New Factory Pack Added – [N7 2012 Mobile] Nakasig LMY47D 5.1.0

Masterlists 3029 Released adding full support for the newly released LMY47D 5.1.0 build for Nakasig [N7 2012 Mobile].  Just hit update in the kit to grab the new lists.


You can use NRT to update your Nakasig device to the new build via “Flash Stock + Unroot” button, and select “Force Flash” (default/recommended) + “No wipe mode” (if your device is currently running Lollipop and you want to retain data.  Not advised if you are running KitKat).

Just like always, when a new build is added to NRT – all the features in the kit are supported.  You can automate root, backups, flashing zips, etc.

That’s all for now.  Stay tuned! ^_^

4 comments on “New Factory Pack Added – [N7 2012 Mobile] Nakasig LMY47D 5.1.0
  1. ASDF says:

    i’m getting dependency download errors. It looks like the download never starts, it says incomplete, and the hash check fails (which I assume because nothing downloaded)

  2. Aloquio says:


    Please update the data BRT to version 12.1-cm-YOG7DAS2K1-bacon, please, please!

  3. neylabhm says:

    ‘m getting dependency download errors.

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