Nexus Root Toolkit v1.7.5 Released

Nexus Root Toolkit v1.7.5 is officially released!  This new version brings full to support to the new Nexus 5 device and KitKat.  NRTv1.7.5 also includes new display capture features; more specifically – it includes a screenshot feature in advanced utilites, and for 4.4 devices, it also has a new interface for performing screen recordings.  This Screen Recording feature will actually work on all KitKat devices (not just the Nexus line), so if people wan’t I may also compile that code as a separate app.

Head over to the official NRT page now to grab the new version:


Please refrain from posting support questions here.  You can post them on the main download page, or preferably on the XDA forums.  Also please check out the FAQs.

That’s all for now. Enjoy! ^_^

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