray long time to download the stock image. I’ve been waiting for 30 minutes now and its only up to 3%, but when I get it myself (not on the tool kit), it takes less than a few minutes. Is something wrong?

    • WugFresh

      I don’t think anything is wrong. Its direct downloading from, maybe they are throttling my userid since the program generates so many direct downloads and puts a lot of load on the server.

  • Brendon

    after rooting (then unrooting), my galaxy nexus won’t show up as a device and allow me to access the internal storage unless I keep usb debugging on. Is there a way to fix this?

    • Brendon

      and it keeps on rebooting for some random reason… maybe not even reboot, it just goes into the boot animation

      • James

        My Nexus does that and I haven’t even rooted yet. I’m getting the multi-colored X. I think it’s a software issue with the Nexus period.

  • Chris

    Recently the options menu for the toolkit wont open anymore. I tried uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling but that didn’t help. Any ideas?

    • WugFresh

      I don’t understand how this could be possible. Please add me on gchat and I will try and help you get it resolved.

    • imspacemancraig

      Mine is doing this as well. I got in once and it won’t open now at all. Windows 7…

      • imspacemancraig

        It is work now for me. Had to reboot my laptop and now it works.

  • DazZlezs

    Hi…. after rooting+custom recovery, my nexus 4 stuck after I enter recovery mode. Both TWRP and CWM. Now I cannot flash anythings because I cannot enter them. Please help me…

  • gyhvthy

    how to download

    • WugFresh

      Pick any of the links under “Download” above.

  • yiks

    During the driver test, it keeps saying fastboot device is not found although I have followed all the necessary steps to install the proper driver. Galaxy Nexus 4.2.2 (GSM) with unlocked bootloader.

  • dhoje

    Not working on win8

    • WugFresh

      I use windows 8 and I have no problems. Maybe elaborate on your problem? Its hard for me to help if you just say its
      “not working” for you. Cheers.

      • dhoje

        well, the tool kit installs but it doesn’t open. When I double click there’s nothing on the screen.

  • ncdave

    No matter what driver I install the “Full Driver Test” won’t recognize my Nexus 7 Wifi Tablet (4.2.2 JDQ39) in Win7. Yet the Device Manager shows the tablet fine. I’ve used 3 separate USB ports and 2 separate cables; rebooted each time and still no success. What am I doing wrong?

    • WugFresh

      Maybe I can help you out. Add me on gchat and hit me up and aI will help you next time I am free.

      • Nolan

        I have also been having issues with getting the drivers correct. Would you be able to give me some advice if you have some free time?

      • ChetanTakyar

        Mac support?

        • WugFresh

          No, not at this time.. please check the FAQs.

  • vishakh

    Reached step 3 of the driver check and install. The nexus 7 (4.2) is not being detected. Any suggestion as to what I could be doing wrong?

  • Anjula Malshan

    Thanks Buddy Works Like Calm !!~

  • Bill Bob

    Got Samsung Galaxy Nexus with build number JOP40D.I9250XWMA2
    Followed Full Driver Installation Guide, but can’t get full driver test to work, ADB Device was not found. Tried this a few times but still the same message.
    The phone installs in device manager?
    Any suggestions to get the Nexus Root Toolkit to work?

    • DirkBelig

      I’m having the same problem with my OG Nexus 7 16GB wi-fi and trying to get 4.3 flashed. Uninstalled all the USB drivers and took option #1 and it flunks the test. When I ran devices before from ADB, it listed the N7, so I don’t get it. This worked a treat when I used it to unlock and root my Nexus 4 last December, but it’s failing now. :(

  • Ahmed Wakaa

    hi i forget to check my usb on the phone ??? what i have to do??? please help me??? thank you

  • Ahmed Wakaa

    i laste my phone please help me

  • André Luiz

    When will be compatible with Android 4.3 (JWR66V)

    • WugFresh

      I plan on working on it tonight until its done. I am aiming for late tonight/tomorrow morning.

  • Felipe

    I need to flash the new Android 4.3 (JWR66V). When this software will be compatible? The MD5 check fails when i tried to install the 4.3.

    • WugFresh

      You would have to enter the md5 on google’s website, since the toolkit won’t automatically fill it in yet. That said, the toolkit will be updated late tonight with other changes as well for full 4.3 compatibility.

      • Felipe Fernandes

        Thanks a lot WugFresh, you are georgeous!

    • Morgan Jones

      I did use WRT to flash JWR66V without a glitch..

  • VAVA Mk2

    Wug need help! 1.6.4 will not let me use CWM recovery to flash stock recovery. It only lets me use TWRP which gets hung up at the end. How can I get this to work with CWM?

    • Daniel DS

      How do you expect people to help you if you didn’t even mention which device you’re using?

  • Ben Schoon

    Will this work with the JSS15J build for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus?

    • Josh Haug

      JSS15J isn’t a stock ROM its a custom ROM that’s close to stock so it would be manual. As of the last version it didn’t even have support for the JDQ39 build and that’s been out forever.

  • bob

    As silly as this may sound, if I do the back up before running things, will this save my applications? More specifically, will this save my place in Candy Crush or other games that save things locally?

  • Dav

    Whenever I try to root my device (Nexus 4) , it says “checking ADB status” and then I get an error saying ADB device was not found. The problem is, I have checked my drivers carefully and everything is perfectly fine, I have USB debugging enabled and pretty much everything is as it should be. Could you please help?

    • dhoje

      I have been getting that aswell (WIn7) When I check the drivers everything seems fine and I get the “Success” window. but at time It shows ADB not found, or Fastboot device not found. I need a restart for them to work properly sometimes and sometimes it just doesn’t work.

  • aloghes

    still no update?

  • george

    the link is broken…. :(

  • cyberjayn

    Friend I flashed 4.3 then after finished my device say boot failed no more boot up the I flashed again and It stucked at sending system in flashstock.bat also say archive does not contain ‘boot.sig’/recovery.sig n system.sig,What can i do??

    • Felipe

      Me too, “does not contain ‘boot.sig’/recovery.sig n system.sig” but if i install stock 4.2.2 appears the same message but installs perfectly.

      • cyberjayn

        Yes works 4.2.2 perfectly,mine Nexus 7 pc windows 8

  • Felipe Fernandes

    Even with this update, the 1.6.5, when i flash the stock 4.3, they tell me that my baseband is finished with .48 and requires .84 to continue. I have Nexus 4 8gb version bought on Play Store. Using stock 4.2.2 now back. What’s happening?

  • andyr354

    goo is saying file not found for me.
    I already flashed my N7 yesterday just telling it any release. Then used Chainfire’s supersu for the N4 and rooted me no problem.

  • footy_si

    download link is down – any other mirrors available?

  • Mohamad

    The download link isn’t working.

  • Mystique Admin

    can’t download and can’t update from software

  • Torben Bundgaard

    Updated to 4.3 on my galaxy nexus. All went well but then I tried to root it and it will never be finished. First step ok but the when i booted it will finished (It will stay in boot logo )


  • Shawn D

    When will we be able to download the new kit?

  • Carlos Mota Liranzo

    has someone flash 4.3 on galaxy nexus? and can tell me if is working?

    • Iulian

      @Carlos Nota: nope, I try flash 4.3 but isn’t OK and reflash stock 4.2.2. Just wait to OTA 4.3….

    • Per

      I flashed mine yesterday. Works perfectly!

  • ptmanh

    Handling root 4.3 on Nexus 7 3G nakasig :D
    Wait for your tool, thanks

  • naymyo sethu

    i want your v 1.6.6 very much….waiting …. i need to root 4.3 .. thank you.

    • sutha88

      hey i think you can just click update on the v1.6.4 and it gives the option for android 4.3 but everytime I try to root it wont work properly….but the bootloader is remained unlocked any ideas or suggestions to make it work? Thanks

      • WugFresh

        Wait for v1.6.6

        • DECEiFER

          It said the ETA for 1.6.6 was the 26th. Will it be out today (27th)?

          • WugFresh

            My apologies for the delays, there were some unforeseen complications and I also had other responsibilities during the week that limited my available time to code. It will be out no later than tomorrow, the 28th.

          • DECEiFER

            Cool, thanks for that. I could root the long way but I’d rather use your toolkit so I’m holding off on flashing 4.3 altogether, like many others, because of how trustworthy your toolkit is to streamline the process.

            Just wondering what time tomorrow, roughly, relative to GMT/UTC?

          • WugFresh

            I am bad at time estimates. I am out partying with some friends tonight. I will try and wake up as early as possible and finish it.

          • DECEiFER

            Ah that’s cool, it’s the weekend and all. I’ll check back tonight (GMT +1) and see. Thanks again!

          • Paul Taylor

            Famous last words… ;-)

    • Nishant Chaudhary

      or if ur nexus is already rooted download the 4.3 zip file and flash it

  • azul

    Followed the instructions to the letter yet on the drivers test I’m getting the adb device not found error on a Nexus 7, 4.3, latest toolkit build. I see a couple of other comments mentioning this so I figured I join the conversation to confirm the issue.

  • nexus7 user fr

    Please update your app tool, i loose root and cw… :(

    Help us !!!

  • Nishant Chaudhary

    could u give me the link for downloading the modified boot image for nexus 7,4.2.2

  • GNex1977

    If I promise do donate can we have the new tool faster? :)

  • Bence Borovi

    Can I flash stock+ unroot Android 4.2.2, while my current system is Android 4.2.2 with some system files modified, bootloader open but already unrooted?

  • staggbear

    Thank you for the news update on the your home page!


    pls we need to use this tool for google editions galaxy s4 and htc one

    • Daniel DS

      Search for another toolkit, this is clearly meant for NEXUS devices, not GPE devices..

  • GP

    Please update soon…I trust only you…that is why still waiting for your release 1.6.6 to update to 4.3

  • Santiago Cortes A

    WugFresh we really would appreciate if you release v1.6.6 soon! Thanks ! :)

    • WugFresh

      ETA will be no later than tomorrow afternoon (07/28/13).

      • Andy

        what time zone are we looking at for the release?

        • sPidX

          JeeeZ, give the guy a break…as if he can give you a time ‘to the precise minute’…be patient, the world will still be spinnin’ tomorrow n the next day lol :)

          • justin middleton

            yeah it’s not like WE can do what this guy does. just gotta be patient, a lot of work goes into this!

      • Mark Baker

        Hmmm. 7/29/13 and don’t see it. What’s wrong?

  • sPidX

    Awesome work!! Nexus 7 (2012) ota 4.3 now rooted, broken recovery sorted…sweet!! thanks a lot dude :)

  • Klp Key Lime Pie

    thank bro. ^^

  • Juan C. Martinez

    Thanks for your work, waiting for 1.66 version for my N10 and Android 4.3.

  • Ivano Cioffi

    Fantastic… but…i’ve got some problem to root my GNEX with 4.3… i have to wait an other update or i have to try again?

    • justin middleton

      i’m wondering the same thing. i also have GNEX. GSM version.

  • Kush

    Checking ADB status hangs when i try to root on v1.64. I’m using a nexus 4, it’s unlocked and everything is compatible.. not sure what’s going on.

    • Wayne Randall

      check ADB debugging? Try another USB port? Rebooting the PC maybe?

      I’ve unlocked and rooted, using Wug’s 1.6.4 toolkit:
      (2012) N7 on both 4.2.x and 4.3
      N4 on both 4.2.x and 4.3
      (2013) N7 on 4.3

      No real need for 1.6.6 imo.

  • drizzy

    New to this but i am currently running android 4.2.1 on a yakjuux galaxy nexus and therefore have to wait longer for updates, and in some cases they don’t ever come ota. I want to flash to a yakju version of 4.3 but I wanted to know do i first need to flash to 4.2.2 and then wait for the ota for 4.3? Or can i flash directly to 4.3 yakju from my current 4.2.1 yakjuux build? Thanks

    • justin middleton

      force your OTA

  • drizzy

    I also had my phone carrier unlocked so i could use it with a different service provider than it originally came with, will my phone return back to its original factory carrier locked state if i flash 4.3?

  • azul

    I posted a couple of days ago regarding the failure to detect the N7 in the driver ADB test. I now managed to root the N7 (2012), 4.3, 32bit fully updated Windows 7 with the current kit build by uninstalling the recommended driver #1 and trying the #4 RAW driver. It worked.

  • Ku_an_g

    I ran into a weird problem trying to root my N4 with 4.3:
    I flashed stock recovery and then flashed stock 4.2.2 and unrooted to sideload the 4.3 update, all went well
    But now whenever I try anything (including rooting) from the toolkit, my phone refuse to boot modified boot.img, it’s stuck at a black screen and since that step can’t proceed, nothing gets done

  • sonixtra

    It seems I have the same problem as “Ku_an_g”. When I start the rooting process, my phone reboot in Fastboot mode, and when everything is right and when it’s time to reboot the phone, the phoneseems to rebbot but nothing… it stays on a black screen. After many minutes, I unplugged the USB cord, tried to restart the Nexus4 but nothing. I tried to hold the power button for many seconds and a static Red Led appear (no blinking). I released the power button to press it again and the phone restarted. The process to root continue but whe it’s time to check SuperSU install Status, SuperSU indicates that is unable to proceed due to lack of root access :’(
    What is my real problem ? Why this black screen, why NRT unable to reboot the phone in FastBoot Mode ? ADB problem ? May be, I don’t Know … I just need tips :)
    cu m8 !

  • Npyu

    i have the same problem here
    Freeze on black screen, so i have to restard manually. SuperSU doesn t working and on root checker it says that im not root :’(
    Im on 4.3, it can be the probleme? do i need to wait for the update?

    • Virtual

      follow Chainfire who have been working on SuperSU all the time on G+,and you’ll see something like”SuperSU”.Then flash it(use Recovery like TWRP2.6.0.0) on your phone.Finally,after reboot your phone,you’ll see it has been rooted.

  • avan

    Any word on the latest release?

  • Klp Key Lime Pie

    wait for 1.6.6 ! …..

  • sosad

    i am waiting 1.6.6

    • Anatoly Zimovsky

      we are all waiting. not only you.. :)

    • Klp Key Lime Pie

      Yes ! : D

  • jonathan

    I rather have 1.6.6 tested thorougly as working rather than to rush it out and disappoint. Take your time Wug!

