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    I am using a nexus 6p with Android 7.0

    This morning all of a sudden my phone just shut while i was on a call. Thereafter all i see is a google screen. Tried getting into the recovery mode by making use of the power and volume button but even then it doesnt move further than the google screen.

    I am getting the following message:
    BL: angler – 03.62
    Baseband: angler – 03.72
    Product/variant: ANGLER-R0W-VN1
    CPU: MSM8994 0x20001
    eMMC: 32GB samsung
    Console: NULL
    Battery OK
    Device is LOCKED
    Qfuse Status: ENABLED
    Off-mode-charge: ENABLED
    Download Mode: DISABLED.

    I have some important date in my internal storage which was unfortunately not backed up.

    Please provide me a fix which can get my phone starting as well as save my data on my internal storage.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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