New LMY47I Builds For N5 and N6 Added

Factory images for LMY47I 5.1.0 were just released for the Nexus 5 (hammerhead) and Nexus 6 (shamu).

I just updated the NRT masterlists now to extend full automated support for this new build.

To update, just hit use the “Automatic update” (hotkey Ctrl+U) or “Import Update Pack” from the Update menu:

LMY47I Added

That’s it!

Quick Tip: In the future, “Other/Browse” feature in flash stock can be used to flash new builds before I even update the masterlists.  Also, setting your build to “Any Build” should always work for rooting.

17 Comments on “New LMY47I Builds For N5 and N6 Added

  1. I think my Nexus 5 is permanently locked. Updated flashed in “force flash mode” to LMY47I from “D” and all was going well until it rebooted. The screen is black with Google in white and a padlock in the bottom. Is my phone toast?

    • Yup, click “Launch” under advanced utilities and there’s “OTA Sideload update”.
      But you need to have the right *.zip from your version to the next one. Please do tell me if you find it!

  2. Hi all,
    after installing che LMY47I build in my Nexus 5 32gb version, I noticed Nexus see 16gb only!!

    I don’t know if the problem is that build, looking for this problem I find some workaround.. is it possible fix this problem through NRT?

    Tanks a lot.

  3. After trying OTA update on a 5.0.1 Nexus 5 with NRT rooted, the device always boots to recovery.
    After trying to Force update to LMY47I (ForceUpdate + ractoryReset), the behaviour doesn’t change: always boots to Recovery.
    Any hint?

  4. Hello Wug, i wanted to check if you have a similar toolkit as NRT for Motorola devices like Moto E & Moto G dual / single sim variants?

    I would like to see a similar toolkit be made available for motorola devices as many android users now a days have moved on from Nexus to motorola devices and your expert guidance will certainly be a key for them to customise / restore these devices without any fear of soft / hard brinking devices….. cheers

  5. hi, I have a question, it´s possible flashear the rom stock on the latest version and not lost the data? Thanks you!!

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