    • Ishan Narula


    • Centerfold Skye

      Tested v1.6.4 on my original Nexus 7 running 4.3. It rooted nicely but the Play store doesn’t restore my apps. I’ll re-root when v1.6.6 is released. Thank you for your work.

  • Detweiler

    Hey Wug, thanks for this tool, rooted my Nexus 4 in just 30 mins.
    Waiting for v1.6.6, but take your time no need to rush.
    It’s better to wait than to have an super expensive paper weight. :)

    • andy

      super expansive? all nexus devices are so cheap, can buy a mountain full of them.

  • zoozie

    Are you planning to put together something similar for macs?

  • Enrique

    Already migrated to 4.3 on Friday, yet I can’t restore any backup for I need root and don’t want to use any other tool aside WF :(

  • Sai

    Does version 1.6.4 support jellybean 4.3 on the second gen nexus 7???

    • Anatoly Zimovsky

      yes. open 1.6.4, click Update, then restart program. then 4.3 will be supported.

  • cttcjim

    my 1.6.3 tries to update itself to 1.6.5 for some reason, then completes download at 1% and errors on hashcheck.

  • Art Garcia

    Thanks for the info Wug! I have the first Gen Nexus 7, currently running Android 4.2.1, Build number JOP40D. I managed to get 4.2.1 OTA to install last week. My question; I cannot get the Toolkit to update; I originally unlocked and rooted with 1.6.1. Do I need to uninstall 1.6.1 and re-install a newer version? and which version? As I’ve researched, I’m beginning to think I need to start fresh and wipe it clean and start over again? Let me know what you think.

  • Peter Silie

    7/28/2013 is almost out 4 days by now, hope that uncommented releasy delay isn’t a bad sign. take your time to finish it, but a status update regarding a current ETA would be great! keep up the good work.

  • android

    wassup wuggy

  • Klp Key Lime Pie

    I hope not too long …. I’ll wait. (Wait a hopeless) TT

  • Some guy in NZ

    I’ve never rooted my Nexus 10 before, do I need to wait for the new update for this to come out so I can root it? I’m now running Android 4.3.

    • MarkVonShief


  • Ishan Narula

    So has anybody rooted a Nexus 4 on Android 4.3 Build JWR66V and had success? Just wanted to make sure that everything would work before I root my Nexus 4 on the 1.64 toolkit… Thanks

    • reloj7

      Yes, I did root my nexus 4 but it took me 1 day to decide to go back to 4.2.

      4.3 crashes my skype, the camera app and touch screen so I need to get back to 4.2 where everything was fine. PLUS google installed Hangouts and took away Gtalk…. grrrrr If I had money I would change to iphone right now!

    • D C C

      A friend of mine did on a Nexus 4 and had many problems with some apps, just as reloj7 said. On my Galaxy Nexus when I installed the SU update, it wouldn’t boot, so I would wait for the 1.66 toolkit, I’m pretty sure WugFresh will have everything sorted out by then..

      • justin middleton

        the same thing happened on MY gnex. when i did the SU update i bootlooped time and time again.

        • DCC

          To make it work temporarily, I wiped the caches using TWRP. Now re-rooted 4.3 using NRT 1.6.6.

  • Huawd Daold

    Where exactly do I find the driver guide? O_O

  • Random Guy

    Hey there, could anyone tell me where to find the driver guide, I can’t seem to find it.

  • Davide ‘Favola’ Candiani

    Hey man! Are you there? XD

  • Zeta

    Keep Calm friends…

  • Hunbaly


    • Peter Silie

      where did u read that post? i just checked out his g+ profile and couldn’t find that comment anywhere.

      • Hunbaly

        in his g+ page, but this is a comment :)

      • Peter Silie

        nvm, just found it – dumb me :)

  • Zahid Q. Qureshi

    In my Opinion 1.6.4 should and it will work with 4.3 after you update the program from the menu.. It downloads the new SU which should work smoothly.

    • sonixtra

      Yes it should but in my case, it doesn’t.
      As I said 4 days ago … and I don’t know why

      • Zahid Q. Qureshi

        V 1.6.6 has been released. Update and Root now!

  • asulike

    my device is nexus4 LG960, with android 4.3(updated from 4.22), after rooted, superSU does not work, it’s still v1.25, and i use quick tools -> reboot recovery, mobile screen appears a robot with ‘no command’. how can I fix the issue, thank you.

    • Selpoivre

      Same problem here :(

      • grayhound

        same here :-(

  • Anatoly Zimovsky

    Wug, спасибо за хорошую программу, ты молодец! Проделано много работы, качественно, так держать :)

    Привет из России (<— Hello from Russia)


  • Andrea

    Hello everyone!

    I think this tool is awesome, and I used it to unlock and root my Samsung Galaxy Nexus when Jelly Bean 4.2.2 came out.
    Now that I have updated to 4.3 and lost the root, is it possible, now that my phone is unlocked, to root it without losing any data? (apps, messages, contacts, preferences)

    I just need root in order to use the lagfix, and I would like to avoid doing a full backup and restore.
    I read that once the phone is unlocked it is possible to do this, can anyone confirm and eventually tell me how to do? :)

    Thanks a lot!

    • Claudio

      Ciao Andrea, anche io sono nella tua stessa situazione, hai provato a fare il root senza fare di nuovo l’unlock? com’è andata?

  • Klp Key Lime Pie

    thank bro.I love developer ^^

  • Zahid Q. Qureshi

    Main Homepage says 1.6.6 has been released. But its not uploaded here on the redirected page. I Wonder why?

    • Zahid Q. Qureshi

      Okay. Solved. Its available now. Lol

      • Diego

        Maybe I am dumb, but I can still find only the version 1.6.4… Can anybody post the link for the 1.6.6? o_O

        • Han

          Just download from the front page.

  • thibaut pranal

    thanks !

  • Jon Peterson

    nrtv1.6.6. nexus 7v2, 4.3, jss15j. fails driver guide step 3: ADB device was not found. went through driver install process twice (universal drivers as recommended). device manager and usbdview both show Google Nexus ADB Interface w/o error. tried multiple usb ports. win7 64bit. usb debugging is enabled in the device. Rebooted pc as recommended and also between driver guide steps 2 and 3. need help. thanks, jon

    • WugFresh

      The recommendation driver solution may not be the best one for your setup. Try the raw driver solution instead.

  • sonixtra

    Great !!! Everything is Right and working !!! Thanks for your job Wug :=)

  • Hunbaly

    I have ADB device was not found notification, when i start the full driver test. The troubleshooting options are not working :( What can i do now?

  • dan

    Hi. Does not work with my galaxy nexus running 4.3(used to work in past)
    When i choose the root option (phone already unlocked) it goes through the series of reboots etc. It eventually reaches the stage where it says “rebooting into recovery mode” then the PC gives the message “rooting” but then the phone gives an error and says “no command” and everything just stops and the PC just endlessly waits.

    • bylo

      Same here whether or not Custom Recovery is checked in the Root part of rootkit (running on Win7-32.)

    • asulike

      my nexus4 has the same issue, ‘no command’.

      • asulike

        I guess i know why it failed, openrecovery-twrp- file was 8kb when i rooting failed, it should be 7.5MB, try to use Update menu to update all needed files.

        • Trigold

          The file is 5.6MB. Mine is fine, but still get the “no command” up there.

  • dan

    Wug – please help! :-)

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    I also get the no command thing when it tries to root, anyone figure this out? I have a galaxy nexus with 4.3 on it, I was rooted with 4.2.2 and did the OTA update, also have been unlocked since I got the phone.

  • Joe Sanchez

    I can’t seem to download v1.6.6, it takes me to v.1.6.4. Is there something wrong?

  • Libor Foltýnek

    Hi I have a issue. I have Nexus 7 v2, I unlocked it successfully but when I tried to root it it rebooted to fastboot, display message about pushing recovery, rebooted, pushed recovery files but then tried to reboot to recovery but only android with red exclamation mark is displayed and no recovery is booted. I must push power button for some seconds and then again and device booted normally – no root but no recovery, not stock! Any idea? Thanks

    • Hunbaly

      SAME HERE! The TWRP is the problem. Uncheck the Custom recovery box, when you rooting. But i have a rooted phone, but bricked Custom Recovery. WUG, HELP US PLS!

      • WugFresh

        You have stock recovery. I am guessing that you are referring to an android on its back with an exclamation point. That is what the prescreen to stock recovery looks like. If you were to hold volume down and then press the power button you would see stock recovery screen.

        • Hunbaly

          So we need to flash the custom recovery again? thank you for your reply :)!

          • WugFresh

            Try enabling “use temp TWRP” in the toolkit options menu and rooting again.

  • Sajeev

    Installed NRT v1.6.6 and rooted my already unlocked Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.3.0 without any issues.

  • goldghost

    Get to the root stage but keep getting ” fastboot device was not found”, Where can I get working drivers for the Nexus 7?

    • John Wallace

      Did you remember to re-enable USB debugging in developer options?

  • Eric

    Thanks for your work. I first ran and used the “raw driver” install. Went to step 3 and ran the “check”. “Success”! When installing Root & Recovery, it gets to the point where it says pushing root files to device, but when it’s supposed to boot into TWRP, it boots into system “android man with red exclamation mark on his belly” mode. Tried it twice with the same result. Any ideas? I did notice that in Device Mgr “portable devices” isn’t showing at all. However in Prompt mode, an “adb devices” shows device serial #. It’s as if TWRP wasn’t flashed correctly.

    • Laurent Decheau

      nexus 4 same issue, red exclamation…

      • WugFresh

        Try enabling, “use temp TWRP” in the toolkit options menu.

        • MBum

          I have tried having custom recovery checked and unchecked on the root menu while using “temporary boot TWRP”and “reboot directly into TWRP.” In all four situations the nexus gets stuck with the android with red exclamation point. After powering down and turning it back on the toolkit indicates that the root was successful, however, I do not have root access. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this project!

          • SuperTard

            I had the same problem rooting my Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.3) and getting stuck with the the red exclamation mark Android. I did what Ishan Narula did on this thread – flashed ClockwordMod Recovery and it worked like a charm.

        • Ishan Narula

          Hey WugFresh… Tried that… Didnt work :( still get the red exclamation mark android

        • Ishan Narula

          Hey WugFresh…. So TWRP wasnt working for me… But I flashed ClockwordMod Recovery and then i rooted and it worked :D THANKS SO MUCH WUGRESH <3

        • Rob Burness

          I was having the same problem yesterday and ended up downloading the newest version of TWRP (2.6). Then the process worked for me. I was running 1.6.4 version of the toolkit.

        • Shahriar Farkhan

          I had the red exclamation on my Nexus 7 (2013) – I used “advanced utilities” to Boot/Fash Recovery, Once it did that It asked me to install Super SU (in TWRP) and then it rebooted into boot loop – I can’t get past the boot loop. I’ve tried to root using “use temp TWRP” and it still goes back to a boot loop. I can get back into TWRP but not the system.

    • Manu

      Try this. I managed to figure it out. if you are getting the red
      exclamation mark. wait for phone to come up. Then in Toolkit click on
      Launch under “Advanced Utilities”. Then click the Recovery Button in the
      middle column under section (Boot / Flash Image). it will give you
      three options, press the button that says “Latest TWRP”. This will push
      the TWERP into your Nexus 4 phone. wait for this to complete. You will
      not get the Red Exclamation now. After this. Close the Advanced
      Utilities window. Open the main window of Toolkit. This time again go to
      Root section. select Customer recovery option and click on the “Root”
      button. The rooting will happen now. I did this and its working for me. I
      got the SU User and Busybox options visible. after enabling both. I
      checked via Root Checker…. its working and my Nexus 4 is Rooted. Once
      again Wugfresh…. this is a great toolkit. :-)

  • Centerfold Skye

    I am now rooted. Worked wonderfully for my new Nexus 7. Thank you. Will this prevent me from receiving over the air updates in the future? Android 4.3.1 and beyond.


      Nope. You’ll have to re-root the phone after such up-dates, though it will remain unlocked.

  • Brandon DeWitt

    I know this’ll sound like a total newb question, but just want to be sure before making a move — I have 4.2.2 installed now – just saw a notification that the 4.3 update was downloaded and just waiting on me to install… I used this NRT software (previously released version) to root my existing 4.2.2 setup, should I install the OTA download that is on my Nexus7 (1st gen WiFi) and then use WugFresh’s tool to re-root? or is there a better procedure to do this upgrade?

  • Kyle McKnight

    When doing a nandroid backup from the toolkit, do I still need enough space on the android device? Meaning does it make the backup on the android device and then copy it to the pc? Or does it just create it on the pc? Because currently I don’t have enough space on my device to use TWRP to make a backup. And when I try to from the toolkit, after it begins the step of creating teh backup it just takes forever and doesnt ever create it. So I’m wondering if it’s failing silently due to not enough space.

  • Philip Viet

    My nexus 7/2nd recognized everything (I can copy/delete my SD card and it shows Nexus 7 in My computer) on windows 8 but toolkit 1.6.6 says “ADB device can’t be found”. Why? Also USB debugging as check as a Developer Option.

    • Centerfold Skye

      Changing to the official Samsung drivers got me past the “ADB device can’t be found” error.

  • Cap’n Bludd

    new N7 4.3 unlocked fine, but root fails, tried the different combos of temp recovery and custom, tried the TWRP but I never get past the red ! on the Andy. I’ve rooted my old N7 and GN using the kit in the past with no problems.

    • Centerfold Skye

      I have this same problem. New Nexus 7 stops at pushing root files to device and then the Red(!). Rooted the old Nexus 7 just fine.

      • Scott Abramczyk

        i think you have to install a recovery

        • Centerfold Skye

          What worked for my new Nexus 7. Advance Utilities>Boot/Flash Image>Recovery>Root

  • TbZ

    Rooting 4.3 on both my previously unlocked and rooted Nexus 10 and Galaxy Nexus went great on the first attempt. One interesting observation, though: I opted to root WITHOUT flashing custom recovery and it flashed it anyway on both devices. No biggie, flashed stock recovery separately afterwards and all went as expected. Great work!

    • Scott Abramczyk

      so now your rooted with stock recovery and stock Rom?

