Bacon Root Toolkit v1.0.3 [04/16/2015]

– Added full support for the newly released CM12.
– Some changes to the flashstock.bat.
– All exe’s and installer files are now digital signed with a verified Comodo Code Signing certificate.

Bacon Root Toolkit v1.0.2 [11/24/2014]

– Support the new oppostanvbk partition in advanced utilties
– Added ‘OEM Device Info’ to quick tools
– Added boot stock recovery button
– Added automatic fastboot retry for connectivity detection

Bacon Root Toolkit v1.0.1 [11/21/2014]

– Removed the zip-based relock script in favor of the classic ‘fastboot oem lock’.

Bacon Root Toolkit v1.0.0 [11/20/2014]

– Initial release

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