How to get KRT16S Listed In NRT

If you install NRT v1.7.8 – when you run it for the first time you will NOT see KRT16S listed.  This is because the way its built now, the masterlists won’t get updated until you first select a build (I will change this in the next version)

So… To get is listed, just:

  1. Select any build you want (then you can hit cancel to any of the downloads you don’t need)
  2. Wait for the main toolkit interface to open and the updates to finish.
  3. Then > Check back in the device list and you will see KRT16S listed!

That’s it. 😀

Also another quick tip: if you ever want to check for updates from within the toolkit, you can simply issue the hotkey command: ctrl+u

That’s all for now!

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