      • TbZ


        • Andrés Campos

          How did you reflash stock recovery?
          Already You had TPRW when rooting?

          • TbZ

            Sorry for the delayed reply. I started with stock recovery, chose NOT to flash TWRP, yet NRT 1.6.6 flashed it anyway. So, it rooted successfully, but left me with TWRP rather than stock recovery after it was complete (not what I wanted). So, I simply reflashed 4.3.0 stock recovery using NRT 1.6.6, when went perfectly fine. This entire process was 100% consistent between my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 10.

  • Max IT

    Great! First i uninstalled all my old drivers from windows 7 / 64 and installed the universal (as recomended) then rooted my N7Wifi32 4.3.0 OTA updated: perfect, now work wonderfully all apps root needed. Wugfresh #1!

  • Santiago Cortes A

    Thanks a lot Wugfresh I finally rooted my Galaxy Nexus with 4.3, always trusting on you!

  • zoo’s

    Galaxy nexus was rooted with no problem.

  • Manu

    Please help I have Nexus 4 with 4.3 over OTA. I ran the Toolkit 1.6.6. The device was successfully unlocked. However the Root with customer recovery did not happen. I kepts going to the Horizontal Android with Red Exclamation mark. I think, It looks like TWERP is not getting pushed to phone (could be an issue with where the Toolkit is looking for files). Also tried Root Checker afterwards and found that device also did not get rooted. Any ideas ???

    • Manu

      HI Folks. I managed to figure it out. if you are getting the red exclamation mark. wait for phone to come up. Then in Toolkit click on Launch under “Advanced Utilities”. Then click the Recovery Button in the middle column under section (Boot / Flash Image). it will give you three options, press the button that says “Latest TWRP”. This will push the TWERP into your Nexus 4 phone. wait for this to complete. You will not get the Red Exclamation now. After this. Close the Advanced Utilities window. Open the main window of Toolkit. This time again go to Root section. select Customer recovery option and click on the “Root” button. The rooting will happen now. I did this and its working for me. I got the SU User and Busybox options visible. after enabling both. I checked via Root Checker…. its working and my Nexus 4 is Rooted. Once again Wugfresh…. this is a great toolkit. :-)

      • Scott Abramczyk

        great thanks. Was it just that when you updated you lost recovery and had to re-install it?

      • Centerfold Skye

        Worked for new Nexus 7.

      • Pluto

        I have the same problem about the red exclamation mark, and I have just followed your solution, launch Advanced Utilities then Flash Recovery with lastest TWRP ( but then my nexus 4 kept going to the Google logo and stop here.
        There are some thing wrong with my nexus 4 :(

      • wann

        Worked great for Galaxy Nexus, thanks!

  • Rick

    Toolkit 1.6.6 Where is it?

    • aNew

      Launch the 1.6.4 and update from the software itself.

  • Mike

    I was able to unlock/root my Nexus 4 when it was 4.2.2, no problems. After the update, whenever I plug it to my recently formatted computer (Win 8 – 64), the authorization pop up doesn’t come up, and I can’t run the toolkit because the device is not found (not authorized).

    Any ideas? Thanks.

    • Scott Abramczyk

      happened to me to, when your plugged in try pulling down the notification window to change the format to the camera set up. I forget the actual wording,

      • Don LaVange

        I have the same problem. Changing to the camera usb didn’t help. I’m rooted, didn’t think I made system changes. The 4.3 auto build failed and left me on the Dead Android >start screen and the recovery screen.
        I’m using win 8.1 – 64.

      • Mike

        Whoa, that actually worked for me! Thanks!


    NRT v 1.6.6 worked painlessly for re-rooting my Nexus 7 (1st gen, WiFi) after the Android 4.3.0 up-date. (NRT v 1.6.3 had had some issues with USB debugging mode.)

  • Jon Hansson

    1.6.6 works like a charm! Great job!

  • Minh

    Hey guys, I downloaded the toolkit for my Nexus 10. Unlocking worked seamlessly. When rooting, it gets to the point when it says ‘Rooting’ with the red exclamation sign, reboots, says ‘Device Found’ but nothing has changed really… Device still unrooted and no more message comes up. Any idea on this?

  • Eric Miner

    I tried to update to 4.3.3 and it didnt work. Still on 4.2.2. I am already unlocked and rooted with wugfresh. Any help would be great

  • Apichart Chart

    thank you.

  • andygully

    excellent and thx to manu your extra guide did the job nexus 4

  • mujanovic

    Can anyone help me, please? My device is Nexus 4, I rooted it a while ago and did not have any custom ROMs. I restored stock recovery and did a sideload update to 4.3 some days ago using Toolkit version 1.6.3. The update went well and I am now on 4.3 but I lost the root. How do I get the root back, I seem unable to find the right instructions to re-root my device.

  • Don LaVange

    Hi.I can’t seem to update to 4.3 nor can I flash back to stock / unroot.
    I’ve got a rooted but not flashed Nexus 4 LGE JDQ39
    running 4.2.2.
    USB debugging turned on
    Using Windows 8.1
    Turned unsigned devices on

    I’ve tried the ASB method’s as well as all four methods here. I’ve attempted to follow the steps using two computers, one is on regular 8 not the .1.

    I got the farthest using raw (4) with my windows 8 machine, but when it should have been appearing to go into a “boot loop”, instead it booted to the dead android > start menu.

    I didn’t root the phone, my son-in-law did, and he doesn’t remember much about how he did it. I’ll buy the software author a beer or four if someone helps me solve this. Or even if you don’t.

    • Don LaVange

      My son-in-law rooted it on Win 7 with Wug.

  • MarkVonShief

    I’m seeing something called “evo-gen” that Avast is blocking during the download. Is this for real?

    • MarkVonShief

      Don’t see the same message from Avast (???).
      Seemed to download clean from Goo

  • Alex

    Hi Wugs or someone else

    .I was going from a rooted 4.2.2 to 4.3 when it stopped at the fastboot mode stage
    where you have the options of recovery mode = start and power off

    well i tried the start loads of times and it did not start so in the end i thought i would power off and start over

    sadly the nexus never ever comes back on again
    i only see a black screen and cannot do the power and vol up or down

    pc does not recognise it but i dont have mabe the correct drivers

    please can this device come back from its deep sleep

    please some pointers what to do

    • John Wallace

      I have had a similar problem in the past. Leave your nexus for 20-30 minutes. Hold the power and vol up/down key for about 20-30 secs. Your Nexus should boot to the bootloader screen. On Wug’s toolkit do a Flash Stock + Unroot with Soft-Bricked/Bootloop selected Hopefully you can proceed from there.

      • Alex

        thanks for replying = i tried many times to do various combinations…nothing
        i will try later when i am on my desktop to look at fastboot…and update the drivers
        right now when i plug the nexus into the pc it comes up as not recognised…
        if the nexus were completely dead would it still even come up in the device manager??
        i also tried to pull the battery for a few minutes and then try again….nothing
        i charge it into the mains with cable and nothing…
        i will need to check it when i get home on my main pc in a few hours
        please wirte any further siggestions or any web video/links which may help in this situation

        • Alex

          i am on my main pc right now
          i have downloaded the SDK manager and installed the Android SDK platform tools and Google USB driver

          nothing happens when i plug the nexus into the PC

          do i need to actually manually install these drivers or they are already installed when i ran the SDK manager…

          the nexus shows as unknown device right now

  • steve

    Used this kit today, quite a noob but found it easy to follow, now have a Nexus 7 that I can do what I want with.
    Donated to the cause too.

  • ll

    I have the same problem described by Alex. I only see a black screen and the “power and vol up or down” does nothing.

    • John Wallace

      I have had a similar problem in the past. Leave your nexus for 20-30
      minutes. Hold the power and vol up/down key for about 20-30 secs. Your
      Nexus should boot to the bootloader screen. On Wug’s toolkit do a Flash
      Stock + Unroot with Soft-Bricked/Bootloop selected Hopefully you can
      proceed from there.

  • Pluto

    Can you help me. When update files, the recovery twrp incomplete/hashcheck-mismatch so I selected “OK” to manually download then apply ok.
    Then I rooted my nexus 4, but after a moment it displayed the android robot with a red “!” :(, then it reboot to OS and root not success (don’t have SuperSu).
    Sory for my English. Thanks.

  • Rick

    Where is the link?

  • Garfield

    Hei, anybody stuck on a “no command” issue while rooting 4.3 on nexus 4? I can’t not root my nexus 4 after 2 rebooting then capture this failure message. Anyone helps? Thanks.

    • Krish

      Please see Manu’s comment below. Steps to follow:
      1. Under Advanced Utilities, click Launch
      2. Under section Boot/Flash image, select Flash (permanent) and click on Recovery
      3. Click OK and click Latest TWRP and allow the process to finish

      4. Start the Root process again by selecting Custom recovery (don’t know if this is necessary) and clicking on Root. This time, you would not see the exclamation mark or the message “No command”.

      • ekee

        Thanks for the nice summary!
        It works.
        I’d like to confirm that the “custom recovery” check for root is NOT necessary.

  • Sandeep

    With android 4.3 even I see the same problem pluto mentions below. A red exclamatory mark with the root failing to do its thing. Could some one help?

  • Sandeep

    I had stock Android 4.3 and wanted to get USB OTG to have more space using powered USB.

    I first downloaded and installed Nexus root toolkit 1.6.6 and Unlocked the boot loader and then rooted the phone (pre -requisites for loading ziddey-otg-r165-07291101. zip)

    All went well.

    I am at Android 4.3 and rooted and then I went to recovery (TWRP) and then selected Install and selected the .zip that I downloaded from XDA.


    I tried to reboot the phone and ever since stuck in the start up screen just displaying the google icon for nearly 15 minutes. Did i just manage to brick my phone? Please help!

    Also I am currently using the same toolkit to re-install factory stock Nexus 4 Android 4.3

    Will the not work at android 4.3? Please help any suggestions are welcome.


  • Rick

    Why is there no link. If you click on home page link it takes you to 1.6.4

  • Nine

    Thanks Krish, everything is working now, perfect!

  • Christophe

    I noted that Nandroid backup files are not copied any more to PC. NRT just says successfuly completed.
    Nexus 4 4.3, TWRP and Toolkit 1.6.6

    • John Wallace

      I have the same problem. I end up with a file of about 20mb on my PC, although the backup file size on my N7 is about 1.3gb. I did send an email to TWRP yesterday (Saturday) and I suppose they are closed for the weekend. If I get a reply I will post back here. I also commented to Wug Fresh about it on Friday on Google+ but I don’t suppose he has time to look at everything. I have changed to CWM in options on Wug’s toolkit and have a backup now on my PC. Restore works but you have to manually intervene after the file is pushed to your device because the boot back into recovey just hangs.

      • Christophe

        For your info, I downgraded TWRP to V2.5.0.0, pulling nandroid backup files to my PC works again.

        • John Wallace

          Thanks for that Christophe, I shall try that. BTW, did you report the problem to TWRP? I did, but haven’t had a reply yet.

    • Tim

      I also saw this problem (Nexus 7, 4.2.2, NRT 1.6.6). The full 1.55 GB of Nandroid backup files are still in /sdcard/TWRP/BACKUPS, but these weren’t all copied to my PC. I also couldn’t copy them with Windows Explorer (MTP) or adb pull. Both silently skipped files, eg. I checked with adb shell, and ls -l showed file permissions like “-rwSrwSr–”. I don’t know what the “S”s mean, but by fixing the permissions, I was able to copy the files. This required booting into the recovery shell, connecting with adb shell, cd to the backup directory, and using ” chmod u=rw,g=rw,o=rw * “.

  • Sai

    not working. it unlocked perfectly but something went wrong when rooting it.

  • Tim

    Works great for me. Thanks. Used it to re-root a Nexus 4 that un-rooted with the 4.3 update. I just hit the root button again, didn’t unlock it.

  • LloydAnthony

    I successfully completed rooting but SuperSU and Busy Box won’t install. Solutions?

  • Rick

    For some reason Firefox won’t link me to 1.6.6. It keeps going to page for 1.6.4. I decided to try another browser as this was driving me nuts.Tried Chrome and it worked fine as did rooting. Thanks WugFresh

    • Imran Aftab

      Hey Rick, I downloaded it with Firefox 22.0, without any errors :)

      • Rick

        Seems to be working for me now.

  • Virtual

    - -Where is 1.6.6..

  • Hop

    Nexus Root Toolkit v1.6.6
    On my Galaxy Nexus work perfect…

  • D C C

    NRT 1.6.6 Worked flawlessly on GNex. Thanks, WugFresh!

  • John Wallace

    Could anyone with the Nandroid Backup/Recovery problem (backup not pulling to PC) please do me a favour and report it to TWRP through the Contact button on their website, as there doesn’t seem to be any way of reporting problems to Wug Fresh directly

    Many thanks

  • llebpmacliam

    The toolkit got to the final root message (open supersu, busybox to confirm root) but neither of those are installed on the phone and rootchecker says the phone is not rooted. Any ideas?

  • JackBlack

    Noob here. I have a 1st gen N7 running version 4.2.2. Using WugFresh 1.6.6 I have rooted and installed customer recovery. I get prompted for 4.3 OTA upgrade and proceed. N7 reboots and goes into TWRP. Do I just then need to locate and install the OTA upgrade file or should I just use the wugfresh interface to flash 4.3 ? thanks all, great utility !!

    • WugFresh

      Check out the FAQs on this website. The short answer to your question is to restore stock recovery and then try taking the update again. This can be done with the restore stock recovery button in advanced utilities.

      • JackBlack

        Thanks WugFresh and I will use the FAQ in the future.

  • ll

    Please Wug:
    I have used your program many times with different Nexus models and always succesfully. Now I stuck with a bricked Nexus 7 3G.
    Like Alex, I was going from a rooted 4.2.2 to 4.3 when it stopped at the fastboot mode stage at the options of recovery mode = start and power off. It did not start and I tried a power off and start over, but the bootloader never comes back. I only see a black screen and the power and vol up/down is ineffective (after many attempts, charging or not, connected to a PC or not, etc.).
    The PC recognise it as an APX device and never detects the fastboot mode, even after changing the APX driver in the PC for the ADB drivers.
    Is there another option in your program that allows to flash a new bootloader? Could you give me some advice? Thanks.

