Bacon Root Toolkit v1.0.3 Released with full CM12 Support!

BRT v1.0.3 is now out and available for download.  Fully supports the newly released CM12.  Other updates are in the works for v1.0.4 so stay tuned!


Sidenote: So far I am actually really liking CM12 on my OnePlus One!  I think the default theme is very clean with nice contrast.  Great first impression.  What do you guys/girls think of it?

41 comments on “Bacon Root Toolkit v1.0.3 Released with full CM12 Support!
  1. Vincilobos says:

    I bricked my OPO when flash factory image of 12S with BRT 1.0.2. I follow a guide online and save my OPO. How did it happen? It will be damaged something in the smartphone? Sorry for my english…

  2. Maurice says:

    Hey thanks Wugfresh! Just got the one plus one update to cm12 and was missing my root. I used to use your nexus toolkit and decided to check this one is just as great keep up the amazing work!

  3. Mikey Jena says:

    Thanks a lot sir… Can you please update your tool kit for new

    COS12 : YNG1TAS17L ?

  4. Duncan McLeod says:

    I friend just came back from China and brought me a new Chinese version of the phone with ColorOs on it – I know, a little late to the party. Anyway, can your tool be used to upgrade directly to CM12? Anything I need to consider as well?


    • Joel Mitchell says:

      You can download the CM12s into the phone directly, and apply update using the custom Recovery or Root with TWRP to use that recovery. BRT should be able to do it, but there is no ColorOS in the Menu nor does it automatically detect, which is what I hope WugFresh can fix soon.

  5. schadenfreuder says:

    Noob query.

    I’ve updated my OPO from CM11S (Stock ROM with ROOT & hence, unlocked bootloader and Custom TWRP Recovery installed)

    to CM12 OS via OTA upgade. Root access is gone and Custom recovery has been replaced by CM recovery.

    Now I need to reroot my OPO (CM12 OS) and have this question – Do I need to unlock the bootloader again? If yes, it would suck as I would have to 50 GB of Backup before doing the same.

    Please advise if there is necessity of taking backup as I would love not to lose my data.

    • WugFresh says:

      Your bootloader remains unlocked unless you explicitly perform the operation to lock it. Hence, no need to do it again – if you tried actually, it would do nothing anyway. Rooting doesn’t wipe, so you are good to go. That said, its always good practice to back things up that are important to you, regardless what you are doing. Cheers.

    • Joel Mitchell says:

      Use BRT to root with custom Rom, TWRP, should work

  6. prashob says:

    hey i just cant update my BRT to include 17L. it says unable to connect to server and asks me to contact wug. i have a perfectly stable working internet connection. help me out. im running windows 7 starter on my samsung netbook

  7. Marcel says:

    After the first driver installation manual I wanted to root my OPO. But I get stuck here:

    Live log initiated.
    Information: Checking ADB Status
    adb devices
    List of devices attached
    5fac49f8 device

    ADB Status: Device Connected
    Information: Rebooting your device into bootloader mode…
    adb reboot bootloader

    Information: Checking Fastboot Status
    fastboot devices
    5fac49f8 fastboot

    Fastboot Status: Device Connected

    Information: Booting modified boot.img to enable running
    privileged commands…

    fastboot boot “C:Program Files (x86)WugFresh
    DevelopmentBacon Root

    Information: Waiting for your device…

    And here my OPO doesn’t start up again. I reboot my OPO manually and
    proceed with the process. After a while my device doens’t start up
    again. So I did it manually again.

    At the end I get the message that is was a success, but no TWRP recovery and no root access 🙁

    of my earlier root access I thought that my OPO is already unlocked, is
    that true? Because if I have to unlock it again it will wipe my phone,
    and that is not what I want.

    Can you give me any advise?

    • WugFresh says:

      If you didn’t relock it – then it should still be unlocked. However, based on what you experienced, it sounds like modified boot never booted – so this means either your bootloader is locked (in which case you have to unlock – and yes, that does wipe), or you just need to try an alternative USB port this time (preferable a usb 2.0 port if available).

      • Marcel says:

        Hi WugFresh,

        thanks for the quick reply. Because of my previous root access with CM11, I assume that my bootloader was unlocked. I’ve tried both USB3 and USB2 ports, all with the same result.

        I didn’t relock my bootloader. In CM11 (with root access) I updated the standard way on the phone, no fancy stuff there.

        Is there a way to check if the bootloader is unlocked, or not?

        • WugFresh says:

          Yes – you can use the Advanced Utilities Quick Tools, to first boot your device into bootloader mode, then press the “OEM Device Info” button.

          Are you certain that you selected the correct CM build? It looks like you were using a cm12 img? Are you running cm12? If you confirm that your device is unlocked, then as a workaround – just use “any build” as your build and root again. It will give you some instructions to help you root.

          That said, if you selected the correct build, have a good usb connection, and are unlocked – it should work, fully automated for you.

          • Marcel says:

            I will use the tools you suggest.

            I’m positive that I used the correct CM build, but I will use any build, just to be sure 🙂

  8. Lokesh Namdeo says:

    i want to revert back to cm11 from cm12.
    how can i do it by using Bacon Root Toolkit v1.0.3?

