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    [This process wipes your device data]

    1. If your device is soft bricked, and you can’t enable USB debugging, no worries. You just need fastboot to restore your device: Utilize the “Softbrick/Bootloop” option under the Flash Stock button and it will walk you through restoring your device:


    2. Enable “Force Flash Mode” in the Flash Stock + Unroot interface.

    3. Let the toolkit restore your device. That’s it. 🙂



    the “Force Flash Mode” isn’t appearing anywhere – please help!



    Hi ,
    Been using NRT for 2 years never encountered this issue.
    Few days now unable to downgrade using NRT Nexus 5 D820
    HAMMERHEAD Android 6.0.1 MOB31E to a lower build .
    After flash ,shows downgraded but not so in the phone it remains on build
    Bootloader is unlocked.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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