  • Michel Lopes Del Sent

    ENGLISH: Hello I am Brazilian!

    I have a Nexus 4, and had done root for version 4.2.2 had to clean it and everything was ok. Until the new version of Android came out to 4.3 and my root stopped working. Where should I go?

    Thank you for creating this site and have been around people on answers.

    - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

    BRAZIL: Olá sou Brasileiro!

    Tenho um Nexus 4, e havia feito root para a versão 4.2.2 tive que limpar ele e estava tudo ok. Até que, a nova versão do Android saiu, a 4.3 e meu root parou de funcionar. Para onde devo caminhar?

    Obrigado por terem criado este site e por terem estado perto das pessoas em respostas.

  • TerahTechDan

    Hi. My Nexus 7 wifi was just updated to v4.3 and there is no settings for “Developer Options.” This means there is no way that allows me to turn on the ADB. So does anyone know where to go to turn this setting on? Thank you.

    • TerahTechDan

      Hi, Well I just purchased a Nexus v2 a few days ago versus the original Nexus 7 I mentioned above. So when I connected it to my PC and selected the correct build, I was instructed to press the build 7 times to unlock the hidden Developer Options. So if anyone has OTA’s version 4.3, you will have to hit the Build 7 times to unhide “Developer Options” in the menu.
      Thank You…

      • TerahTechDan

        Hi Again,
        I am able to get my original Nexus 7 into USB Developer mode. I am trying to get it back to v4.2.2 versus the OTA of v4.3. However, when I press the “Flash Stock + unroot” it gets stuck saying the “FastBoot Device is not found.”

        The screen on the tablet has the ‘android open’ and it has a big green arrow that says “Start” on it. If I press the volume up/down, it shows “Restart bootloader” “Recovery mode” “Power off.” On the left on the screen in small print it states the device is in bootloader mode. But the application cannot find fastboot. So, what would be your recommendation to get past this fastboot not being found? Thank You Very Much!

        • TerahTechDan

          Hi, It is me again,
          OK. If you actually follow the initial step and load the drivers, then the unlock works and I am sure it will also Flash Stock back to v4.2.2. So, all I did was do the initial step (loading the drivers), then unlock the device, then press the build number 7 times to select Developer Options. This little application works like a charm and I will donate because this is a really nice app to have. Thank you for developing this easy to use application.

          • TerahTechDan

            One last thing I had to do once it was unlocked is to disable the Multimedia when the USB was connected after the reboot. Once that was deselected, I was able to flash it back to v4.2.2 without issues. Donation is completed. Thank you, TerahTechDan.

    • NexusArg

      Go to “about the tablet” the touch several times “compilation number” till a notification tell’s you that you are now a developer. Go back now you’ll find “developer options” and then click on “USB depuration” YOU ARE WELCOME!

  • Jag

    Hey Wug. I used your NRT to root both my Google Nexus and my original Nexus 7 and it worked great. I used it to unlock the bootloader for my new Nexus 7 and everything went great. However when I went to root it and flash a custom recovery, a custom recovery was never flashed, and when I try to boot into recovery, nothing happens. The Android recovery screen shows up for a few minutes, and then Android reboots. So for now, I have a Nexus 7 that has an unlocked bootloader but doesn’t have a custom recovery, or root. Is there anything I can do to fix that?

    • WugFresh

      v1.6.7 was just now released. Try again with that, see if that resolves your problem. Cheers.

      • Jag

        Just updated and will root shortly. Will post update. Thanks so much Wug!

  • edward

    Hi Wug, Thanks for this great tool I succesfully unlocked my nexus 4 with root kit 1.6.7 but when I try to root and flash a custom recovery it working until it says flashing custom recovery then it boots with the google logo and shows a black screen after it then detects the device and goes on to the next stage it starts booting and says rooting then a picture with a droid and a red warning triangle comes up and my only option is to reboot.

    • WugFresh

      @disqus_gT3Itkpkzu:disqus I am very confused as to why this is happening to you. That shouldn’t happen. Please add me on google hangouts and send me a message. I will try and see if I can determine why that is happening to you the next time I am available.

      • edward

        i have just solved the issue i went to advanced and flahed the twrp recovery and then rooted.

        • WugFresh

          Pushed out v1.6.8 with a fix.

    • WugFresh

      Are you sure you use v1.6.7?

  • Daniel Marius Tache

    Hi Wug, same thing here with a galaxy nexus gsm running stock 4.3, waiting for a fix.
    Thx for your great work!

    • edward

      i fixed mine, go to advanced utilities>flash>recovery>twrp>then root and it worked!

      • Daniel Marius Tache

        Thx Ed, it worked!

        • Daniel Marius Tache

          Actualy i’ve seen that after rooting it writes stock recovery over twrp, so if you want it, you have to rewrite it. (i used root without checking custom recovery)

      • Jimish

        Thanks Edward! I rooted my GNex using your method and it worked flawlessly although it took about 10 mins to complete the operation
        I understand that Wug has bought an update 1.6.7 to resolve this very problem.

      • WugFresh

        Just pushed out v1.6.8, that won’t be needed anymore. I had missed one small thing in v1.6.7.

  • HappyWarrior

    Hello Wug, I’m also experiencing a problem and hopefully you can help me troubleshoot it.

    I’m running an original Nexus 7 tablet and I usually install the CyanogenMod nightlies. Before installing each nightly I do a full Nandroid backup using your Toolkit but I noticed since last Wednesday (July 31, 2013) that the Create Nandroid Backup w/ Custom Recovery function is not working correctly. The device is saving the full backup but it is not copied correctly to my laptop. For example, while the Nandroid backup on the device is 664 MB, only 2 files occupying 8 MB are saved to my laptop.

    In the past the backup function worked without problems. The only recent change I recall is that the auto-update informed me last Wednesday that the TWRP Custom Recovery files were outdated and it installed new files. This backup problem has now persisted with v1.64, v1.66 and now v1.67 which I just installed. (I just noticed you pushed v1.68).

    Has anyone else reported this problem and do you know a solution? Obviously I’d like to make nandroid backups to make it easy to restore the device if a specific nightly is unreliable. As a workaround I just tried to pull the backup files to my desktop and it failed also.

    • WugFresh

      I read somewhere earlier that a user had this problem. From what they reported they believed it was related to TWRP and they solved it by reverting to an older TWRP version (I believe v2.5.0.0). I have not tested that myself but its worth trying.

      • HappyWarrior

        Thanks Wug; I just figured out the same from reading the G+ TWRP community. I haven’t tested it yet but I think it comes from a mismatch between TWRP versions. My device has v2.5.0.0 while the Toolkit has v2.6.0.0.

        Also, I just replaced v2.6.0.0 with v2.5.0.0 in the Toolkit but the script prompts me to download the newer version and stops when I press “Cancel” so I still can’t do backups. I suppose the next step is to flash v2.6.0.0. to the device but I’m reluctant to do so unless I know it will work.

        • John Wallace

          Please can you report the problem on TWRP’s website. Hopefully, if enough people report it they will fix it. I have reported it 2 days ago but haven’t had a reply. In the meantime, I’m using Clockworkmod’s recovery, which seems to work, except you have to re-root after doing a recovery.

      • John Wallace

        I have succeeded in reverting back to v2.5.0 but the backup still wouldn’t pull to my laptop. Have you any contacts with TWRP? Maybe your voice might carry more weight than us mere users.

    • digixmax

      I ran into the same issue, it turns out that TWRP v2.6.0.0 saves the backup to the tablet rather than the PC, but for some reason I have not been able to copy the backup to the PC, so I am guessing NRT might be having the same copying problem.

  • Valg’Larn

    Where to find the 1.6.8 EXE file?
    Does it works correctly on Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.3?

    • WugFresh

      Under download above. Yes.

  • MrMozart

    Hello WugFresh,
    I have a problem with my Nexus 4 (never done any special config of it before). After unlocking I am trying to root, but after all is done there is no supersu or BusyBox. Downloading SuperSu manually says there is no su binary installed. During the process there is a phase where the phone is showing an android lying down with a red triangle with an exclemation mark on it. There is no error message on the PC. After a while the telephone reboots and the process continues. I have tried both 1.6.7 and 1.6.8 with the same results.

    I run Root without Custom Recovery

    Any ideas?

    • Adrian

      Same here with Android 4.3 and Nexus 4. After unlocking, the root proccess fails whn trying to boot into TWRP recovery

      With Android 4.2.2, I got no errors

    • spamnco

      I have the same problem the N4 shows the dead droid while rooting but the process finishes ok although it does not seem to be rooted.
      I am still looking for a fix.
      using NRT 1.6.8 btw

      • WugFresh

        Please try uninstalling and re-installing the toolkit.

        • spamnco

          It didn’t change anything. Btw problem seems to occur when the phone restarts in recovery mode, the dead droid shows up then.

          • WugFresh

            Sorry I accidentally responded to the wrong person. For your problem, change the toolkit option to use Temporary TWRP in the toolkits options menu.

          • spamnco

            Thank you very much it worked perfectly!

  • Andrew-oid

    Hello WugFresh,
    same problem as MrMozart. I have a GNexus 4.3 and I always get a “No Command” (red triangle). I have tried both 1.6.6 and now 1.6.8 with same results. Thank you for your support.

    • First time root

      I used is Nexus 4 8G version, My problem same as Andrew-oid. Don’t root success.
      Thanks .

    • Andrew-oid

      That is to say, every time I try to get into recovery I get the red triangle and the no command. (Gnexus 4.3 unlocked)

    • WugFresh

      Try switching the toolkit to use temp custom recovery in the toolkits options menu. Make sure you select the correct Gnex as well (i.e. verizon, sprint, or GSM).

      • Andrew-oid

        It works! I swiched to temp custom recovery and everything was fine. Thank you Wug!

      • DerVO

        Thx. Worked for me too.

  • Throwie

    Having the same problem as Mozart + Andrew on 1.6.8, with Nexus 4.

    • Throwie

      Okay nvm, it is now working and rooted after changing to “Temporarily boot TWRP to complete the operation” in the options menu of the toolkit.

      • WugFresh

        Are you on 4.3 @76c7dd0be54934278fcea5791e722b70:disqus ?

        • Throwie

          Yes, this was on 4.3. All working now, thanks for the helpful toolkit.

      • AlexElder

        It worked for me as well, with a SGN with 4.3

        Thanks @wugfresh:disqus

      • Cosmosis

        I had the same problem with my Nexus 4 + Android 4.3 + NRT1.6.8
        By changing the option “Temporarily boot TWRP to complete the operation” in the toolkit, it works well.

        Thanks @wugfresh:disqus for the NRT and @76c7dd0be54934278fcea5791e722b70:disqus for the solution :)

  • LongJohn


    after a couple of weeks of not upgrading to 4.3, I finally did that yesterday, with the 1.6.6 kit.

    Now I’m having some small issues with the interface: The button for the settings card on the drop down menu for the N4 is no longer functional. I’m also getting errors for downloads of programs that have worked just fine with 4.2.2.

    Any ideas? Or should I just reflash?

  • neonefound

    I am getting to a serious frustration point. I started the instructions for the driver update of the Nexus 7 (2013) and now Windows XP is not even finding the device. It briefly will show the Nexus 7 with a yellow question mark in device manager but then falls under SAMSUNG Android Phone and it’s Google Nexus ADB Interface.

    When I try to do any backup or start the rooting process it just tells me it cannot find ADB. I have the SDK installed on my desktop and I just can’t figure this out. I am usually quite savvy with these toolkits, but this time around I have hit a brick wall. Can anyone help me at all???

  • Nick

    I used ver. 1.6.6 to try and unlock and root my nexus 7 2. Something happened in the process–can’t say for certain what, but at some point the tool brought up TWRP on the nexus and a file that the tool said was supposed to be there, wasn’t. I semi-panicked and I think force-closed NRT. The end result now is that my nexus is stuck on the bootloader. None of the buttons seem to work, other than restart bootloader. pressing the power button makes the nexus go directly into the bootloader. When plugged into computer via the usb cord, windows xp currently doesn’t recognize anything is plugged in, although I do have the latest USB drivers installed. I downloaded and ran SDK and went through the various fastboot commands from within a cmd window. The fastboot devices command does bring up a device number, so it is recognized by fastboot. I don’t know what to do next…If I open up NRT, I can’t do anything with it, as it says that ADB doesn’t work or something and to enable USB debugging, which I can’t do because I’m stuck on the bootloader. I don’t know where to go from here–I don’t know if the device is salvageable or if it is completely toast and I should just return it and get another one…I see that in the day since I used NRT two more versions have been released—not sure if the new version can do anything—haven’t tried yet. Can anyone with more knowledge than myself give me a hand or some advice? Thanks in advance.

    • John Wallace

      I am by no means an expert, but sometimes when I’ve been stuck at bootloader I’ve selected Flash Stock + Unroot with the Soft-Bricked/Bootloop option selected.

      • Nick

        Tried that–nothing happened. says that no official image exists and shuts down. :(

        • John Wallace

          What’s your device and android version? Have you set them up in the toolkit and downloaded the build to the toolkit?

          • Nick

            Nexus 7 2013. Had done 2 OTA updates, was on the flo build. Yes, I set that version/type in toolkit. When I try the Flash Stock + Unroot option, says I have to enable USB debugging, which I am unable to do since I’m stuck in the bootloader. When I access it from within Fastboot, am able to ID device and OEM lock and unlock. When I try to flash an image to it, using instructions off of the internet, I get some sort of incompatibility error, I guess because Google hasn’t released the flo image and I’m trying the nakasi one.

            When I’m in the bootloader and plug it in to computer, literally nothing happens. Windows XP doesn’t recognize and NRT will confirm that fastboot is enabled and unlocked, but that is it.

          • John Wallace

            Did you set the softbricked/bootloop tab? If so, I can’t really be much more help I’m afraid. I’m in the UK and we don’t get the N7 v 2 for another month. I’m still on the old one GSM but running android 4.3 rooted and unlocked OK.

          • Nick

            I appreciate the response regardless. I haven’t touched it in two days–going to try a couple of things again tonight.