  9. Joel Mitchell says:

    We need model types in the menu like Color OS and Oxygen OS, urgently. I just had OnePlus get my 64gb device out of brick as I went from Oxygen to CM12s, which started as Color OS to CM 12. Otherwise, I love WugFresh, use it on my Nexus 7 flawlessly, but with One Plus, lots of issues like adb and lack of current updates.

  10. Shivanand Pattanshetti says:

    Can I root my OnePlus One (CM 12)
    1) Without flashing a custom recovery?
    2) Without losing OTA updates?
    3) Without erasing data?

  11. lanaetwillow says:

    Hi WugFresh
    when do you think you will update build available in BRT with the fresh yng1taS213 ?
    Thank’s for your work !

  12. Yamil Aguas Chumacero says:

    Hi, I need your help. I have the chinese version of oneplus one. I have tried to flash it with CM 12. It came with CM11s instead of ColorOS so I supposed the person who sold it to me flash it earlier.

    I’ve done the Initial setup and it gave me the successful message. I’ve Unlock (at least I pushed the button and it was supposed to work) But when I try to root, it shows this:

    Information: Checking ADB Status

    adb devices

    List of devices attached

    Information: Checking ADB Status

    adb devices

    List of devices attached

    9974928c device

    ADB Status: Device Connected

    Information: Rebooting your device into bootloader mode…

    adb reboot bootloader

    Information: Checking Fastboot Status

    fastboot devices

    9974928c fastboot

    Fastboot Status: Device Connected

    Information: Booting modified boot.img to enable running privileged commands…

    fastboot boot “C:Program Files (x86)WugFresh DevelopmentBacon Root ToolkitdataModified_Bootmodified_boot_bacon_cm_11.0_XNPH05Q.img”

    Information: Waiting for your device…

    And then it freezes on Fastboot… (some chinese characters and the fastboot message). I have to restart the phone.

    • WugFresh says:

      Try flashing stock first with “Flash Stock” , then root. Or set your build to “Any Build” and root.

      • Yamil Aguas Chumacero says:

        I did that and it freezes on fastboot mode, when it happens I restart manually the device and it “continues” the operation but what it does next is to power off the device.

    • joakin2k says:

      Hablas Español? Do you speek spanish?
      I had 2 oneplus one, im form Mexico, one of those the chinese version and the other the global, i have to import them…
      i need some info, answer me please if you are there

      • Yamil Aguas Chumacero says:

        Hola, hablo español. ¿En qué te puedo ayudar?

        • joakin2k says:

          Saludos, me recomiendas cambiar el ROM de mi oneplus? Estoy en stock CM12

          • Yamil Aguas Chumacero says:

            ¿Te refieres a Oxygen OS? Personalmente prefiero Cyanogen OS en vez de CyanogenMod, el cual podrías considerar una versión mejorada de la ROM pura de Android. Eso es en cuanto a estética y características propias de la ROM aunque si hablamos de desempeño, personalmente opto por Paranoid Android (la he probado en Mako). Lo malo de esta última ROM es que hay algunas funciones que no trabajan propiamente pero tiene un desempeño más eficiente en cuanto a uso de batería y fluidez que todas las que te mencioné anteriormente.

          • joakin2k says:

            Muchas gracias por tu opinión , que opinas del resurrection remix rom?

          • Yamil Aguas Chumacero says:

            No la he probado, aunque al ver la página, pienso que la GUI tiene una apariencia muy primitiva. Me recuerda a la que tenía Android 2x. En cuanto a funciones extra, nada que no se consiga con Xposed Framework.

  13. Diego Ganora says:

    many thanks for this incredible toolkit. Two question for you:

    1) is it possible to ROOT my stock 1+1 keeping everything after the unlock action?
    I was thinking something like perform a BACKUP + SystemApps+Data > UNLOCK > ROOT > RESTORE the backup made. Is a good and available path?

    2) how i can understand if my 1+1 it is already unlocked? any test/way to do it?

    Thanks in advance for your answer!

    Greatings from Italy.


  14. Drew Summers says:

    What about 12.1?

  15. len777 says:

    help can I go back from 12.1 to 12.0 or 11 with the toolkit?

  16. Jon logan Reynolds says:

    Hey Wugfresh, thanks for your toolkit man. Are you picking up the Oneplus 2? I may be more apt to move on to something else if you are not developing a toolkit for it.

  17. This tool help me so much. Thanks make this great tool.
    What ETA new update will be release? hehehe

  18. TL Aviation says:

    please add MRA58X for nexus toolkit

  19. Tiago Leite says:

    Hello WugFresh!
    I am using your Bacon Root Toolkit and is amazing! 😊
    I have one question: it’s possible to lock the bootloader after rooting a stock ROM? In your tool says to use it with stock ROM (without root if I recall correctly). I read that a locked bootloader is more secure that an unlocked one.

    Thank you for your time and hard work!

  20. Aloquio says:

    Please update the data to version 12.1-cm-YOG7DAS2K1-bacon, please, please!

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