“Enable OEM Unlock” setting auto disables on N6 and N9

On the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, some of you may have noticed that the “Enable OEM Unlock” security setting in developer options seems to auto-reset to disabled.

Enable OEM Unlock

I asked around and found more info about this behavior.  The auto-resetting of “Enable OEM Unlock” to disabled is an intentional security feature by Google, and it happens after a certain number of reboots.

Significance? Nothing you need to worry about, or constantly keep trying to re-enable once you are unlocked already.

If you are unlocked already, its fine if “Enable OEM Unlock” is disabled.

Just make note of this setting and behavior if you intend on relocking your bootloader (which should only be done if you are reselling/returning).  More specifically, if you plan on relocking, you should first flash stock, and make sure everything is running smoothly, so if you need to re-enable this setting to unlock again, you can do so easily.

Quick Tip: Re-locking the bootloader is not required for receiving OTA updates.

Main point: don’t bother relocking your bootloader unless you absolutely need to, and are sure your device is healthy before doing so.

I will be adding a little notice about this in the relock info message in the kit in the up-coming v2.0.5 release.

Stay tuned, and happy flashing.


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  1. Bro,I used nexus root kit v 2.5 for unlocking and rooting my nexus 6 but in TWRP recovery mode it’s asking for a password whereas I never put any,help….

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