  • plim123

    I have a stock Verizon Galaxy Nexus, but I have Good Mobile from work. It won’t work with root, but I’m just trying to use a couple apps that require root for one time (lagfix fstrim, specifically).

    can anyone tell me if this will work:
    use the wugfresh root kit to take a backup, root, uninstall good mobile, install/run lagfix, unroot, restore from backup.

    will that keep all my data/apps (including Good Mobile) fine?

  • nexus4_alfred

    I unlock my Nexus4 (before that I did a backup), and when I tried to restore from previous backup file, it says “Rebooting your device…”, but my phone is not rebooting, and information message is always “Waiting for your device…”. What’s wrong with my restore?? Please kindly help. BTW, really appreciate your great tool :)

    • nexus4_alfred

      I have adb and boot loader drivers installed successfully I guess. But it will always say “adb device not found”… how to resolve this problem? I guess it’s the root cause for restore failure. Please help!!

      • nelly

        usb debugging? I always forget that…

        • nexus4_alfred

          No, I enabled it all the time. thanks for your reply anyway.

          I use “List devices” in Advanced Utilities, it shows “no adb devices found”, and I saw 1 adb.exe in Task Manager. When I kill adb.exe, List devices again, I saw 2 adb.exe in Task Manager at first, but after a very short time, only 1 adb.exe remains, and message shows “…daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037…..daemon started successfully…..List of devices attached (EMPTY)……..”

          • nexus4_alfred

            I used the toolkit to do backup (.ab file), but now I cannot restore it, reasons are listed above. It’s really hard for me if it cannot be restored. @Wugfresh , would you please take some time to look into my issue? Thank you very much!

          • nexus4_alfred

            @wugfresh:disqus please help!! Thanks a lot in advance!!

          • duduk

            did you authorize your computer to debug? On mine I had to hit ok to refresh several times before the authorization prompt appeared on my phone.

  • Kraken

    For ROOTING successfully on LG N4 4.3,

    1.6.8 Toolkit + Change option in toolkit options to “”temporarily boot TWRP to complete the operation”” == Rooting Success!! Thanks to @Throwie and @wugfresh:disqus disqus conversation.

    • Chris Grant

      Worked for my Galaxy Nexus too, thanks.

  • Kevin Reiner Sotto

    Where is the download link?

  • bbrannon

    I have a Nexus 7 rooted with NRT 1.6.3 and on 4.2.2. What is the correct path to upgrade to 4.3. I have the OTA 4.3 update but have not accepted it.

    • Catalin Vlad

      take the 4.3 download with the toolkit 1.6.8 and is work

      • bbrannon

        I don’t want to be ungrateful but that is pretty uninformative.

  • Magestic

    Thank you Wug for all your time, efforts, patience & creating an idiot proof Toolkit for us! You have taken a complex & sometimes scary process & morphed it into an easy & simple click of a button. As soon as I am able I plan to donate to your cause as you deserve to be compensated for your talents, time & efforts you put into these creations.

    I made the mistake of donating to another Toolkit about 3 weeks ago, because I had used that developers tools in the past & loved them. However the promised update to support 4.3 has yet to appear & the developer is MIA and provided no updates in over 2 weeks. So apparently my donation & faith were misplaced, something that will not happen again. I am not trying to be cheap or anything, I am just on a fixed income. But a donation is most definitely coming your way by the end of the month.

    Thank you again for all you do!

    • John Wallace

      I have donated to both toolkits and I know which wasn’t (so far) a waste of money! It wouldn’t be so bad if the guy at least let us know what is going on. Silence for 2 weeks now and no reply to my emails. No wonder Wug Fresh is snowed under.

  • John Wallace

    I have managed to do a successful backup and restore from PC with TWRP 2.5.0, but not through Wug’s automated process.
    1. I downloaded TWRP 2.5.0 to the data > Recovery_Custom > Other folder in Wugs Tookit directory on my laptop.
    In Options – Custom Recovery I selected “Utilise an Alternate Custom
    Recovery Image”. Then select browse and navigate to the TWRP 2.5.0 file.
    3 In the toolkit Advanced Utilities use Boot/Flash Image – Recovery to flash TWRP 2.5.0
    4 Use Reboot Recovery under Quick Tools and wait for TWRP 2.5.0 to load up.
    5 Make your backup.
    6 Reboot System.
    7 Use Pull File/Folder in the toolkit Advanced Utilities to pull the backup to your laptop/PC.

    If the backup was deleted from your device you could then push the
    file from your PC to the TWRP Backups folder on your device and use it
    to do a recovery by using Step 4 above and then selecting Recovery.

    As I said at the start of this edit, you can’t use the automated Backup in the toolkit because it insists on using 2.6.0. Grrrr!

    • HappyWarrior

      John, thanks for detailing this alternate process. Its frustrating not to be able to use Wugfresh’s automated backup so hopefully the problem will be addressed soon. As you suggested I left a message on TWRP’s site but I got no response.

      • WugFresh

        Yeah, I am going to implement your suggestion @disqus_ysTkH0vHCW:disqus . I didn’t know that 2.5.0 would work and 2.6.0 wouldn’t work. I will make something so that the legacy version can be utilized, or just update the masterlists so that the toolkit thinks the latest version is

        • HappyWarrior

          Looking forward to that change. Thanks Wugfresh.

  • Juergen Schlotze

    @wugfresh:disqus you’re the guy! thx man

  • rigor


    I have a problem with the toolkit. My device is a Nexus 10 4.3. The toolkit version is 1.6.8

    I have already unlocked the tablet but now I want root it.

    Aparently the process goes fine but when the nexus reboot a message appear on my PC

    “renaming some system files to ensure flashed TWRP sticks”

    And the process never ends…..

    The only way to exit the application is kill it.

    Any help?

    Thxin advance.

  • oldandcurious

    I am excited that in a few short days, somebody will be so kind enough to explain to this old and curious man why after his N7 v1 w/ 4.3 was unlocked, he could not make the “root” part work.

    Rebooted. Shut off the N7. A few times.

    My N7 still powers on, all the way to the “Welcome” screen with the big white arrow below it. My Vista desktop still shows the N7 and I can still open the “storage,” albeit, with empty folders.

    At the very least, I am pushing the envelop in making NRT more idiot proof :) Thanks.

    • WugFresh

      Please provide more information as to what explicitly happens when you try to root. I can’t guess what the problem if you just say that it didn’t work. Thank you.

      • oldandcurious

        Thank you so much Wug for your time and affort. Your eagerness to help the old and curious like myself is very reassuring. Especially after a slight scare last night when I managed to unlock my N7 v1, but repeatedly could not proceed to the rooting process due to the ADB not recognizing my device. I followed the steps as best I could. I also tried more than a handful suggested remedies till the wee hours.

        Then, an hour ago, after a few more taps on the “white arrow” and finding only the wireless connection screen – it’s the only screen I saw after the unlocking and rebooting – the virtual keyboard finally popped up! The scary part last night was, pressing the big white arrow and landing on the single scree showing my available wireless connections, but nothing else to do.

        Intuitively, I decided to tap a few more times on my preferred wireless connection. Then bam! The virtual keyboard “came to life!” After going through the initial setting up procedures, my N7 has come back to usability.

        I will now read a bit more before I attempt to Root:)

        BTW, since there are more like me – curious enough and able to read the plain English on the buttons in NRK and even sift through the forums, most are still technically not inclined to understand how to do it or undo the cost of their curiosity. Stepping outside out of the box can still be an expensive learning experience. I am willing to help out as a test subject on how to further “idiot-proof” your creation :) Seriously. After last night’s experience, I already my short list that matches my curiosity and “idiocy” :)


  • Denis Borodachov

    @WugFresh Made all the steps and unlocked the phone, stuck on Root-ing the device, there where no errors, no root after last boot. What should I try and which details i should provide ? Mako 16 Gb, HW_Ver -rev_11,Bootloader: MAK0Z20i.

  • Nick

    Maybe I’m missing the point, or I just don’t understand the concept, but if there is no stock factory image available, then the “Back to Stock” option and the “Restore Stock Recovery” in Advanced Utilities will not work–correct? Is there a way to make your own stock image and be able to use it if one screws up somewhere? Thx.

    • John Wallace

      If you have the 2013 Nexus 7 the factory image is now available (10th August)

  • John

    Nexus S on Android 4.3 Message on PC screen says booting into recovery, on device android on side with red exclamation point, Message on PC screen changes to waiting for device. Device eventually reboots but no root.

    • Jim

      Should have check Google + first. Thanks to Alek S who posted the same problem there and Jim B who suggested the solution.

      • WugFresh

        I am pushing out a real fix to this in v1.7.0, I am trying to get it out asap.

        • Shane

          Wug – amazing software, thank you! And, my Galaxy Nexus (running JB 4.3, stock) is having the same problem – NRT thinks it’s rooting my phone, but it doesn’t stay rooted at the end.

          NRT goes through a series of steps, and all seem to be working. ADB works. Fastboot works. But the CWM recovery screen shows the triangle error message “No Command”, and does nothing for a minute or two.

          Eventually it automatically reboots. Then NRT says my phone is rooted, but it’s actually not rooted (at least it didn’t stay rooted…)

          Thanks for working on this! Looking forward to the v1.7 build!

  • kimi

    Where is the download link? I can`t find it.

    • Gary

      Hit F on your keyboard, search for the word “download” on this page and you’ll find it two sections below the instructions.

  • Luis M. Huesch

    Appreciate the beautifully elegant toolkit, which I think I used for the initial root of my N7 v1. Today I repeated the execricise and all seems well – i skipped the initialisation routines seeing my device was properly recognised, and jumped straight to the ‘root’ routine.
    A beer is on its way, mate!
    Now I need to catch up on the BusyBox bit which I also nelected to install…



  • Ted

    stupid question, but does rooting delete any data from my Nexus 7?

    • catiremedina

      Rooting wont, unlocking the bootloader will wipe your device.

      • Ted

        Thanks, do I have to unlock the device before rooting?

        • catiremedina

          Honestly I am not sure, but I suggest you do it just to get it out of the way, unlock, install custom recovery and root.

  • Reegan

    Awesome.. Everything in one place

  • Bob

    When trying to Root my Nexus s (i9023 4.1.2), everything just hangs up at “Booting modified boot.img to enable privileged commands…” On my phone at the bottom it says Fastboot Status – DATA003e0000. It just stays that way and nothing happens.
    Any ideas? Thanks.

  • oldandcurious

    Hello Mr. Wug :)

    Thanks to you, the posters here and the forums out there, my N7 v1 is now properly rooted. Either I missed the instruction due to haste or I did not quite understand after two readings, I missed something along the way.

    I uninstalled and re-installed NRT. Then I took it much slower to read and check the forums for clarification. So, the problem is obviously man-made by me :)

  • thwap

    Here is my own (additional) solution for the “no command” exclamation mark stall issue which I had myself and seems a lot of people having also.

    I have a Galaxy Nexus Android 4.3 (just unlocked and rooted, nothing else, I keep the stock recovery for OTA updates) and this is how I got mine working:

    - In NRT options (the top ‘Options’ file menu), first tab (‘Toolkit Settings’), I had ‘Just reboot directly into TWRP (assumes TWRP is already flashed)’ selected down the bottom. I changed it to ‘Temporarily boot TWRP to complete the operation.’ It gives a warning that it MAY not work for you, but it sure did work for me, painless process once I selected this option instead of the one beneath it!

    BOOM! 4.3 gnex rooted!…..I hope this helps some other Gnex zealots out there :)…(who like me, can’t afford to upgrade yet, hehe.)

    • Shane


      I just posted about having this same problem with my Galaxy Nexus (running 4.3).

      Now, after trying your tip here, and running the NRT root on my phone, it completed the root properly!

      Thanks for the simple fix!

    • SK

      You are super genius thwap! Thank you very much for sharing this small but very important tip with us. It took me two days of searching internet with no results. The moment I followed your advice my phone got rooted right away. Thanks again!

    • Col

      Thank you very much for this fix – I was pulling my hair out and this worked first time. – Nexus 4 Android 4.3

    • rbncha

      Great man! thanks alot. It’s a great fix for my Nexus 4 Android 4.3.

    • mhwd

      Kept getting the red exclamation. This fixed it.

    • thwap

      Thanks for the thanks guys – I wish I was more ‘hard-core’ than I am cos I used to be an obsessive ROM flasher in WM days but not so with Android – can someone tell me whether this option that I (and we) picked (i.e., ‘Temporarily boot TWRP to complete the operation’) hasn’t replaced the stock Android recovery with something else and thus removing future OTA updates from being happening automatically?

      I hope it didn’t :S…

      • thwap

        For anyone in the future following my little mini saga here: I can report happily, that ‘my method’ (to avoid the “no command” screen when using 1.6.8), did indeed not muck up future automatic OTA updates, I indeed received that second 4.3 ‘JWR66Y’ OTA update, automatically, no problem :). yay!

    • Antonio Balena

      Thanks man!!
      I’m gonna try this!!


  • FLeX

    I have done all the steps with drivers, then backed up, then went to unlock, and it looks as if it is working, I get it to reboot into fastboot, then restart, but it didnt work. The phone has all my apps wallpaper etc. Am I supposed to hit the green start box on my phone when it boots to fastboot?

  • praj

    Amazing tool. One thing you might want to add:
    The USB driver will only install when the device is enabled for USB storage (only then the RSA thumbprint comes in)

    I’ve spent hours and figured out myself.

    • Mark

      Same for me. The device was waiting for me to confirm RSA thumbprint…. which i eventually stumbled on.

  • FLeX

    well color me confused. When I boot the phone the lock icon is unlocked. Does this mean it is unlocked? If so wonder why ny data apps are all there. no change

  • bbrannon

    Nexus 7 wifi v1 4.2.2, TWRP 4.2.1 already unlocked and rooted with NRT 1.6.3. It is not clear to me how to upgrade to 4.3. Thanks.

  • FLeX

    well it worked! I rooted it, Have no idea how I didnt lose data, but oh well. Super easy to use this software. Hardest part was getting the drivers right. PDAnet ones worked for me. Thanks so much man!

  • Arun

    Hi There, I have a quick question. I’m trying to flash stock and unroot from 4.2.2 to 4.3. How long does the cmd prompt screen need to stay on? Do I need to wait until my nexus 7 boots again. as it just looks to be sitting in fastboot mode.

