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    2018 Houston Texans Roster Cuts Tracker By 3 p.m. CDT tomorrow Youth Kareem Jackson Jersey , every NFL team must reduce the size of its roster to 53 players.[More: Sign up for Battle Red Blog FanPulse, take our weekly Texans survey]As we creep toward tomorrow afternoon’s deadline, you can follow the Texans’ cuts in this post. We’ll update it as the cuts are announced by reliable reporters and the initial 53-man roster becomes finalized for the 2018 regular season.UPDATE:I did not see this one coming.As Jeremy posted earlier this morning, Shane Lechler has been released.Trevor Daniel is now the Texans’ punter.UPDATE II:One less running back in the room, as Terry Swanson is now an Exan (tip o’ the cap to Wotan for that gem).UPDATE III:Treston Decoud sounds like a man who’s been cut.UPDATE IV:Two more gone, as Anthony Coyle and Kingsley Opara have been released.UPDATE V:Andre Chachere has been cut as well.He would be an excellent candidate for Houston’s practice squad if another team doesn’t pick him up.UPDATE VI:Nick Rose’s stay in Houston was short.UPDATE VII:As expected, Stephen Anderson will no longer play tight end for your Houston Texans.UPDATE VIII:Another young running back has been handed his walking papers as the team releases Lavon Coleman.UPDATE IX:I’m a little surprised that Corey Moore has been cut.Jaryd Jones-Smith, however, is not surprising.UPDATE X:I know some thought Jester Weah had a chance of making this team, but I always found that puzzling.Quan Bray has also seen his brief time as a Texan come to a close.UPDATE XI:Boom goes the dynamite.Despite what the majority of us (including me) thought, Braxton Miller has been cut.Good point by Troy here Womens Kevin Johnson Jersey , though, about how fast the Texans actually process Miller’s release.UPDATE XII:Two more (Darius Kilgo and Bryce Jones) gone.I’m still trying to digest the Braxton Miller news.Wow.UPDATE XIII:Ouch…my heart.David Quessenberry has been cut.This one hurts.UPDATE XIV:Kennan Gilchrist has been shown the door.UPDATE XV:I know this one is going to sting for many BRBers.Josh Keyes is an Exan.UPDATE XVI:The Texans are now officially without a fullback on the roster.Exactly one year to the day after he signed a contract extension, Jay Prosch has been released.UPDATE XVII:Dee Virgin has been released.UPDATE XVIII:Two more gone as news breaks that Ibraheim Campbell and Mason Gentry are no longer on the roster.UPDATE XIX:Roderick Johnson, we hardly knew ye.UPDATE XX:This probably doesn’t sting Coog fans much as when Case Keenum departed, but Nick Thurman is no longer an employee at NRG Park.Red Zone Play: Flaws With The Houston Texans’ All Field Goal Offense If you’re going to stumble into an offensive scheme that works and then decide you don’t want to use it because it’s not “your” system, and then revert back to a system that hasn’t worked, ever, you might be Bill O’Brien.But let’s say you are sold on “your” brand of offense, one trademarked with up the gut runs and more field goals than first downs.You might as well sell out for that system, right? In order to do that, assuming you’re going to continue running plays a Pop Warner linebacker can see coming a mile away, you’re going to need a few things:An offensive line that can run block well enough to get the ball from your own 20-yard line to the opponent’s 35-yard line consistently.[img]http://www.sndpic.com//nike_nfl_jerseys/nike_houston_texans/nike_texans_1624.jpg[/img]
    A running back with the skill set of Earl Campbell, Jerome Bettis Womens Nick Martin Jersey , Marshawn Lynch or any bulldozer built by Caterpillar (take note of Adrian Peterson’s three touchdowns so far this season and the fact that a 21 point swing over three games would mean Houston would currently be 3-0).A money kicker who nails field goals every single time.In order to truly sell out for this offensive style, you’ll also need to make sure you don’t do a few of these things:Don’t get creative in your play calling by customizing the offense to take advantage of your players’ talents and individual skill sets.Don’t finish more than 20% of your drives with touchdowns.Don’t sign any offensive lineman who can pass block for more than 0.3 seconds. Most importantly, you’re going to need a defense that ensures the opposing team doesn’t put up more than 14 points, since five field goals in one game is about the most you can hope for based on the history of the NFL. We all know by now Bill O’Brien can’t seem to pull any of this off, yet this seems to be the MO of the “Billy Ball” brand. It’s safe to assume the Houston Texans are destined for failure as long as this offensive system is in use. From the “Other Things a Pop Warner linebacker can see a mile away” file: Bill O’Brien:By “lately”, he means over the last 13 games where Houston has gone 1-12. Gary Kubiak was fired after a better win-loss record than that. Since it’s highly unlikely Houston can trade Bill O’Brien to the Patriots for Josh McDaniels (you know, the guy who can actually run the fabled Erhardt-Perkins offense without resorting to the All Field Goal variety), we may as well move on to focus on what few positives we have. J.J. Watt is a back, baby!From Texans’ PR: DeShaun Watson looks healthy!Even though he’s spent most of the season so far running for his life, the upside to that is the obvious: Watson’s legs are fine, and if Houston’s offensive line can gel and build some real pass protection, this guy will be a legit threat for years to come. Whitney Mercilus has managed to stay un-injured.Although he hasn’t managed to do much else, Merc is due for a big game soon. Hopefully that happens this weekend against Captain Neckbeard and the Baby Horses. Yes Authentic J.J. Watt Jersey , other than Watt, we’re scraping the bottom of the happiness barrel here, but there isn’t much sunshine in NRG Park at the moment. While it makes sense to assume somehow management is tanking the season to load up on draft picks for next year (which a lot of people believe Jon Gruden is doing in Oakland with a far, far less talented roster), chances are this is a case of the obvious answer being the correct answer: Bill O’Brien just isn’t cut out to be a head coach in the NFL. Time to put on your Bob McNair hat. In the comments, let us know at what point you pull the plug on the failed Bill O’Brien experiment, who you would replace him with, and what you’d do to correct the team. (To clarify, by no means are we advocating Josh McDaniels should be Houston’s next head coach. But, at this point, there are dozens of coaches in the Cy-Fair Independent School District who could run this system better than what we’re seeing week in and week out.) And鈥O!

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