Nexus Root Toolkit v1.8.2 Released!

Officially released! –

Main Interface


Optimizations + fixes, and also added Philz Advanced Recovery as another custom recovery option.

Enjoy! ^_^

7 comments on “Nexus Root Toolkit v1.8.2 Released!
  1. Chang says:

    I have Nexus 7 (2013) KTU84P….
    NRT 1.8.4 is not completing second step of UNLOCKING,although it shows that all actions have been completed and connections are working perfectly..

  2. SOMEGUY says:

    Will rooting my nexus with this update still erase all my files on the device?

  3. Zafar Mohammad says:

    can it also root my MIcromax HD A116 ver 4.1.2 ?what if i am not able to go to setting? After upgradating android 4.1.2 to kitkat some problem occurs and I only see black screen and ” unfortunately your google search stopped working” appears and unable to close it and go to setting. what to do ?

  4. ELISEOG1 says:

    NEED HELP!! I BOUGHT A REFURB 2012 NEXUS 7 I BELIEVE it came with android 4.2 before I could do anything to the NEXUS 7 I was prompted to update UNFORTUNATELY for me after clicking the UPDATE download my NEXUS 7 went in to a BOOT LOOP all I get is the X logo. I have tried to do factory reset etc with no SUCCESS! Have been all over internet trying to fix this, I have downloaded your latest NEXUS 7 root kit but am CONFUSED on steps I need to follow, do I first UNLOCK BOOTLOADER and restart the tablet? I am not able to get to USB debugging, as I cannot get to settings etc? NEED SOME HELP!! any help you can render WILL BE APPRECIATED!

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