  • Michael

    Unable to root my 4.3 nexus. The tool installs the ADB driver…but 1) I never see any RSA thumbprint and YES 2) I’m in USB Debugging mode. It says the device is there in Device Manager and recognizes it as a Nexus 4 but the test says no ADB device is present!!! I used the recommended driver [ Universal ]

    • FLeX

      use the pdanet drivers

  • yannis

    Downloaded the Nexus Root Toolkit v1.6.8 but on installing my Bitdefender Antivirus marks the file “Wug_Updater_v9.exe” as being infected with a trojan! False positive or not, it makes it impossible to update the toolkit…..

    • WugFresh

      Report it to bitdefender so they can review it. Learn how to use your av, you could temporarily disable it and whitelist the file..

  • John Wallace

    Factory Images are now available for the Nexus 7 2013 model


    Downgrade Android 4.3 to 4.2.2 ?


  • Tim

    This tool is amazing! My nexus 4 was stuck in a bootloop after something went wrong when I was trying to root. I had tried flashing it myself, but it didn’t work. And i tried everything they said on xda-developers, but it just wouldn’t work. Than I found this tool and it was solved in 30 minutes!

  • Roberto Burgos

    I was able to unlock my bootloader. But when i go to root it it always fails. I tried both recoveries and it wont work. The tool completes all the steps but in always left with stock recovery

    • nexus

      Same here on my Nexus 4 with 4.3

      • Brian

        No help…

  • jian9007

    So do we have to manually re-root to update Super SU? After the toolkit ran I attempted to open Super SU and it said no SU binary installed, and I would need to manually re-root to install them.

    • bob

      Same problem here…any advice?

      • jian9007

        Yes. I have the Nexus 4 and Wugfresh (as well as a few other users here) mentioned to go into the options menu in the toolkit and select the option ‘Temporarily boot TWRP to complete the operation’. Select apply, then go through the root process again. This is exactly what I did and when it finished, I opened SuperSU and it was just fine with no errors. Installed the busybox per usual after root and everything is golden. :-)

        • inliner

          jian9007 thank you! That helped me, nothing else works so far…

  • Eric Miner

    I am dumbfounded , I go through the motions and then my phone just stays in fastboot mode. When I restart it is still on 4.2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Bruce Richards

      Same thing just happened to me………

  • El campesino

    I had my nexus 4 rooted before with some other system so I did the restore-to-factory-stuff of the program first. Then it worked out well, worked like a charme (although there could be some improvements regarding the layout). Anyway, keep on the good work and for the others: Don’t forget to donate!

  • awjkok

    I unrooted my nexus 7 to get the 4.3 update. One tip: turn of the “screen lock” on your nexus 7. I you are using the usb debug function for the first time (like me) the nexus 7 will ask your permission to link to your computer. If your screen is locked you won’t see the question and if permission is not granted the adb connection cannot be established. It took me a while to figure that out.

  • Rithvik Rao

    Any chance of a Mac version?

    Used this a while ago on my N4 with my Windows desktop, but I’d like to keep all stuff related to my device on my Mac laptop.

    Not a huge worry for me, but would appreciate it nonetheless.


  • Brian

    Nexus 7….4.3……1.6.8…… Windows 7…..When rooting and flashing, I get to the bootloader where it says start at the top and the message on my computer says “Waiting for your device…” I wait a long while. Should it be doing this? I will select Start and the messages on my computer will change. It never gets rooted, despite it telling me it was a success.

    I will also get a “fastboot.exe. has stopped working” message, click “close program” and the toolkit continues with its business.

    I don’t see any changes to my tablet. I only see the fastboot mode screen and the tablet booting.

  • Richie

    Hi guys
    My nexus 7 3g is in a bootloop so trying to flash stock and unroot but the process has stopped at “writing ‘bootloader’…
    OKAY [ 1.205s}
    finished. total time: 1.487s”
    and then nothing. Do i just have to wait or what am i doing wrong?

  • Guest

    Hi guys!!
    I have a problem with the last actions for rooting my gnex..
    i have to install supersu [chainfire] or superuser [clockwork mod]!?
    the first say me that i must manually root my device because i’m running android 4.3, the second say me something about the binaries and i don’t know what to do!
    so i install busybox by stericson and everytime i open it, a message say me that it can’t open a root shell… what i can do?!
    [as you can imagine, i'm a complete noob! so, i'm sorry if these questuions are stupid or if i said something weird! thank you!]

  • Taz

    It took a bit but i think i figured out the issue. If the device is running Android 4.2 or later, perform the following steps:
    Go to Settings > About Tablet
    Scroll to bottom of screen and select Build Number
    Tap device’s Build Number seven times
    You will see a message after the second tap to tell you that you are getting on the right track to becoming a developer.
    After the 7th tap, you will see that you are now a developer.
    Go to Settings, and magically the developer options is now a menu item.
    Open it and select checkbox to enable USB debugging mode.
    I did not have to reboot my PC to get this to work.
    Once you get it connected, the tablet will prompt you asking if you want to allow the PC to connect all the time, enable this option

  • Malcolm Bates

    You, sir, just saved me over 400 dollars to buy a new nexus 4. I thought I killed it. It was stuck in a bootloop no matter what I did. Thankfully, your program saved my phone. Good job!

  • Spoolio

    This is a great program, used several times for my GNex. I’m trying to root and flash custom recovery on my Nexus 7 2013 (Flo) and when I root, after it reboots to custom recovery and displays the Rooting dialogue, my N7 just displays the dead android icon. When I power off and reboot, it’s fine, but recovery is dead. I tried manually downloading, hash checking, and using TWRP, but same results. Any others have this issue?

    • Spoolio

      Check out Thwap’s post below. The warning threw me, but if I used boot temporarily into TWRP, it works. Now I am both rooted and the custom recovery works. Thanks again for the great software and timely updates WUG!

    • WugFresh

      Please update to v1.7.0 that will resolve this issue.

  • Joe

    Windows only? For Android software? What?

    • WugFresh

      Yes. Rescripting this program for multiple platforms is something that I intend to do in the future.

  • Eric Pettersen

    Nexus 7 v2, Android 4.3, toolkit 1.7.0. Although it unlocked the bootloader just fine, I’m unable to root the device – I’m sticking with the standard recovery at the moment, but… what happens is that it flips back to fastboot and then appears to crash – the windows unplug sound plays and then the tablet just sits there, not responding to anything while the script just sits waiting for it. Let it sit about 20 minutes before hard-powering it down. At the moment, it’s unlocked, but not rooted because of this freeze. Any ideas?

    • Bubba2Shanks

      I’m having the same issue.

      • ricy

        i have the same issue, i already tried different toolkit versions (1.6.9 -1.7.2)

  • edu_g

    Hi Wug, fantastic program, I’ve used it to root my gnex and nexus s several times, your work is much appreciated. I would like to downgrade form android 4.3 to 4.2.2 because the former lacks sim toolkit [it shows under settings>applications but has a size of 0kb & doesn't appear in the app drawer] and I need for mobile banking. Can I just use the flash zip option since I have downloaded the stock rom or do I have to use flash stock + unroot. [i'd like to remain rooted & unlocked if possible]

  • andro_417

    Nexus4, Android 4.3 toolkit 1.7:
    I’m not able to root the device. After the first reboot the device stuck at the Boot logo from Google. The Screen where you see the white Google logo and the little unlocked padlock.

    • PiP

      Same here with jwr66V. The modified boot image seems to be broken. Tried deleting it and re-downloading it, but it didn’t work.

      • The dude

        I’ve got the same problem with jwr66V on 4.3. Can’t get it to start TWRP after I get into Bootloader mode

    • Omri

      Same here, anybody knows of a solution?

    • mike

      i just remove the usb cable. after it boots up. i insert the usb cable again. and tadaa!! now, im rooted.

  • hair3e

    my nexus 7 after unlocked.
    i tried to root. but after boot into bootloader, then fastboot mode. then it stuck there.
    the toolkit display Waiting for your device…

    help pls

    • WugFresh

      I am looking into and will release a minor update within a few hours.

      • Eric Pettersen

        Thank you! :)

  • Richie

    GREAT program and I’m about at point that I think I should give a donation…. BUT with 1.70 release the TWRP Recovery that gets flashed to my Nexus 4 ( has huge flaw: the permissions on the Nandroid backup files it creates prevent the files from being copied off of the Nexus! That’s hardly any backup when an inadvertent wipe or failure wipes the backup! And, NRT which offers to copy this essential backup to the PC completes it without error, but lacking the actual system & data backup partitions! What a bug!!!! I think I need to go back to TWRP because all the workarounds are kludgy. And even if you changed NRT to to a mod on the permissions, manual use of Recovery still has this flaw…..

    • WugFresh

      @5f3a13b1369150348954990caaec4d6f:disqus my backups and restores have been successful. Not sure why you are facing this issue. That said, in the toolkits options menu, there is an option for using an “alternate” recovery img. This script is now more intelligent and if you were to use TWRP with that, it would recognize that it was TWRP and utilize that older version for all TWRP operations. Let me know if that helps.

  • stephan

    it failed. i saw the android with the exclamation mark. tried to put nexus in recovery mode, but failed. did not see the blue text lines.
    now i have the device in some modus : android lying on his back with text “downloading…. do not turn of target!!” for many minutes…

    what to do?

    • WugFresh

      You are in ODIN download mode, which is not recovery mode nor bootloader mode. Just power off your device and restart it. Then please try the process again. Make sure you have the latest toolkit version. v1.7.1.

  • John Stuart

    version 1.7.1 Number of attemps failed to Root with Custom recovery after going thrugh the process but managed to Root without Custom recovery. GN 4 4.3 Any ideas ?

  • Eric Pettersen

    Just thought you’d like to know – 1.7.1 correctly rooted my Nexus 7 exactly as I needed/wanted it. Thank you for fixing it so quickly!

  • k

    Help please, after the Uninstall_NRT.exe process, nothing really happen to the folder. Everything stays the same, and I still can launch the Nexus Root Toolkit, like the uninstaller does nothing.

  • nelly

    does this work with the white nexus 4? I have no idea if it’s the same as the black one… i purchased it off google’s playstore

  • John Smith

    Hi. After rooting, I can’t get my mtp function to work. I am unable to access my nexus 7 as a media device on my PC because of this. I think that it has to do with my computer recognizing it as an adb interface, but I am not sure. How do I get my computer to recognize it as a media device again?

  • marmalade12

    why are all the videos for 1.6.8??? makes no sense

    • CatsAreGods

      Do you not understand how versions of programs work?

      It’s the same program, just slightly updated with changes and bug fixes. Do you really expect someone (working for free I might add) to totally redo a basic training video just because the version number of the program changed?

  • H.B.

    Can I use your NRT to upgrade to 4.3 on a LG Nexus 4? After the previous android upgrade I enabled Custom Recovery while Rooting and I no longer am able to run the OTA update, instead the boot goes straight into TWRP. Instead of reinstalling the stock version and then running the update (and wiping clean the device) can I upgrade with NRT and choose one of the two versions of 4.3? And which one?
    I currently have Build JDQ39.
    As in the past, thanks for the program and your help.

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  • Marcelo

    i try to do everything but I am blocked at the point of reading the ADB device. I have nexus 7 and 4.3. Tried installing drivers with option #1, did not work. Then I tried option #2, did not work either. I have unchecked MTP and have USB debugging on. Any clues?

    • N3xu5 7 4.E

      launch USBDeview and delete everything to do with Android, Google, Vendor ID 18d1 or 04e8 then try again, make sure your Nexus is unplugged and you do a reboot afterwards

      • Yann

        i have the same problème of Marcelo. I uninstall all 18d1 and 04e8.

  • Juliano

    Cara, vlw…… realmente ajudou muito… root + Custom recovery com um só click…

  • MrTheV

    My Nexus 4 with JB 4.3 that was not rooted anymore after the OTA update to JB 4.3 is now rooted again, thanks to NRTY 1.7.1 !
    I even could unlock the bootloader thanks to bootloaderunlock app. No wipe !


    Hi. After following the instructions, I get to step 3 (Confirm your drivers are configured properly) and it says ADB device not found. I have done the whole thing over and over again. I’ve toggled on and off with the mtp function, restarted computer, etc.
    I can’t get my mtp function to work. I am unable to
    access my nexus 7 as a media device on my PC because of this. I think
    that it has to do with my computer recognizing it as an adb interface,
    but I am not sure. How do I get my computer to recognize it as a media
    device again?

    • MildBill

      I had pretty much the same issue, I found using the signed drivers (option #3, the Samsung drivers) worked for me best. The recommended option #1 never worked for me, I tried it several times. Follow all the instructions to remove the old drivers, then install them per instructions. This is for Windows 7 or 8, not for XP, however.

  • wojiucaole


    • F

      有最新的1.7.2 版了哦

  • Nick Reuter

    You are the best!

    • WugFresh

      Thanks :)

  • MildBill

    Hey Wug?? In v1.7.1 (and previous versions I have used) your virtual SDcard backup barfs. I have a directory of books, with some 950+ author subdirectories, your backup script quits (claiming success!) after 13 subdirectories. I have not checked any other parts of the backup, since I can’t trust it in this. A fix would sure be nice!
    Thanks, MildBill

    • MildBill

      Hmmm… An update. This may not be the fault of your scripting, as it seems that a Windows copy operation, while it seems to go further, also quits before it is done. This is at least true when done via the USB cable. I will investigate further.

      • WugFresh

        Connectivity issues can mess up a backup. The script works by booting a modified boot.img and then issuing a adb pull command, it shouldn’t be windows related. I personally like to use other backup solutions once unlocked like full nandroids.. or for multimedia I use cloud solutions like google drive.

  • Mark kevin

    Is this working to other devices? Or this is for nexus only? Thanks :) godbless

    • WugFresh

      This is designed for Nexus devices, however some features like adb backup may work on other android devices.

  • jovian

    Is This Work on Windows8?

    • WugFresh


  • Ricky Luo

    Hey Wug, Do you konw why my nexus 7 v2 (JSS15J) stuck on unlock bootloader options after I pressed “Yes” buttom???!!!

  • pflave

    I was wondering, is it possible you could created a native ChromeOS app of your toolkit? Is it even possible to do something like this on that platform, because I would like to use your program from a Chromebook?

