To Root Or Not to Root?

That is the question…


Gaining access to system files you normally wouldn’t be able to see/modify as a non-root user.  After you root you will be able to see the full directory structure of everything on the phone rather than just being limited to the files on your sdcard and certain files on your phones internal storage. Getting root access does not make a radical change to your device and is entirely reversible. You do not have to worry about any complications that will derive from the act of rooting itself; the problems root users encounter happen after they root due to misuse of the increased level of file accessThis shouldn’t prevent you from rooting, simply educate yourself of how to avoid those potential problems, and know, like all computer problems there are always ways to resolve them with little patience and some reading. Again, all root access does is expose files that would otherwise be unseen/unavailable for you to mess with. Having this increased level of file access gives you control over the android os and opens up endless possibilities ranging from improved/new functionality to being able to make modifications to the visual appearance; It’s like difference between having a guest account vs having an administrator account on windows, or being able to see hidden files vs being limited to user files; it allows you to do more but also enables you to mess things up.

All of these options will be fun and interesting for you to explore but please remember;

the very first thing you should do after you root is make a full ROM backup (aka nandroid)

Once you do that, you are golden; If you screw up in the future, like accidentally delete something you weren’t suppose to ect… its no problem, you just flash back to your nandroid backup and everything will be all good again. In my opinion android devices are meant to be rooted, they just put a seat belt on the os so that Verizon wouldn’t have to deal with people who brick their phone.

Don’t worry, that’s what people like me are for.  Feel free to ask questions.

Best advice is to do a little researchask some questions, and make frequent nandroid backups, you should be fine and will be way happier with your phone.

Even in the most severe circumstance, where your phone becomes completely inoperable (aka brick) you can almost always perform a procedure to restore the stock android OS and get your device back to a 100% factory state.


  • You are 100% satisfied with everything about your phone as it, in its bone stock state; and have no interest in exploring other options.
  • You don’t want any of the apps on the market that require root access.
  • You are petrified of any type of trouble shooting on your own.
  • You love all the blur and bloatware on the phone and have no interest in removing any of it.
  • You have mistakenly confused your android phone for an iPhone
  • You use your phone as a hat




  • read posts on xda about your device


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  1. Hi! I have previously successfully unlocked and rooted my Nexus4 with your toolkit. Kept stock, no custom ROM. Since then I have received Google OTA system updates, and because of that the phone is no longer rooted. But is it still unlocked, can I skip unlocking this time? Will I loose app data etc. if I root again?

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