Help!!! My Nexus device is totally messed up. It has ______ problem. What do I do??

Answer: If you are ever experience unexplained complications with your device, need to upgrade/downgrade, or need to restore it back to the way it was when you first bought it, then make use of the “Flash Stock + Unroot” feature.

  • To avoid complications enable Force Flash Mode (recommended)
  • If you want to avoid a data wipe, enable No Wipe Mode (only should be used for incremental updates).
  • If you have complications, Disable ‘No Wipe Mode’.  Backup your important files first and do a clean flash (the device will be completely wiped including sdcard content).
Quick Tip: ‘USB Debugging’ is not required for restoring your device.

If you device is bootlooping or can’t boot up, use “Flash Stock + Unroot” with the “Soft-Bricked/Bootloop” option and follow the onscreen instructions for manually booting your device into bootloader mode and restoring your device.

If you plan on returning the device, after your flash stock you can re-lock it as well with the OEM Lock button.

Quick Tip: Re-locking the bootloader is not required for receiving OTA updates.

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