    • WugFresh

      I am not familiar with ChromeOS app development but I do plan on re-scripting everything in a cross platform language for mac and linux support.

      • pflave

        That’s awesome! Would you even look at ChromeOS in terms of cross-platform? Or are you not interested in the idea?

  • amit

    thanks wug, this update really works, it was the easiest way to root my nexus 7 4.3. i am making donation of $100. enjoyy

    • WugFresh

      Thank you @deb61cd530153ef8db9d6c64b9238c2b:disqus !

  • swji

    I am on 4.2.2….. I tried to flash 4.3 using XP on parallels but I get stuck on bootloader and when I start manually I am back to 4.2.2
    I tried using a windows pc with xp: download of the 4.3 is very slow and cannot reach the end.
    anybody experience this problems?
    is the flashing really working?

  • jorgri

    Could you please tell me if the tool works for Asus MeMo PAD HD 7 Android 4.2 OS, 7″ . I know that it works on Google Nexus 7 because I already used the tool and rooted my Nexus succesfully. Thanks a lot for your help.

    • swji


  • swji

    I was downloading manually the file the .tgz file everything was going smooth but no flashing again in the script I noticed this line:
    “checking version base-line
    may be this is the problem could you please let me know if is a tool problem or is just my problem?
    I was already using NRT on same mobile phone with 4.2.2 without any problem but I did not need to flash.


    • WugFresh

      Enable force flash mode in the toolkits options menu and then flash again @18106ea07a447e832c0b61ed10a99e3c:disqus

      • swji

        before reading this suggestion I got again a OTA, I used it, I got 4.3 JWR66Y Kernel 3.4.0-perf-gf43c3d9, but N4 was still unlocked, USB debugging on, no loss of data, I rooted with NRT, succeeded, no need to backup anything suerpsu working, titanium either. It looks wierd…doesen’t?
        Anyway thanks a lot, you deserve a donation.

  • jorgri

    Hey Wug :) could you please tell me if the tool works for Asus MeMo PAD HD 7 Android 4.2 OS, 7″ . I know that it works on Google Nexus 7 because I already used the tool and rooted my Nexus succesfully. I’m wondering as they are both made by ASUS and ….. Many thanks for your help, by the way Very Nice Job .. Keep it up.

  • Bill Peterson

    My Nexus 7 was just updated to 4.3 build # JWR66Y. Could you add it to the list of device builds?

  • jasy

    was able to backup system and files using the toolkit, but stuck with the ADB driver error after unlocking. Used another method to root and was able to do it successfully. The .ab file however was the only one I was able to backup. And in restoring it, I am still getting the same ADB driver error. Any other way of restoring from this file?

    • jasy

      I think I was able to do it now. Did not know how to get to the “…MTP…” part, but was eventually able to do it. I guess that was the problem I was having.

      And I am just waiting for the restore to finish. Thanks for this toolkit. (I can breath now…)

  • tetea_khawlhring

    is it compulsory to unlock bootloader before rooting

    • WugFresh

      Yes. This root process is not based on an exploit, it requires an unlocked bootloader.

      • tetea_khawlhring

        thanks..i’ve done it successfully , i really appreciate your work.

  • Riley

    Hey Wug? I was able to unlock my Nexus 4 Version 4.2.2 build JDQ39. When rooting it, the phone is stuck on startup, specifically on the “Google” start up and on the PC it says “Waiting for device”. My ADB connection is good. I am not sure waht wrong. Help Please?

  • juan

    hello there will be a problem if I do the root with the number of compilation JWR66V a nexus 4 with the new update and compilation number JWR66Y?

  • Sordup

    I have the similar problem to so many here without seeing replies/answers: I am unlocked on Nexus 4 with Android 4.3, JWR66V and cannot root, not manually as described elsewhere on the internet or with this NRT. In the case of following the steps in this toolkit, I get to the opening of BusyBox and get the message starting with “There was a problem opening a shell with root access” that is caused by a device that is “improperly rooted”. Why would NRT have improperly rooting the phone?
    This is a problem (i.e. rooting while in 4.3) oft-mentioned but no one seems to know how to fix. Can anyone say how to get through this?

  • nucco

    Hello, do you mind if I provide a mirror of this file on my server?

    • WugFresh

      @88671647a516beabbcf17bf5453b0cdd:disqus no, thats fine with me. All I ask is that you credit me in some way and link back to this site. Also I would greatly appreciate it if you didn’t host legacy versions of my program when I make new releases.

  • Kasio

    Hi, I just root my galaxy nexus with JWR66Y using JWR66V and worked perfectly. Greetings.

    • WugFresh

      Thats cool.. if you update the toolkit though.. it should have JWR66Y listed though.

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  • marcin

    Is there any way to change my Nexus7 Serial Number with this tool? I was rooting N7 on Android 4.2 and it changed SN.

    • marcin


  • Kevin

    A big thanks for creating such an awesome tool! Keep up the great work.

  • Rich

    Works great on my Nexus 7 32 gb WiFi JWR66YAndroid 4.3 Thank you

  • Kailyn

    Wug, Help ! i’m making my Nexus 7 from 4.2.2 to 4.3, but when I go to step 2, and try to find the Samsung Android phone driver, it isn’t there between the two pictured, yet i have installed it? Ive ‘re done’ this whole process like 5-6 times already and am getting frustrated! Please help ASAP!

    • WugFresh

      @disqus_t0Gui0Xjn2:disqus I am sorry but I genuinely don’t understand this sentence: “…isn’t there between the two pictured, yet i have installed it?” Can you please try again rephrasing your problem? Have you tried alternate driver solutions…?

  • Been There Done That

    This was a treasure, and worked great, with my rooted my Nexus 7 on WinXP with sp3. Media transfer with USB, no problem, just like with my rooted phone. But then a hard drive died. Installed a new hard drive, new install of WinXP with sp3, and media player 11, MTP drivers, and every combination of driver installation possible (at this point), but the ADB (although loaded, and in device driver) isn’t seen by the tool kit, no serial number is seen, no device is seen by the toolkit . And the toolkit stopped displaying the system drivers when the button was pushed, to delete all drivers for Nexus7. Help!

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  • augusto

    I like you package a lot. I was able to backup and unlock the bootloader. But when flashing 4.3.0, I just found the message “error: out of memory” on the windows terminal, and the upgrade didn’t work… Any ideas?

    • augusto

      (I have a Galaxy Nexus, yakjuwx)

    • WugFresh

      Try an alternate usb port, or maybe a different computer if the problem persists.

  • Foo

    My Nexus 4 (latest 4.3.0 image) just stays in a blank screen when I try to root it and being in fastboot; I see the google sign and then it becomes blank.Your Kit just says “Waiting for your device…” It stays there. When I hit the power button, it vibrates, so it isn’t off. but it stays there forever (I tested it for over 20 minutes). It only comes back when I press the power button for 10 seconds, so I do a cold reboot.
    Do you know what happens there? Is this possibly a problem with encrypted devices?
    Apparently, the App SuperSu has been installed, but the binary can not be used (or be found from the app), so the rooting didn’t work.

    • WugFresh

      This might be a problem with encypted devices, it might be better to encrypt afterwards. I am not certain though, I will do some testing and let you know what I find out.

      • Foo

        Thank you! I am not sure how easy it is to dis-encrypt everything and re-encrypt it.

        • WugFresh

          If you can’t do that, you can always flash stock. That will wipe everything, so backup first.

  • edu_g

    Hi Wug, I used NRT to flash stock and downgraded my galaxy nexus from 4.3.0 to 4.2.1(for lack of sim toolkit). I got the OTA update notification for 4.2.2 and I downloaded it but when it rebooted to install it gets stuck (droid with a red exclamation message and reading error). This has happened twice. What could be the cause of this? Thanks again for the work you are doing, much appreciated

    • WugFresh

      When OTA’s attempt to install they perform certain checks, if something is modified or doesn’t match what the expects then it fails. The easiest way to update is just to use the toolkit to “Flash Stock + Unroot” to whatever version you want – this will wipe so back up stuff first.

      • Nick

        @wugfresh:disqus so in order to take the OTA newest system update, do I use Flash Stock + Unroot to the version that I currently have (then have nexus d/l update and apply)? Or can I skip the OTA, and use FS+U to flash the next highest version? then re-root… Thanks much.

        • WugFresh

 you can skip the OTA and use FS+U to flash any version, if that shows any errors, you can enable “force flash mode” in the toolkits options menu to override checks. That is the best way to update.

          • Nick

            @wugfresh:disqus thanks much.

          • edu_g

            @wugfresh:disqus Thanks for your response. For some reason sim toolkit on the 4.2.2 installed OTA works but the one installed using “Flash stock + unroot” doesn’t work. I’ve tried downloading several stk.apk to install on 4.2.2 but nothing doing. Any ideas?

          • WugFresh

            What “doesn’t work”. You need to provide details of what actually happens when you try it. Otherwise I can’t help. If you receive errors when flashing stock, then you can enable “force flash mode” in the toolkits options menu.

          • edu_g

            The flashing is successful, but there’s no STK on 4.2.2 and 4.3 installed through flash stock + Unroot. (It Doesn’t appear in the app drawer. Copying STK.apk to system/apps and double clicking I get ‘cannot install app’. But this is purely a system issue, not an NRT issue.

          • break

            Hi Wug. I have a related problem. I have a warranty return on a Toro. I unrooted/flashed back to stock and relocked the bootloader. Everything appeared to go fine. But I went to double check by hitting power and volume upon the gnex and then seleted recovery but got the red triangle with over the android on his back. I do not want to be charged for a new phone. Any suggestions how to get a valid stock recovery on there (I tried “advanced” then “flash stock recovery,” but the triangle is still there. Do I need to re-root to flash the stock recovery or is there another issue? Thanks in advance!

          • WugFresh

            That is the stock recovery. At that red triangle: While holding down Power, press Volume Up to enter the stock recovery menu.

          • WugFresh

            @0065087889b7637422820f12d7167f43:disqus That is the stock recovery. At that red triangle: While holding down Power, press Volume Up to enter the stock recovery menu.

  • Andrew Saxton

    You’re stuff is so amazing I feel guilty using it sometimes. The tooltips throughout the entire utility are hallmarks of refinement. Thanks so much.

    • WugFresh

      Thank you @andrewsaxton:disqus !

  • aris baltas

    My device (Galaxy Nexus) getting message ADB was not found.
    The problem is that my device is unlock and the developer options is nowhere…
    thanks in advance

    • aris baltas

      sorry….Don’t bother…. I got it!!!
      THANK U!!!

  • nexus 4

    i’ve done a mistake during the installation ..on the PdaNet driver install…
    in step 5 I accidently press “install”…and now i have PdaNet installed on my PC…
    how can I reverse this process ?
    thanks a lot !


      uninstall PDA NET.. DERP HERP

  • F

    做的不错 赞一个!

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  • Daniel

    Thanks for your works so much

  • JoeZ

    Before I get to my problem let me thank you for such an easy rooting process – it worked great until I received an update today to go from 4.2.2 to 4.3 – my grouper got stuck at the ‘x’ screen – what do I do now???

    • JoeZ

      Ok….Was able to flash it back to stock using your toolkit – again worked great! Then I took the update and installed no problem. Now I will root – I wasn’t thinking when I accepted the update on a rooted device….

  • Paul

    A brilliant program, an absolute breeze to use.

    • WugFresh

      Thank you @disqus_Vz7g1fdv8r:disqus

  • Ken Gray

    Wug, thanks for all the work you’ve put into this! it’s awesome that you’re willing to keep advancing this.

    in an effort to give Wug a break, maybe someone else has the answer to my problem here. I had a lot of problems with my Nexus 4 4.3. once I got the driver issue fixed, I tried to immediately go to Root (confusing ‘carrier unlocked’ with ‘bootloader unlocked’…I know, I know n008 mistake). anyway, of course SU didn’t see it rooted properly so I tried to BU the sdcard before the unlock (I already did the ‘all apps’ backup). however, the notice says I can’t if I’m on 4.3, so I tried to just do it via the file explorer. But, after disabling the Developer Options and setting it MTP, my computer won’t see the phone to do the copy.

    does anyone know how I can force it back into that mode so I can copy the sd card stuff?


    • John Stuart

      Go to Settings,Storage,top right click on three dots, click USB computer connection pop up,click Camera (PTP). Done

      • Ken Gray

        Well, here’s what i had to do. i had to uninstall AND delete the ADB drivers. then unplug and plug the phone back in then the system installed the MTP drivers. now im all good!!! woot!

        • Pedro Mercado

          worked flawlessly!!!! thanks sir!!!!

    • WugFresh

      re-enable MTP.

      • Ken Gray

        I got it going but just for someone who may stumble upon this, I went into Storage-> … -> and checked the MTP box but it didn’t help 80( but see below for what did.

  • Louie Blankenhorn

    Wug, not ready to root just yet, but still wanted to use your toolkit to get the exact drivers I need…here is my problem…every option for driver installation has failed and I’m prettiy sure I know why. I keep getting this error in Hardware Wizard. “Required section was not found in the inf.” I have searched and searched for a solution to no avail. Have you ever seen this before…i can’t use your toolkit until i solve this problem. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

    • Ken Gray

      have you removed all the other drivers via the device manager and usbdeview?

      • Louie Blankenhorn

        yes, the error is for mtp device, which i have unchecked when using toolkit. no matter which drivers i had installed previously, still won’t recognize as mtp device. as i mentioned getting when connected as mtp, new hardware wizard gives me the error in my original post. so to avoid this i connect as ptp which the computer recognizes, but still no luck with driver installation. and my last attempt was raw drivers and after that failed went back and checked deview and device was even there even though it showed up in device manager. I’ll try them again later and try to get you a more detailed description of what and where it’s going wrong. I should mention that i recently did a fresh install of windows xp. not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    • WugFresh

      Try the RAW driver solution again, but change the path to force the Google drivers: dataDriversRAW_DriversGoogle_Drivers let me know if that works.

  • Klp Key Lime Pie

    What support 4.3 JWR66Y ??

    • Ken Gray

      I got it to work…just do all your sd card backups first.

  • Robert Murdaugh

    This program is incredible! Great work! I’ve rooted and modified my Droid Charge as well as my Droid Pro and after all the long hours figuring out the processes (Particularly the Pro), this is a welcome relief!

