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    Hello friends! Nexus6P user here.

    Any ideas on how to solve this hashcheck problem I have? See link to view my screen-captures:


    Is there a link anyone has to download to download the correct dependency that passes hashcheck?

    I went to this site to find it initially:

    Chainfire SuperSU v2.79

    Thanks to anyone who helps in advance!



    more than likely the version you have downloaded is somehow corrupt my best advice would be to go directly to the website {http://www.supersu.com/download} to download it then all you have to do is put the new file you have downloaded into the Nexus Root Toolkit Files on your computer cdrive > program files x86 (I think that’s only on 64bit windows systems, but i may be wrong) if not there look in > program files (without the x86 on there) > Wugfresh Development > Nexus Root Toolkit > Data > Root_Files < in here you will see the different version of SuperSU that you have had in the past, that is if you have used th program in the past with a previous version of SuperSU. this is where you will place the zipped folder then try to re run your thing and see if the hashcheck works out.

    this is what i had to do once in the past because somehow when wugfresh uploaded the file it got corrupted so my computer downloaded the corrupt version and i had to download the full uncorrupt version and do all of this myself.

    Good Luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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