  • Russell

    Wug, I have ver 1.7.2 installed. I am running a custom mod. (CyanogenMod 10.1)
    I wanted to go back to stock, i went through the toolkit process and i am still with the custom mod but with the new build from the toolkit. how do i put it back to factory? used the flash-unroot, it does not appear that it worked.
    I have the gnex sch1515. Thanks,

  • sujan

    Does rooting wipe all the data? phone contents ?

    • WugFresh

      Rooting itself does not, however unlocking does which is a prerequisite for rooting. You can use the tool and other means to backup your important data first.

  • LeX

    MediaFile link is the 1.7.1 :)

    • WugFresh

      Thanks @8abc738b128e2398f83c71b7e1ffdb9c:disqus , just fixed it. :)

  • Nacho

    My device is unlock from factory, i need “unlock” before root?

  • Dhruv Satra

    i was rooted and on custom ROM…i decided to flash stock and unroot my device so i started the procedure and it finished successfully but now its stucked at boot loop and doesn’t start i also tried wiping data and cache but still not working i m using galaxy nexus GSm and android 4.3 please help me @wugfresh:disqus what should i do?I have bootloader my unlocked
    UPDATE:it starts for a while and then again powers off

  • ayuro123

    Wug. Thanks alot. I am using a Galaxy Nexus Verizon and I am following all the steps, however when i do the unlock option it goes through the booting process and when its finished my device is NOT wiped?

  • Max

    I’ve just re-rooted my Nexus 7 (v2012) It worked like a charm! :-)

    My nexus was already rooted on v4.2.2, and I lost root after 4.3 update.
    Then I used NRT 1.7.2, I just clicked “Root”, and after some minutes my nexus was re-rooted.
    (My Nexux seven was already unlocked)

    Thanks you very much for developing, and for keeping updated, the NRT :-)

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  • Penny

    Hash tag failing. I’m not sure what to do – tried all download sites. :( Desperate to fix a botched breakaway from carrier that killed my radio. Total noob. Ah I know, yet another one to drive you crazy…. Sorry.

  • Andy

    Please help :(
    When i try “flash stock and Unroot” options on my Nexus4, “checking product” say:
    device version baseband is (number here.48)
    update requires (number..84)

    what can i do now..?

    • ashwin

      Do not use 4.2.x .tar file,use 4.3 and try…

      • Andy

        It was 4.3.
        I had to go back to the factory settings (re-lock first, 4.2.2), install OTA update to 4.3, and then unlock the phone and upload the root.
        Now, everything works fine.
        Automatic update changed the baseband version.

        • WugFresh

          In the future you can use “Force flash mode” in the toolkits options menu if that happens.

    • WugFresh

      “force flash mode” in the toolkits options menu.

  • Sergey

    First I want to say that this is a great program.

    Second I wanted to mention that there is something wrong with the server hosting modified_boot_nakasi_4.3.0_JWR66Y.img. It is not possible to download at the moment

    • Sergey

      it was corrected right after I commented. My apologies. Great product

  • Jeremy

    great job
    works perfectly

  • Andi

    It doesnt work for me. Nexus 7 2013 updated 31 august 2013. windows does not recognise correctly the nexus ( also debug mode ) . Is it possible cause I update the Nexus? I also tried in a win XP pc but same thing.

    • Scott13m

      did you follow the first step “initial setup” (CONFIGURE DRIVERS???)

      Full Driver Installation Guide – Automatic + Manual

      • Andi

        I did but the rpoblem is nexus and my pc driver ( windows 8 ) I dit id with another netbook. My PC stil not recognise it (nexus)

  • Rowayne

    After system updated 31 august 2013, then followed “Full Driver Installation Guide – Automatic + Manual”, ADB device wasn’t found in “Full Driver Test” even disabled auto driver config.

    And one thing wondering, I followed the guide with step 1: unplug, uninstall google USB driver and plug in with step 3, the bleeding google USB driver still showing up if I plug-in and unplug…

    Help me please…

    • Naresh

      Please see comments by me(Naresh)

      • Rowayne

        l am sorry. l don’t recognize the meaning you post. Could you give me a specific direction, ok? It makes me headache…. root doesn’t work again in JSS15R, still can’t find ways out! help me please….

  • Karthik

    Thanks a lot!!! Kudos to you guys!!

  • morgan morgan

    After a reboot my nexus stopped working. I downloaded this followed the instractions but it says adb device not found when i check unlock bootloader. But even though it proceeds. I check unlock and press the power
    it goes restarting your device but never restarts and it stays locked. any ideas pls?

  • Frankris

    Already with 4.3 and rooted. Nexus 4 push to update, then i did it. The the phone reboot into fastload mode. I do not know what to do next to update. Need help!!!

  • AkariK

    Using Nexus 4 8GB.

    OTA for 4.3 never worked for me from 4.2.2, so I updated to the middle 4.3 and then to the OTA 4.3, but now NRT won’t work. Unlocking it does not wipe anything, and rooting freezes on the final reboot, at the google logo (did not reach the X). Fastboot says lock state is unlocked. Not sure what to do here…

    Edit: Now I factory reset it from 4.3, and NRT still isn’t rooting correctly. Sigh.

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  • zhe25

    做的不错 赞一个!

  • Don Johnson

    I can’t seem to get the tool kit to recognize my Nexus 7 v2 when I run the Full Driver Test. It says that ADB devise was not found. Further, when I turned on USB debugging on the devise it did not display my computers RSA key and provide with a check-box to “Always allow from this computer”. I tries toggling USB debugging on/ff with the tool kit running, unplugging and re-plugging the USB connection & I tested in Advanced Utilities and it said no ADB devices were connected.

    I didn’t try unchecking ‘Media device (MTP)’ in the USB
    connection settings because I don’t know where to find that.

    Can someone please let me know where to uncheck the MTP?
    And also suggest other fixes in case that one doesn’t work?

    Thank you very much in advance!!!

    • Hi

      Setting>storage>option in nexus 4

    • Naresh

      Unplug nexus – > UnInstall google drivers – > Install adb drivers – > disable automatic Search drivers at step 4 – > disable mtp in nexus – > plug nexus – > go to device manager – > select manually adb driver. It will be there in device manager

      • Svardskampe

        MTP can’t be disabled. It’s either using PTP or MTP, but simply disabling everything is not an option. Using PTP, same results “ADB Device was not found”

        Edit: Changing it to PTP, and the RSA key did not pop up. Used the other toolkit, which worked just as it should be, so I think it must be something with this toolkit not recognising the ADB device correctly.

  • Stevie

    Fantastic tool, rooted my nexus 4 last night with no problems, you are the man! Could anyone point me to as guide for flashing kernels/roms with this toolkit? I’ve got the basics and could probably do it now but prefer reading step by steps a few gazillion times.

  • RakamThePink

    Note that a LG Nexus 4 has to be connected as camera (and not as MTP device) for the adb device to be recognized and then nrt to work.
    Also, I did not have to unlock again after re-rooting (after some Android updates).
    NRT is a fantastic tool, and really well done, thanks again

  • Jin Jin

    hey wug, im having an issue here trying to ‘flash stock and unroot’ my nexus 7 that is the latest 4.3 version. i received another ota update and realized i needed to unroot to receive it. while it was in the process it seemed to have froze while stating it was ‘sending system’. i tried being patient but it has remained that way for over an hr. my nexus is stuck at the google logol and wont do ANYTHING. im very distraught because i tried this before and it worked flawlessly. i tried the ‘soft brick’ version of flashing and it did the same : /. please help, i really hope i didnt completely ruin my device. very scared.

    • Dave

      Just had the same problem, though mine was on 4.2.2 and I needed to unroot to install the 4.3 update. I thought I might as well just flash to 4.3 stock, but it gets stuck on the bootloader screen. For me the command prompt on windows goes through the steps very quickly, then gets to the screen saying all done and wait 5-10 minutes for it to finish booting. But nothing happens.

      I tried flashing to 4.3 again using the soft bricked option, but same results. Next I tried flashing back to stock 4.2.2 and this worked. (And it wasn’t really quick, indicating with my attempts at flashing 4.3 the files weren’t actually being copied across).

      • Jin Jin

        I tried flashing different versions as well as a desparate attempt but it gives me errors such as ‘invalid state’ or ‘to many links’. i even at one point did a factory reset on my device and nothing happened. im still stuck on the stupid google logol, i think its called stuck in boot loop? i cant do anything other than enter fastboot mode, even recovery mode does nothing for me other than state booting failed when that was how i tried factory resetting. this is so heart breaking to me, my tablet is my bestfriend. i dont want to part with it, this cant be the end.

        • Dave

          It might be worth finding out how to flash the stock image manually. Would be a lot more difficult than using NRT, but at least you could find the specific command(s) that are failing and then hopefully find a solution on the web (or post on XDA for help if no-one else has resolved the same issue).

          • Jin Jin

            first i wanna thank you for responding to me in the first place dave. im thinking the same, just wait til somone else has the same issue and hope they post a resolution. there are people out there w/ this issue but no one responds to them. my issue mainly is i cant seem to get the right drivers no matter what i do. nrt states there is no adb device. i dont even know what version my nexus is now being as it failed when trying to flash 4.3 stock and i did a factory reset but obviously it didnt change anything that i can tell so i wonder if that took. im wondering is my nexus just a shell now and i just need to find a way to flash the stock over? what an unfortunate event, i wish i knew what caused this so i can learn from it, what a hassle, but atleast i know its not considered bricked so thats why i have hope.

          • Thomas Waznis

            my N7 is stuck on failed boot, ‘invalid device’ too. The N 7 won’t show up in the pc drive list or even with Paragon drive manager which will shows drives not mounted. Tried re-installing all the drive options in the Toolkit. I usually use PDAs. If you just install the PDAs the Toolkit scripts will find the N 7 anyway but nothing I do will un-brick the device. “invalid device” and ‘no x.sig file’ (3 of them) are consistent as is the N 7 saying ‘boot failed’.

          • Thomas Waznis

            The Toolkit still can’t find Fastboot most of the time. I did get the Toolkit to get me into TWRP once. No image to flash on the device though and it would not recognize an external usb stick; even an old usb 2.0 with ntfs. In TWRP I did get one notice “no operating system installed.”

          • Thomas Waznis

            Ok; I changed to a FAT drive but TWRP still doesn’t seen to see it.

    • john

      i just had the same problem and fixed my nexus 7 i was stuck on the google logo and it couldnt find the adb drivers

      • Jin Jin

        how did you fix it?

  • Ron

    HI Wug–thanks for your work. Unfortunately after using NRT1.72 my nexus s 4g is hard bricked. My phone had been in a reboot mode only so I applied Flash stock + root but believe now that my manual download of the Android 4.11 was corrupted when applied to my phone. After it’s last reboot I saw the logo only and then the phone went dead and no combination of buttons will get it to start. Computer no longer sees my phone and so no fastboot or download. I am hoping a jig can fix it.

  • john

    i just want to say thanks for the toolkit i messed up my tablet and it was the only thing that could fix it :)

  • annoyed

    Ugh, nowhere on this site does it state that this software is for *Windows* only. Really? It’s 2013, how can any one smart enough to run Android, let alone root their device, still be running this toy OS? This is very disappointing.

  • Jonathan Ross

    I need help. I installed and followed all directions for my Nexus 4 and it says it’s successfully completed. but if I try to open SuperSu, it say There is no SU Binary installed, and SuprSu cannot install it. this is a problem! If you just upgraded to Android 4.3 you need to manually re-root – consult the relevant forums for your device. my email is [email protected] please contact me if you know how to fix this.

  • Anoop

    when i intsall, the automatic download stopps everywhere because of hash mismatch.. always download manually

    • Ron

      I had the same problem and I think my manual download was corrupt but the program said all was good. It wasn’t –my screen went black and I learned the difference between bricked and hard bricked. Hard Bricked..nothing goes on, not even boot loader and computer doesn’t see it.

    • WugFresh

      Which file does that for you?

  • Aron Tripp

    If I flash back to Stock Recovery instead of TWRP, will I loose my data? I want to be able to have root but still have OTA updates.

  • Thomas Waznis

    I have a Nexus 7 that only boots in bootloader mode now and from there won’t do anything. Trying to boot gets the message “booting failed”.

    I tried installing the factory 4.3 but ‘checking version-bootloader failed’ version is 4.18 update requires 4.23. So I tried installing factory 4.18 which worked but the tablet still only boots in bootloader and nothing works there except the “booting failed” message.

    This machine was on Rootbox 4.2 version one successfully but version 2 started system files crashing so I decided to go stock. Using Wug’s toolkit although I have resorted to fastboot commands to try to fix. 4.3 fails because ‘update requires 4.3… not 4.18′. Going back to 4.2 executes ok in fastboot but the maching is still failing boot.

  • hardev

    SU Binaries – hey all, used the kit to unlock and then root with custom recovery. Once I done that, I had the same error as most people “There is no SU Binary installed, and SuprSu cannot install it….”

    My solution (and hope it works for you)
    - reboot into TeamWin custom recovery
    - go into install menu
    - find the SU zip file (mine were in “!ReadyToFlash/Root_Files”
    - Swipe to install

    Once you’re done, go back to your ROM, check SuperSU and install Busybox….

    Hope that helps…

    • Pedro Mercado

      This helped immensely!!! Thank you sooo much!

  • Caribe65

    When I first updated to 4.3 I lost root back on 8/1/2013. I used 1.6.4 to root, but had to manually download and install SuperSU 1.5.x and flash it from TWERP. That was JW66V. Recently I received the JW66Y update and lost root again.I updated Wogfresh Toolkit to 1.7.2 and attempted to re-root. It kind of worked as the newest version of TWERP was pushed to the phone, but SuperSU did not flash. If you rooted with the “Flash Custom Recovery” checked off and it failed to root, root again with out flashing custom recovery. I did that as someone else suggested and it worked. You can also boot into “TWERP” and flash the new SuperSU 1.6.x directly from there and then reboot. Both worked for me.
    Thanks again to Wug for getting the needed files out there. Even if something goes wrong, I must say that I would probably never have rooted my phone manually without screwing it up :-D. With enough input here we can always find a solution if something goes wrong.

  • Dave Rowley